On March 21st, 2014 this invitation was sent to numerous grass-roots leaders around the world…

Open Invitation to All Elders and Guides of
The Global Social Change Movement

Dear Guide for Social Change,

On behalf of The Global Happiness Project, and with deep respect and gratitude for your inspirational work, we, the peace-loving people of Earth, humbly come to you as a vast, diverse and unifying collective with a singular invitation. Yes, we are many.

The reason you are receiving this invitation is that you have clearly demonstrated your wisdom, your care, your integrity, your commitment, your resourcefulness and your service towards creating a just, peaceful, humane and sustainable world. As a guide, you exemplify the humble realisation of power with as opposed to power over.

Over the coming weeks hundreds of other true, grass-roots Elders and guides like yourself- and perhaps thousands of lesser-known change-makers- will be receiving this same invitation.

Another open invitation (please see attachments), similar to the one you are about to read, has also been disseminated among The Elders and Guides of The Indigenous Tribes and Nations of Earth.

Concurrently a third, universal invitation is being circulated among All People Who Are Dreaming and Working for a New Earth.

Additionally, there are two foundational documents attached to this invitation that clarify and support this evolutionary initiative. These are: The Global Happiness Project and A Manifesto for Change (details below).

Please hear our call for The Great Uniting!

We, the life-affirming and free-thinking people of Earth, are joining our hearts and hands to humbly request your guidance and participation in an unprecedented initiative to manifest planetary solidarity for the conscious co-creation of a global culture that promotes and nurtures happiness equally among all human beings. This initiative is called The Global Happiness Project and builds on The Great Uniting.

We have long heard ideas and talk of unity- and yes, many groups and networks are joining forces. Yet, these alliances generally remain within a particular culture or branch of social change. Furthermore such alliances do not necessarily imply that all the members (people) of these groups are consciously allied. What we are calling for is a true planetary alliance between The People- among all the Friends of Earth. And that this Great Uniting be directed towards the singular purpose of actualising a Global Renaissance: Building a global culture of freedom,peace, truth, equality, cooperation and abundance for all; where Earth care, personal sovereignty, spiritual upliftment, democracy, relevant education, creative expression and happiness are our common priorities.

It is our belief and hope that when a diverse and large enough group of our trusted leaders will lay aside your differences and jointly recognise our shared values and
aspirations, you will help catalyse a planetary wave of unity, solidarity and cultural transformation.

As truth-seekers and change-makers we feel a deep wish and responsibility to share our insights, innovations and optimism with the world. We know that from our grass-roots solutions to our cutting-edge innovations; from our ancient Indigenous knowledge to our shared reverence for our planetary home, we have the knowledge, the skills, the resources, the technology and the mentors to solve most of the world’s problems.

Evidently, what we are lacking is the political and economic will from our elected leaders to fund, promote and implement them. The reason for this is unmistakable: all of our solutions invariably undermine the globalising financial-corporate agenda. To be clear, the solutions that have emerged through the human wisdom of the world are all rooted in prioritising Earth restoration, human rights & equality, and in the localisation, accountability and transparency of all governance, business and finance.

Economic localisation is the key to sustaining biological and cultural diversity – to sustaining life itself.
The sooner we shift towards the local, the sooner we will begin healing our planet, our communities, and ourselves.
– Helena Norberg-Hodge

Yes, most of us recognise that changing the world begins with changing ourselves. And for many of us, seeking change has indeed evolved into a commitment to fully awaken to our consciousness.

Nevertheless, our premise is that perhaps we don’t all need to reach enlightenment before we can collectively agree that our entire political-economic arena has not only become obsolete, but is overtly subservient to corporate profit and has consequently become an escalating threat to freedom and life.

Right now, as you are well aware, our Earth is being plundered and polluted on a scale unimaginable. Our tireless efforts to save the planet are incessantly bulldozed by an economy that knows no limits. Entire indigenous populations and lands are relentlessly threatened and attacked by oppressive national regimes and lawless oil, mining, hydro-electric, logging and agro-industrial corporations.

We are expending too much time, energy and resources struggling to protect our Mother Earth and our basic rights as sovereign beings.

Meanwhile, our corporate legal structures fail to recognise, let alone value, our solutions and innovations. Composting toilets, hand-sculpted houses, even entire ecovillages are outlawed, “re-possessed” or destroyed by municipalities, banks and law-enforcers. Frankly, it appears as though simple and natural living is against the law.

Finally, we have grown weary of fighting against the symptoms and picking up the pieces of the system. We have protested, lobbied and signed countless petitions, yet our governments consistently fail to address the real needs of the Earth and The People.

To put it bluntly, our governments seem to have become unconscious to such an extent that to live consciously has become a political act of non-cooperation. Behind the façade of “democracy” we are systematically denied any choice for true wisdom and progressive reform. The examples are patently consistent in nearly every country on the planet. Thus it has become painfully obvious that our problems are fundamentally systemic.

