Media Group Newsletter #4

March 27th, 2014

Greetings and Aloha Everyone from Judi and Irene of The Media Group,

We just filmed episode five of GROUND CREW NEWSFLASH and hope it will  assist people all over the globe in preparing for…THE EVENT…Click to watch it.


This massive fleet was mentioned in episode five ‘THE EVENT’

Click on this link to see it:



In the conclusion on the Episode on the Event, we mentioned 6 things that Cobra identified we would see in the media leading up to the event. One of them was an energy device that is for sale that can produce ‘free energy.’  Check out this presentation for yourself of a Brazilian firm that is going to market with a Free Energy Generator capable of powering 2 average sized houses…


And then of course, one of the leaders of the Prepare for Change Roundtable, Hopegirl of Fix The World Organization– will be on a speaking tour in Taiwan and London and Morocco for the month of April where she is helping communities build QEG’s – Quantum Energy Generators. This is so exciting!


We just received this email about an unusual sound people have heard around UFO sightings.. UFO Researcher and Journalist Jaime Maussan says: They are announcing that they are coming’


And finally, Elizabeth Trutwin has just come out with a fascinating article which is a comprehensive overview about the topic of disclosure, as well as “the geodesic center of the world, where you will find pyramids clustering at six distinct sites; Abu Rowash, Giza, Abu Garab, Abusir, Saqqara and Dashour. There are 22 pyramids in the Band of Peace. These sites are connected. The cluster of Pyramids at Abusir are exactly in alignment with the Pleiadian cluster. The Giza Pyramids align with Orion’s Belt.   A short camel ride from the Giza pyramid is Abu Garab with three pyramids and the largest Obelisk which ever existed on Earth. It was made completely of quartz crystal. The many quartz basins formed a water channel where energy is produced.”

I think you will all enjoy this beautiful article, complete with color photos and it can be found here at this link:


There have been many intriguing news items lately regarding both spaceships and airplanes, and our search for truth goes on. Perhaps it is our quest to connect with our galactic brothers and sisters that is drawing the truth ever closer into the light of day. So, remember everyone . . . keep your eyes to the skies . . . .

Until next week,

Judi and Irene signing off.
Co-Chairs, The Media Group
Co-Producers, Ground Crew News Flash.



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    • Disclosure next Tuesday the 15th
      Landings on the 25th
      We are The Creator Race
      We are one together
      We are LOVE
      Everyone will have a Mentor
      Literally millions of ships surround us to help and to watch

      Be in joy

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