This past week there was a potentially volatile situation arising out of Egypt for which Cobra urged a rapid response for a global ‘mass meditation’:

This involved (on my part) a rapid ‘spread the word’ operation which involved Prepare For Change posts as well as emails to a vast number of individuals.  While I cannot gauge the effect regarding any direct PFC involvement, the overall meditation proved to be a success.

When I say ‘success’ I mean that only within the context of strategy regarding the ‘war for planetary liberation’.  I do understand there were still people who died in those organized protests.  Furthermore, there was still a mosque bombing in Nigeria in which over 120 people were killed:

While this is certainly a sobering event, the key to remember is that it did NOT result in any escalation of geopolitical tensions which could result in a massive war between countries or coalitions.  Nigeria is not threatening to bomb anyone back to the ‘Stone Age’, and is not considering this event an act of war.

Comparatively, had the same number of deaths occurred in the protests scheduled for November 28 in Cairo, it could have easily escalated into a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and created calls for the current government to step down.  I know this is a troubling concept, but a key aspect of false flag incidents is not just in the actual violence committed but rather the emotional reactions of the public in reaction to it.

Had the protests been a ‘success’ to use the terminology of the Salafist Front, there would likely be renewed calls for the current Egyptian government to step down from power.  Any failure to do so would result in greater civil unrest and this would allow opportunists such as snipers to agitate both sides in order to create a civil war that could spread to other countries.

I know that I using a bit of a ‘slippery slope’ argument above, but that seems to be the primary method of using ‘divide and conquer’ techniques to keep the public from unifying behind a few key issues.  I’m sure the vast majority of people in Egypt would love to have peace and stability, but the current situation is still very tense based upon 3+ years of continual upheaval.  Any successful renewed calls for revolution could have significant resulting backlash, and any government crackdown could result in the country falling into war-torn pieces.

This is not necessarily a defense of the current regime as it is a defense for a period of peace and calm after several years of chaotic revolution.  Simply, it is difficult for a society to move forward peacefully when everyone involved in a civil war is at risk to be assassinated.  The Rule of Law must take hold before any lasting changes can be implemented by the government.  Even if this means the current government must be kept in place despite human rights violations, so be it.  Every government has dirty hands regarding political dissidents, but why do some countries get punished while others do not?

Unless justice is pursued via legal and relatively non-violent means, it is inevitable that the planted seeds of a violent crackdown will ultimately grow in revenge-focus violence:

Hence, even if you disagree with the human rights stance of the current regime it is important to consider the importance of peace and safety regarding the continuity of a prosperous civilization.  If you don’t have peace and safety, does anything else really matter?
 Switching gears a bit, I was also asked by Cobra (via a group Bcc email) to post the following update on PFC:

However, I was beaten (somewhat) by my colleague “Angel Eyes”:

Overall, it appears that progress regarding free energy technologies has stagnated simply due to greed.  This is a quite sad development, it seems to make sense given our current paradigm.  We truly live in a world where every interpersonal transaction or relationship comes down to “What’s In It For Me?”.  This is BS in my opinion.  We would all have more and could have more if there was a greater desire for sharing and open-sourcing all critical technologies.

Alas, we do not at present.  In fact, I expect things to get worse (at least a little) prior to the end of 2014.  I hope I am not causing any angst due to this statement.  I’m only trying to educate people that Planetary liberation will continue in fits and starts simply due to the resources and scheming of those on the other side of the ‘control’ matrix.

We must remain doggedly determined and continue to support each other as best as possible.  As much as it may seem impossible at present, please consider donating money to various websites regarding worthy causes.

In addition to “Prepare For Change”, “2012 Portal”, “Fix The World” there are many other worthwhile projects which could use donations.  While I’m hesitant to promote additional websites and causes via PFC (simply out of respect for my colleagues), I can share those if anyone wishes.

In the meantime, keep the faith and do what you can to support Planetary Liberation.


Victory of the Light,
Nova Biscotti

Greetings Everyone,

This is Judi for the Media Group. Well it is now December 1, 2014, and I am looking back over the past year and noticing how much awakening has been occurring all over the world. I think it is always better to focus on what we do want and let what we don’t want crumble. We do want disclosure… Last week the Healing Group shared the campaign led by Stephen Basset and this week I am sharing Stephan’s progress update on that campaign. Here is the link…

and here is an article about the campaign on the Huffington Post.

Secondly, in our personal lives, we all want to feel our connection to the Divine. Joan Hangarter has been sharing her exquisite paintings to assist us in this process. This week she has chosen to share her painting of ascended master Serapis Bay… along with the affirmation she gives which is “I am a magnet for mastery and miracles.” This can be used on a daily basis.

Ascended Master of Ascension, Initiation and Miracles

The Master is calling you, reminding you of your divinity, strength and courage during
these seemingly trying times. Remember, the path of the Initiate, and step outside this paradigm and see the larger picture. This is the way of the saint. His is the way of harmony and he brings groups of soul families together to remember their purpose and fulfill soul family destinies. Thus your current relationships are replays of interdimensional relationships happening in the now.

His will power and determination, aligned with discipline and focused intention, earns him the title of the 
Master of Initiation and Ancient Wisdom. He sends a message when it’s your time to align completely with the divine. He is also the Master of Miracles.

“I am a magnet for Mastery and Miracles.”

To see more of Joan’s work, go to

For those who would like to read a channeled message from Serapis Bay received by Julie Miller on Nov. 21, 2014.

“A person that is great in humbleness has a large amount of personal power….”


