As we have seen, implants and spiritual limitation devices are vibrational barriers on the ascension path, which block our way to re-empowerment and act as ceilings on the amount of light and awareness we can hold. The time of Ascension has signaled the end of our need for these limitations, it is up to us to remove them. The first step to this is revoking your contract.

Until the dark forces that are behind the implants are completely removed from the Earth, it is possible to pick up another implant. When you have “picked up” something and don’t know why you are feeling yucky, but need a quick fix, you can use St. Germain’s violet flame energy as a tool for clearing. Remember that visualization and intention make it so. This will assist you to attain even higher levels of clarity.

Grant and Theresa have brought up how important it is that we consciously revoke our archon pre-birth contracts. This was also discussed between Rob and Cobra in the most recent update interview on August 1, 2014. The whole interview can be accessed here:

I am posting Therese’s article here in its entirety

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Angel Eyes

Let’s proclaim our sovereignty and change the world now!

Who me? I don’t have any contracts with any archons. If this is your reaction then I’m sorry to have to tell you that – unless you have consciously revoked the contract that you signed that can be as far back as 25000 years ago – then you do indeed still have a contract with these beings.
In his recent interview with Cobra Rob Potter asked the following questions?

“Rob – OK. This is a good question for a little light and hope. You talk about soul contract and etheric implants. Someone asked if we have any power over our soul contracts to choose any kind of experience on the earth. The light forces see that certain things happen or do the Archons have all the power and we did not choose any little experience here on earth.

COBRA – OK. You are the ones who created or signed a soul contract and at any moment you can change it or delete it, whichever way you want. Nobody else can do it except you. If you don’t like your soul contract you can just change it. It’s your decision. Of course when you do change it it will take some time for this to manifest. You have to release your attachment to the other parties in the contract. Especially with all the contracts with the dark forces have to be released, have to be revoked, made null and void as soon as possible. Everyone who came into quarantine area had to sign a contract with the Archons. This will be the first thing to be released.

Rob – So simply stated, we have been held hostage and it’s been implemented that if we want to incarnate, we sign a soul contract and we are basically bound by that. It sounds like a deal with the devil. Kind of hard to understand or explain to those of us who have no real experience of the life in the Astral or etheric planes and how that relates because of the veil we’ve been blocked to that memory, which is part of that contract. It seems very unfair, of course it is. How do we reverse this? Can we do that by stating the nature of the contract, like we did in Egypt? Does the other side have to be present for us to cancel this contract? Are they forced to agree if we decree and declare it so?

COBRA – Your decision is key – your decision is the key. If you make the decision to revoke the contract it will be done. You have the power and the original soul contracts were made 25K years ago or even longer ago. You agreed on certain levels to incarnate here under the conditions that were given, that were presented to you by the Archons but it doesn’t mean you have to be ____ to that. You can cancel the contract and the Archons cannot stop you. They will try to present obstacles to this. The more people take their destinies in their own hand and change those contract, the more power we will have and the more power the Archons will lose. That is already happening.

Rob – Would you agree that the contract ending can be done simply by a person raising their vibration and choosing not to partake or be influenced by any negativity, emotional, fear reaction, anger type issues coming up, simply by the power of decision, and not enacting any of these lower vibrational illusionary, illuminati, Archon created realities that we’ve been in. If we simply refuse to participate and live in the light we effectively nullify that contract. Is that possible?

COBRA – That’s part of the process, yes.”

After reading this information you will have to agree that as many people as possible need to revoke these contracts now. This is a subject that has been discussed over the past two years. Many have actively revoked their signed contracts with the archons but it really hit home hard now when reading this interview again that this is a very important aspect of our liberation. Most people do not have a clue about these things. As Cobra mentioned this information will be the first thing to be released after The Event. If I were to advise anyone as to how to do this I would suggest that you call in the protection of Archangel Michael first. Then openly voice your declaration to revoke any contract of any kind that you have ever agreed to going back to your first incarnation on this planet.

We must spread this type of information to those people who we know would be ready to accept this now.
We the people of this planet have accepted being slaves to these beings in their prison here for way too long. Remember what Cobra said “your decision is key – your decision is the Key ++++2 lines again

Amazingly – lots of synchronicity right now – after I wrote this article this evening I checked my mail and opened this one from Prepare for Change from Angel Eyes.
This is very very interesting and good news re this subject and I absolutely recommend that you read this article to see the power that lies in simply making a decision to cancel your contracts! ! !

Therese Zumi Sumner

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