Now, in the name of love, common sense and conscious evolution we are saying It is time to change the rules. In other words, It is time for The People to collectively dream and design a new model for governance that will actually inspire us into trust, respect and whole-hearted participation.

(Please refer to the attached A Manifesto for Change for an example of the kind of“government” we could happily vote for.)

You never change things by fighting the existing reality
To change things, build a new model and make the old one obsolete.
– Richard Buckminster Fuller

Perhaps our biggest challenge to realise this evolutionary cultural shift is that practically our entire species have been educated and socially conditioned to believe that the financial-corporate-political system is untouchable and immutable. Accordingly, the attached A Manifesto for Change specifically addresses our most relevant Cultural Myths and Doubts that uphold this prevalent and fundamental misconception.

Presently, by echoing this invitation we, The People, are decisively confirming that we are NOW ready for a new paradigm. We are ready to re-direct our endless struggle against the system towards a conscious co-creation of an entirely new global reality.

Moreover, we recognise that to replace our failing, globalising system with an inspiring, localising model will require nothing less than the unprecedented unity and cooperation among millions of people across the planet.

Thus, at the tipping point of human evolution,
We are calling to you!

The ecologist Paul Hawken elegantly unveiled our global movement (of social change, indigenous rights, and environmental protection) in his book The Blessed Unrest, and proposes that we are the largest underground movement on the planet. Yet, within our exquisite diversity, beauty and magnitude remains an awesome untapped and transformational potential.

Thus, we are calling this movement The Whirling Rainbow. Inspired by the Navajo-Hopi prophecy of the same name, it symbolises our diversity in life-affirming creativity. Yet, most significantly, the word Whirling represents the vortex that is spiraling inwards, gathering our power through our consolidation.

Honestly, what sets you apart from our elected leaders is that you are truly inspiring to many people. Hence, through your words and personal networks you
rightfully hold a high degree of influence. Ultimately, as our true leaders, by your example of solidarity and humility in laying aside your differences to collaborate on the fertile field of our Common Ground, YOU have the capacity to Unite The People of The Whirling Rainbow so we may concentrate our light into an intelligent and inspiring beacon for planetary metamorphosis.

With this invitation, sent to Indigenous, social change & spiritual Guides, it is our hope that you will all join forces and thus begin the turning of the wheel of The Great Uniting on the axis of Our Common Ground.

This is our invitation to you.

We look forward to your response and guidance!

Our Common Ground

Recognising and honouring Our Common Ground is perhaps the most essential aspect of The Global Happiness Project. By transcending our superficial differences that may undermine all the wisdom, beauty and benevolence that we share, we may rise together in love and humility for the Greater Good of All.

The Four Suggested Guidelines for Our Common Ground are:

The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
The Earth Charter

To extend this call we are making use of the Internet and social networks for transparent sharing and collaboration. As one example, we are pioneering the use of facebook as platform for People-powered co-creation and direct democracy. (Please see A Manifesto for Change for details.)

Subsequently, your reply to this invitation will be posted publicly on TGHP blog, within social networks, and other blogs and forums so we may all learn from and be guided by your response.

Furthermore, should you wish to support The Global Happiness Project you are warmly invited to forward it through your networks and to consider posting TGHP on your website(s).

Attached to this letter you will find The Five Elements of The Global Happiness Project:

1. A Universal Invitation – The open invitation to ALL People Are Dreaming And Working for a New Earth, containing a synopsis of The Global Happiness Project.

2. An Open Invitation to All Elders and Guides of The Indigenous Tribes and Nations of Earth.

3. An Open Invitation to All Elders and Guides of The Global Social Change Movement.

4. The Global Happiness Project – This is the full presentation of the project that includes: The Opportunities, Our Common Ground, The Objectives, The Tools, The Methodology and The Invitation.

5. A Manifesto for Change which includes:

Practical Actions – What YOU can do to help manifest The Great Uniting.

Nominate Your Inspiration – A pioneering, interactive experiment for direct democracy and planetary co-creation using Facebook.

Who are we? – A colourful refraction of The Whirling Rainbow, a vastly diverse and inspiring global movement that most people aren’t aware of.

Social Conditioning & Cultural Myths– An exposé of cultural beliefs and perceived limitations that we may wish to reconsider.

The Birthing of a New Earth, Folktales from the Future – Two legendary tales from the year 2030 describing how The People rose in unity from the ashes of domination and destruction- highlighting solutions and possibilities.

There will come a day when people of all races,colors, and creeds will put aside their differences.
They will come together in love, joining hands in unification,to heal the Earth and all Her children.

(For the full Navajo-Hopi Prophecy of The Whirling Rainbow please see A Manifesto for Change)

Ultimately there remains perhaps the most pertinent question for all of us:
With love, wisdom, courage and solidarity on our side, what do we have to lose?

With deep respect and gratitude for your time and consideration,

The Awakening Collective of The Whirling Rainbow

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