Forgiveness, Determination, & Cooperation:

How We Can Make 2015 Be The Final Victory

​Of Light

As 2014 draws to a close, I cannot help but feel mixed emotions. On one hand, tremendous progress appears to have been made toward the ultimate defeat of the Cabal and their Archon/Chimera Overlords. On the other, this has been a brutal year energetically on those working for planetary liberation.
Most of us were deeply hoping – even counting – on this to be over by now. I know I was. I have had to dig deeper than I ever thought possible to maintain the mental strength necessary to work on PFC while at the same time working an average of 55-60 hrs/week over the entire year. It has been a lot of late nights and juggling innumerable responsibilities and commitments.
But it has been worth it, ultimately. I feel a greater sense of purpose and belonging than I have in many years. I’ve finally found ‘my people’ so-to-speak; even though I am indisputably alienated from the vast majority of people, being able to join a team of committed volunteers from around the world has been very rewarding and has helped reduce the loneliness of being ‘awake and aware’ while surrounded by those who believe I am crazy (or worse).
Even though it has been a hard road for me, I know it has been much harder on others – I am sadly one of the luckier few. Many people have chronic health conditions, battle poverty/homelessness, have unfulfilling jobs which enrich the elites but bleed the populace dry, or simply have life circumstances which cause significant periods of depression and anxiety.
For this reason, I am adopting the slogan “Forgiveness, Determination, & Cooperation” for the year 2015. While we cannot control when the EVENT happens, what we can do is assist each other in making our already difficult lives easier. Over the past few years, high-profile disputes amongst former friends or allies have become commonplace – often damaging or even ruining the reputations of one or more parties. We must not let our simmering frustration with the lack of progress continue to prevent lightworkers, whistleblowers or truthers coming together. Here is how the slogan above can be applied daily to our lives as we begin to permanently lift off the shackles placed upon us, and for once establish that we no longer wish for ‘business as usual’:


Think of those with whom you disagree or have an ongoing dispute. Try to understand the thoughts and feelings on their side, and see if you would at least act similarly if you walked in their shoes. I do this all the time – often to a degree that others find dizzying and neurotic. But it has enabled me to consistently empathize with others even when they have hurt me. It is a difficult skill, but it is quite possibly the most important trait for each of us to adopt going forward. If we are to build a New Earth with new ‘rules’ of human and even ET/human interaction, then we must be willing to wipe the slate clean to the greatest degree possible.
The flip side of this is that if we are the ones who have done the hurting, we must be transparent about our actions and motivations so others can feel comfortable that they know the truth behind certain deeds. Quite often, telling the truth about why you said or did something is a prerequisite to asking for forgiveness. I expect many minions of the Cabal to engage in this process once the control structures collapse after the EVENT, and for those who are sincerely sorry we must find it within ourselves to forgive them as long as they are willing to engage in actions which atone for their egregious behavior – even if it involves prison time and asset seizure. Someone who is truly repentant at such a time will happily accept this, for they will recognize the severity of what they have done and assist regarding investigations and testimony.
But…before we can get to that point with those who have worked directly for the Cabal, we need to practice this with each other. It takes time, patience, and wisdom to forgive horrible deeds. Since these are not native behaviors to terrestrial humans, we need to show that we are capable of learning them before the truth will be revealed for all.


I wish I knew when the EVENT would happen, but honestly no one does; anyone who’s made such proclamations with certainty has likely seen their credibility destroyed. These continual ‘false starts’ have sapped the resolve of many across the world. Especially after 12/21/2012, it seemed that many permanently lost faith that any positive change occur. I myself felt that way over the first 6 months of 2013; in a way I went ‘back to sleep’. But events in Syria over 2013 eventually caused me to change my mindset, and ultimately I joined Prepare For Change in 2014.
As I stated above, this has required me to dig deep within to find the strength to persevere and continue to fight the good fight. We don’t really know whether this will happen in 2015, although I believe that our fate is in our own hands given Cobra’s latest update. By this I mean that if we really want to grab the proverbial ‘brass ring’, it is there for the taking. If each of us who reads this comes together and is willing to work and build a true network of individuals who are determined to make the world a better place – then I do believe it will happen within the next 12 months. But right now, we can’t even get 144,000 people out of SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE to come together for a key energy grid activation. Just to drive home what an absurdly small number that is, all we need is for one out of every 50,000 people on the planet to join in the effort at the same time to reach that critical mass.
Simply, we must be determined to make it happen – in great enough numbers to make an impact large enough for Source to notice. We control our fate, we can make the changes happen more quickly – it is time.


