Quantum Energy Generators Forum Announced

There is now a website exclusively devoted to the development of the Quantum Energy Generators (QEGs).

It features Question and Answer sessions,  QEG Community Links, a Forum where developers discuss issues, and news/videos of currently breaking developments, such as the QEG team training in Taiwan.  There is a QEG Meetup finder designed to help facilitate the formation of QEG building communities, or CICUs.




Congratulations to the Hope Girl Fix The World QEG team, and to all of us for this huge breakthrough energy development!

Ongoing donations are accepted to help with the rollout process at: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/donate-to-the-qeg/

4 thoughts on “Quantum Energy Generators Forum Announced”

  1. Who is the New Zealand contact that is going to build these QEG machines – I have people interested in helping Eileen

    • E,
      Best to reply to Hope Girl she is in china right now training 25 people on how to build them. Go to her website fixtheworldproject!
      I talked to her the other day they are setting up wprkshops around the world to teach people how to do this. Soon ver 500 engineers will take this design and make a larger version and a smaller version and hopefully soon we can all but them at a reasonable price. These QEG devices are only the begining many other more efficient devices will soon be on the market as well.
      If we all do our part to share the truth
      Rob Potter

  2. Hi.
    I’m interested in QEG building.
    I would like get more information from thes machine. And how can I buy same materials..?
    I live in London, Uk. if have any information about the generattor write plese to me.
    Thank you

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