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Hi all,

I have been working on a solution to the Scalar Etheric/Archonic Implants that Cobra speaks about:
I haven’t found anyone else yet who has found a solution (please give details if you do know of anyone!) so I have been working on finding one myself.

I have tried removing these implants from people including myself several times. They can be removed but they simply reappear as I see it through my 3rd eye almost straight away. I have tried various forms of protection with different intentions to try and stop them reappearing but to no avail.

My possible solution came to me whilst understanding that we all had to agree to contracts with the Archons before incarnating as humans. This includes of course agreeing to mind control methodologies and implants. I also understand that because we have free will, that we can at any point cancel any contracts that are detrimental to us.

I have at present (confirmed by another psychic friend of mine) none of the three implants that Cobra has described above and it has been this way for half a week so far. I simply declared in my thoughts that all contracts with the low-vibrational ETs / Archons that allow them to implant me be cancelled permanently and proclaimed my sovereignty from them.

I was able to remove the implants again, this time without them returning! As I understand from Cobra’s report, the implants should start to dissolve without anyone needing them being removed by a healer like myself simply by cancelling you contracts. I cannot confirm this for sure without first asking lots of you out there to do the same and report back here.

You can find resources on removing contracts and other detrimental mind enslaving processes:
It could make a huge difference to the world if everyone was to proclaim their sovereignty – what a thought! 😉


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  1. I had my archontic implants removed in November 2013, after listening to a radio show on blogtalk with Ari Kopel and Alexandra Meaders, who has the entire implant removal process available on her website, as well as very important updates and interviews with people making changes, like Kevin Annett…her site is

    Everything you need to know about pretty much anything going on in the world can be found on her site…I highly recommend the implant removal process, as it changed my life, and was very affordable (and should not be performed by just anyone, not all healers are “good”, as I learned the hard way)…hope this helps…much love to everyone!


    • Thank you for your comment.
      Alexandra is well known to me. She is good at implant removal and has a great site for all kinds of information. I do not agree with your statement that not all healers are “good”. If you know it is implant removal that you want, then it is up to the client to ask if the healer has experience with implant removal beforehand. Not all healers have had specific training in implant removal. I removed implants before I knew they had a name! Implants have an energy that is different from the rest of the body.

  2. I also understand that because we have free will, that we can AT ANY POINT cancel any contracts that are detrimental to us.

    I left alone my mind was blank
    I needed time to get the memories from my mind
    What did I see can I believe that what I saw
    that night was real and not just fantasy
    Just what I saw in my old dreams were they
    reflections of my warped mind staring back at me

    “the KEY is our decision”

    “Let’s rethink. What is power? POWER IS CREATING, MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. And it is perhaps the most underappreciated human need.” […] “All is Well” – “all manner of things will be well”. This is a statement of trust that no matter what happens, there is A HIGHER PLAN that will work for the highest good. It is our role to allow that plan to unfold no matter what is is.

  3. Synchronicity at work here! After writing the following article for my blog I saw this mail from Prepare for Change and added it to my article. This is the way to go. We need simple solutions that work. Like Cobra said “the KEY is our decision”. It WILL make a huge difference to our world now the more people who actually do this. Each person revoking their contracts will raise the vibration for all of us palpably. Love and Light from Therese Zumi – link to article follows

  4. This was indeed useful, healing information.
    I watched the following video interview with Steve Richards, and Australian Shaman, and it truly opened the door for much understanding and healing. Now I receive this timely instruction. For the global healing scheduled for this Saturday, August 23rd, for world peace, I think it is important to work on removing archotic energies, first, and then image global peace. I do the following, which is similar to the advice given here.
    1. identify the virus
    2. isolate the virus
    3. surround the virus
    4 dissolve the virus.
    Then see world healing unfolding!!!

    • My point was made by others as well…regardless, my PERSONAL experience, with a “healer”, also a “walk-in”, in her own words, left me utterly lost, confused, off my path, and I had no idea how to even get back home…upon leaving the “center”, confused, I looked down to see a snake at my feet…I shook it off, and got rid of the crystal she charged, and was so adamant that I carry with me always…not everyone is on the same team, unfortunately…this was my point…some call themselves healers, and do help heal some people, but this one was a scrambler for me…thats all I was trying to make clear…research before you allow just anyone to work on you, as they may not have your best interests in mind, and could actually be working against you…I know this to be true…nobody has to believe me; I just don’t want what happened to me to happen to others truly needing help…I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but I speak truth from my heart, and always for the highest good of all…

      • Dear Sara, I agree with everything you just said. I have said this before……my point was that the client always should research who they are deciding to see for any kind of help, no matter what it is for….. medical, dental, psychological, spiritual, and on and on. It is not a matter of how “good” they are but more a matter of experience and knowledge in the area required. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience…..I wish that for no one! Please don’t take offence. We are the captains of our own ships, that’s why we need to stay vigilant. Always follow what your body tells you is right for you. Blessings to you ~**~


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