The last key for 2015 is demonstrating that we – as part of the surface population – can actually accomplish tasks which require a coordination of effort amongst members of groups large or small. I referenced a key example of this by citing Glen Canady’s “Veterans Today Truth Warriors“a few weeks back. I am simply amazed that rugged individualists who like to be self-sufficient are able to collaborate more effectively than those of us who consistently use the umbrella term ‘lightworker’ to describe ourselves. Even more amazing to me is the immense respect that a person like Glen – who is a devout Christian – shows to someone like Gordon Duff (an avowed atheist in the conventional sense).
That type of ‘esprit de corp‘ is something we in the lightworker community must develop – and we must do it quickly. The time for dithering and debating over who is 100% correct or legitimate is over. We must come together effectively – even with those whom we have significant disagreements. There is a saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” – we must adopt that philosophy and work together. At Prepare For Change it is our hope to introduce a more effective alternative to “Meetup Everywhere” so that Event Support Groups can grow and come together to achieve greater and greater things.
In a very real way, we must be determined to forgive, and determined to cooperate. While the slogan is just a trite few words strung together, actually manifesting those concepts in our daily lives will have exponentially powerful impacts regarding how peacefully and quickly the EVENT transpires. We can change the world by our coming together, and we intend to make that happen at Prepare For Change.
It is time.
Nova Biscotti
Victory To The Light!

Media Group Newsletter

Greetings Everybody,

This is Judi with the Media Group, wishing all a wondrous, glorious happy New Year!
I read this on the Higher Density Blog website and it struck a chord with me.

Time + Energy = Money (3rd Dimension)
Time + Energy + Love = Abundance (5th Dimension)

Click here to read the whole article from the higher dimensions

Love Is Always The Answer

Master Kuthumi via Jahn J Kassl – GO THERE AND LOVE – On Account of Money – by Georgi Stankov – 12-28-14

The things we have been speaking of at Prepare for Change are showing up now!
Imagine a world
Without borders
Without poverty hunger or homelessness
Without wars
Where nations share resources
Where people share wealth
Where there is abundance and joy and freedom for all
That world is coming into being with each thought of each person in each country who focuses on this vision today
Thoughts create reality many people thinking the same thoughts creates the same reality
So focus on the world you want and you will be a part of thinking it into being
Never underestimate the power of your thoughts
Thoughts are Things.
In closing, I invite you all to contact the Prepare for Change Media Group if you would like to collaborate on documenting the changes as they come in 2015.


As Always,
Keep your eyes to the skies,
There may be some spectacular displays from the Galactics in the very near future.

Warmest Aloha Wishes,
Judi and Smaly7, Co-Chairs the Media Group.

PFC Renaissance Group Transmission


Wishing you all a very good New Years, and much success and happiness.

Here is a snapshot of some members with animals enjoying the holidays and working on our computers, while volunteering for Prepare for Change; Judi and I are on the left and Raissa on the right.

We now come to the next card in my Tarot Art Series….The Emperor.

He is the ruler of a Kingdom, thus he has many events and subjects in his world, even if they are within his own imagination. He is able to rise structures from the clouds, manifest reality from dreams, and often he reminds us that it may be necessary to use the mind over the heart, for we see him and his intellect tower over the trees. In fact he is able to cause the dolphin being to leap through his scepter, indicating feelings can be directed where they need to go when necessary.

This is to say do not let sentimentalities and broken feelings overrule the perfect reason and power of the mind. Hi crown is internal, coming from within, and his golden ball is floating, showing his powers. While he is a musician, reminiscent of Bach, he is in the center of his kingdom, and shows that structure and logic rule over lesser desires.

The notes are rising up his chest, like a Kundalini energy to keep his vision high and lofty, above the treetops, and yet he allows what is most important, like the tree on the right to reach highest into his clear view. There is much assertiveness and confidence. His work often allows him to feel connected to the lofty peaks just behind him and the moon is his outer crown always casting light on his ideas.
Speaking of Kingdoms, here is a link to all the tracks from Kingdom of Heart, music from my CD of the same name, to inspire your holidays.


Best wishes, and see you in the New Renaissance!

Happy New Year to one and all! Let’s make 2015 the year of prosperity and freedom for all peoples!

The following is an additional article form Grant Podesta of New Zealand. His healing work is specialized as not all healers do the type of healing in which he has become skilled. Please read his article on chakra removal/chakra unification and take it in as you would any new information, evaluate it for yourself, research further if this interests you. Know that not all things are right for all people. You be the judge if it is right for you.

