Anonymous Official Movie – How to Kill the Illuminati/New World Order

This is important! This is a video that clearly explains the difference between authoritarianism and anarchy. It is over an hour long so sit down, get comfortable and learn. Please share this video with everyone that is still asleep and not aware of what is really happening behind our backs. No one tells us these things! Our media is controlled, dictated and owned by a very small ultra wealthy group that want a “One world government” Most people in our society are too busy working and drinking the fluoridated water that is dumbing us all down, keeping us indifferent to all that is around us affecting every aspect of our lives. Our food is being altered by GMOs which kill us slowly. We are robbed by government that spends our money on how they see fit and doesn’t let us really know how they are plotting against us by creating behind the scenes technology that is so advanced we would find it shocking! Brilliant people have submitted for patents that would revolutionize our lives and instead of having the patent approved it is confiscated under “national security”. Then the government exploits all really good ideas that eventually are used against us.

Please share this video. Please listen to the people on this video that are thinking out loud. We must make immediate changes in the direction our world is headed. I am passionate in creating a peaceful world where we are free to live doing the work we choose to do, without anyone controlling our actions.

As always – peace and blessings,
Angel Eyes

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