PFC Admin needs your loving help

Hello Loving Family,

I have recently come across some drastic changes in my life and am needing some help with obtaining work designing websites, graphics, & promoting a benevolent cause for good communities & organizations like this one. Normally, I would not ask for assistance here on PFC, but I personally have bills to be paid next month & I am having a hard time finding organizations out there to help with their website or new organization to aid in my benevolent en-devours. If at all possible, please shoot me an email at or and I will get back to you ASAP. My prices are very fair & all that matters to me is to live safely & make the world a better place one step at a time.

I am currently the administrator here at PrepareForChange & you can view more portfolio of my work at:

I ask all the good people out there changing the world & bringing benevolent causes to the world to help me enable my skills & passion to bring your dreams & goals to reality. I love what we do here at PFC and am always willing to help others out! I won’t let you down, I promise!

Thanks so much for reading,

Much blessings & love,

Your friendly Admin,


1 thought on “PFC Admin needs your loving help

  1. I just wanted to add that if anyone sees this and wishes to potentially hire Charles for website work, both Rob Potter and I are willing to provide references for him. He does very good work for PFC; indeed we wish we could give him more to do!

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