Blessings, peace & love,
Angel Eyes ~**~​

Chakra Removal / Chakra Unification

This is a new subject for many of you out there and it is causing a bit of a stir amongst the spiritual community. I have been and still get a lot of low-vibrational ETs visiting me and meddling with my laptop and internet connection whenever I write about this subject or try to connect with other healers/psychics about, so it’s obviously something they REALLY don’t want people knowing about! There are certainly not many healers offering this service as I write this – I’m sure this will change soon 😉

As always, I write about deep subjects and I urge you to feel what’s right for you. Don’t allow others including myself to tell you how it is. Stand in your own power and become sovereign. There are many models/concepts/explanations of the world around us and indeed the same goes for methods of change. If this article feels right for you, then great. If you prefer a different way of explaining this or prefer a completely different path then that’s great too!

Chakra Removal / Unification is about taking all the separate 4th dimensional energy centres of the body and unifying them into one central energy centre.

By 4th dimensional energy centres, I am talking about what most people refer to as the 7 chakra system (see picture for Barbara Brennan’s depiction of the 7 chakra system) as well as the other energy centres and their connections.
Of course people who have been raising their vibration whilst keeping the ‘programming’ of a chakra system, will develop a 9+ chakra system. I will talk more about this further on.

An important thing to mention is that there is some disagreement over whether to call the process ‘Removal’ or ‘Unification’. A lot of this I feel stems from the fact that different healers simply have a different definition of what a chakra is. If you take the point of view that a chakra is a construct or programming that separates out your ‘core essence’ or if you like, the energies that make up your Self, then to merge the energies of your core essence back together, you would be removing chakras. If you take the point of view that a chakra is actually composed of the energies of Self, then of course you would call the process unification. Personally I see the truth in both descriptions and am happy with both points of view. I simply tend to use the term ‘Chakra Removal’ as this was the first term I was introduced to when exploring this subject. If the spiritual community leans more towards one description than the other then I may
have to change my nomenclature 😉

Whether calling the process removal or unification, the result is the same – you are left with only one energy centre/chakra which is the unification of the energies of all the original ones. There are different names for this centre/chakra. I call it the ‘Core Star’, much like people call the closest centre below the feet the ‘Earth Star’ and the one above the head the ‘Soul Star’. If you were to remove the core star then you would not be incarnated in your physical body – This energy is the part of your Self that separated from your other Selves or if you like, your collective consciousness, to experience physical reality.

This is perhaps why some people get confused when hearing about chakra removal and say that it is not possible as you would not be incarnated. Myself and other healers who offer these services are NOT removing you from your body. The process actually helps you become closer to your physical body as it has more direct access to the energies of self, rather than having to go through the more complex and slower 7+ chakra system.

Top– a 7 chakra system before Chakra Removal; Bottom the core star that remains after Chakra Removal

Top– a 7 chakra system before Chakra Removal; Bottom the core star that remains after Chakra Removal

I removed my own chakras this year and have done so for many others. We have all noticed significant benefits compared to when we had the original chakra system and have not looked back since. Despite these benefits, there are a lot of people asking the question “Aren’t we meant to be gaining more chakras/energy centres?!”

There are a great many articles that describe how we will be gaining more chakras as we raise our vibration. Many talk about a 9 or more chakra system and outline all sorts of reasons why this develops. For example Sheldan Nidle talks about a 13 chakra system in his ‘Galactic Humans 101’ talk here Many also talk about slowly merging higher chakras/energy centres into their current chakra system whether by gaining more or not. Joshua Stone for example talks about the many higher chakras and their merging in his book ‘The Golden Book of Melchizedek: How to Become an Integrated Christ/Buddha in This Lifetime Volume 1’. It would be impossible to cover here all the various models on how people believe the chakra system will change. I am just making you aware that there are a great many viewpoints on this subject and a simple search on the internet will connect you with many of these.
I don’t feel a particular rightness or wrongness with whatever you choose to believe. As I outlined above we all have our own truths and what path suits one will not necessarily suit another and of course the path may change in time. Personally I don’t resonate with moving into a 9+ chakra system. Merging them together into one ‘core star’ and allowing the higher chakras to also merge with this as one’s vibration raises, feels ‘right’ for me.

I have looked at and asked my helpers and many other benevolent beings as to whether they have more than one energy centre – none of them so far have. This is in contrast with what others have said out there. Again use your own discernment on this. Furthermore, I have come across many who have unknowingly already started to dissolve their own chakras. There are some out there who are walking around with anywhere between 2 and 6 chakras as their raising vibration ‘removes’ them. A lot of these people have already had implant removal procedures performed on them (see my website [ ] for more on Etheric Implants and removal). It appears that many implants don’t just influence you via the chakras but actually require chakras in which to obtain their energy requirements. In this way they help maintain the presence of chakras.