Thirdly, I wanted to share a goal that we can all put our energy towards, that of ending homelessness and hunger on the planet. In last week’s newsletter, I put forth the idea of carrying extra food and warm clothes in your car to give away to people in need as they cross your path. I know if attention is focused we can indeed end world hunger and homelessness, collectively. Here is an example of how great the need is. This video states that there are about 90,000 children homeless in the UK. Click this link and send your positive intent to change this.

Fourthly, I wonder if any one has felt a sense that something big is coming our way. I know I feel it and so I thought this article by Meline Lafont would be helpful at this time.

Meline says, “The reason for my personal sharing is to show you all how powerful your own thoughts are. So what you think you create and what you send to another will eventually come back and be mirrored to you.”

Here is a link to the full article.

Fifthly, I wanted to let you all know that the lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaii has not changed very much at all. In fact the lower edge of the flow has stalled though some outbreaks still are occurring on the upper slopes. It has not crossed the main road leading to Pahoa. I will keep you all updated.

The final article I want to share is about Tesla and is an article from Rise Earth entitled, Report: ‘Did Tesla have an ET Connection?

It is a fascinating article and I invite you to post your thoughts on this question on the Prepare for Change Media Page.

Many people think disclosure is quite close, so as always, I remind you to keep your eyes to the skies…


Warmest Aloha Wishes from Judi, and Smaly7, Co-chairs, the Media Group.

PFC Renaissance Group Transmission

Greetings Everyone,

For today’s message from the Renaissance Group,

I will be focusing on my own Tarot Paintings, a series of art cards inspired by the Tarot that I will be sharing and explaining in the following weeks…that will be able to be used for divination or meditation or as artwork.

Many of you know about the Tarot, how its origins started in the 14th Century Europe, and have archetypical images to work with the conscious and subconscious and give us meaning and guidance for the ‘Royal Road’ we are on. It was part of the European Renaissance and can be reactivated in this time in importance as there are so many wonderful and amazing new decks out, and I invite you to look for them in stores and online, and dive into some of the mysteries of the Tarot.

This first image is the first of the deck, called ‘The Entrance of the FOOL’.

While the other Major Arcana are represented by whole numbers, The Fool, however, has been given the 0, and is somewhat out of the deck, either first or last, and it even may be considered the highest card, and represents his ability to navigate on or off of the field with grace and a sense of aloofness that gets him through. Here we have The Fool on the left entering the deck.

He is looking directly at his higher self, which emerges from the tree of life, calling him into the scene to take the Royal Road of life and learn the many lessons that await him. He is walking on a cloud, like a cliff that could be a precarious place to be, but he is agile and guided so he is safe.

He is carrying the Moon. The moon reflects all the emotions and through it he can experience the entire realm of experiences, as it takes us through all the signs of the zodiac each month. If he can carry it, and balance his emotions and stay with the lessons of each sign, he will reach his goal, finding way through the world and to the mate, his soul reflection that is waiting for him with open arms across the valley of lessons. We see the suits of the cards as well. The tree is the suit of wands, and he is wearing clothing of wands, his inspirations, while above him are three dolphins, which are the cups and they represent emotions and feelings, and they play nearby.

Thirdly are the spheres which are the material world needs and desires, which he notices below in the microcosm of a small world, or the past, which gives life the present, which is the sphere behind the woman where he is focused and the top is the macrocosm of the large world, which is above and is the future, the realization of his potential. Also we see the trinity of notes, which represent the swords in this deck, on behalf of the mind and thoughts, mental skills and insights.

His shadow is behind him, chasing him and taunting him to enter the scene, but the unformed shadow cannot really pull off the great leap into the Tarot World, and so The Fool greats the great animals as symbol of his instincts, and the clouds are his guardian dog to follow him through the journey, including meeting the lion and the lamb lying together, a great peace that will guide him forward as well. We also see and angel in the trees, another guide in the journey available to us.

The rising sun with leaping whale and dolphin show the unlimited potential available as he starts. He is taking a leap of faith and new goals are ready to be accomplished. This deck will help us to dream and tune in with the Earth, activating the spirit of the elements and awakening an awareness of the interplay between them.

Let us follow our unlimited potential in the coming weeks towards the New Year.

For a video of mine which shows a journey through the world of sacred places, click on this link to The Lost City.

Best to all from Dov and Raisaa of the Renaissance Group…

See you in the new Renaissance!


Who is the Author of Authority?

The real basis of the question of the ability of local communities to write laws becomes just who is the final author of Authority?

Put another way, who has the power to make law, the people in the communities, counties and cities where they live or unreachable legislatures and Presidents residing hundreds and thousands of miles away?

Who are backed by huge corporate funding sources, that few can look, touch or feel, yet are called by many to be our “representatives” for what is best where we live, work and breathe.

It is estimated in the United States alone there are some 26 million plus laws, rules, regulations, permits, codes, violations, infractions, et. al., where ignorance of the these laws are not excusable in court and our government schooling never teaches to anyone.

And to enact state and federal laws, the powers that be must really on fear, force, coercion, ignorance and threat of being caged to get their laws obeyed. In other words, they demand obedience and compliance, or else coercion and force may be used no matter how amoral, immoral or destructive the laws may be.”

I would encourage you to read the whole article.  It closed by this comment:

“By taking back our power at the local level we are setting in course actions to arrest the gross degradation of our planet from those in near and far away places who are hell bent to destroy without conscience and who seek only profit and power over all.

As We the People once again reclaim our rights to be the legal primary stewards of our soil, air and waters we are reconnecting with the immutable Laws of Nature and Source of all that is.

 By coming together (to gather) to be the change we all wish to see, we bring hope and show future generations that they too have the power to change what must be changed or our children will have no future to exist and flourish in health, abundance and beauty.
 If not us, who? If not now, when?” 
My sentiments exactly.  Thank you for your well written message Jamie Lee. 


DaNell Glade
[email protected]



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