In fact myself and other healers out there have come to view chakras as another form of implant/programming that limits the connection to Self. Yet another part of the game of limitation here on earth. They separate the energy of our core essence such that there are more points of attachment and entry for others to influence us by – notice how the vortex-like properties of the 7 chakras allows energies to easily enter and hence allow other beings/people/technologies to influence us. These vortices also allow easy access for others to drain our energy, attach cords and to place implants within us. In this respect I can also see that by moving into the 9+ chakra systems others have talked about, that this influence can be had over these extra chakras/energy centres as well.

Note that I do not judge chakras as ‘bad’. At a higher level of our Selves, we all knew about and chose to come to Earth to play the game of duality, separation and limitation for experience and ‘learning’. Humanity has gained much awareness and understanding by having and utilising a chakra system as we have had to be more ‘on the ball’ with how we can be influenced by others. For many, this has strengthened their awareness of that ‘outside’ of self and strengthened the ability to follow their own free will.

With all the above in mind, chakra removal / unification is not for everyone. Many are not yet comfortable with the idea or wish to continue to learn certain ‘lessons’ that continuing to have a 7+ chakra system gives – it is always down to choice and there is nothing wrong or right about this. I will certainly not remove anyone’s chakras without the consent of their higher Self. If you are unsure whether your higher Self agrees then you can contact me or another healer/psychic and we will quickly find out. Often someone may not be ready the first time we ask, then the answer may change months or even a day later depending on many factors.

After Chakra Removal / Unification

The remaining ‘core star’ is situated near the lower sternum area where the heart chakra would have sat. In some people it is a little lower depending on how their energy body is constructed. Many people call this the ‘sun star’, ‘sacred flame’, ‘core essence’ or ‘central core’. The core star is larger than the original 7 energy centres as it represents them all unified into one. Myself and others have noticed that because we are not being constantly drained of energy, that the core star slowly strengthens and enlarges over time. In some, it covers the throat all the way down to the navel. I’m sure there may be others out there that have even larger ones.
Having no chakras does not mean that you are not connected to the other energy centres above and below you. You are actually MORE connected as your energies don’t have to pass through the chakra system first – hence you are more unified and fully open. It also opens up the energy available to your body giving your physical body greater well-being.

Advantages of Chakra Removal / Unification:
* No need to put time, money and effort into chakra cleansing
* Far fewer access points for parasites, implants, spirits etc to be able to attach to and influence you
* Less influence of other people’s thoughts and feelings etc over you
* More open and stronger connection to your higher Self, higher beings and source
* More clarity and awareness over your own being rather than walking around in other people’s realities
* Greater sense of peace, security, calmness, power, centeredness, control
* Energy is not being separated and diverted so there is more available for you to use such as for healing, meditating and generally being more energised in life
* Greater control of your thoughts, feelings and energy levels
* Quickens the development of psychic abilities as there is more energy available and less barriers to other realms
* Being able to differentiate what is yours or not and notice that which needs to be healed, strengthens therefore great progress can be made afterwards in ‘letting go’ and moving forwards

Of course those who like myself previously, regularly clean their chakras, heal themselves and exert good control over their Self may not notice huge changes, except that they simply do not have to spend so much time and effort maintaining themselves. Having more control and choice on when and whether to tune into others and them affecting you is a big plus for many.
For healers and psychics, you will have to re-learn how you use your energies as everything will coming from/to your core star, rather than from separate chakras, as will any client you treat that has gone through this process. Any techniques that work via the 7+ chakra system simply will not work the same way – unless your higher Self converts what you are intending automatically to the client’s new system for you (clever eh?). You can simply apply your old techniques to the core star and have to use your intuition more when trying to work things out rather than relying on already given advice – such as “you have a block in x chakra which means y”.

The Removal / Unification Process

Many people who are ready to remove their chakras may be comfortable dissolving them themselves, as I did (some of the links below will give you methods of doing this – again use discernment and feel into what’s right for you). Of course if you haven’t already had your Etheric Implants removed then I would recommend seeing myself or another healer who can perform this first.

Personally during an appointment I dissolve the constructs that create the separate energy centres. In this way I do not cause damage by pulling them out of the body and reduce the ‘chance’ of adverse symptoms from the body adapting to the changes. Of course other healers may approach this differently. Some people may still sense that energy centres are still present after their appointment and think that their chakras have not been removed. In these cases, what I call ‘transitional energy centres’ are formed to ease the body’s move into a non-chakra system and they will disappear with time.

I personally also remove the kundalini system as it is closely tied in with the chakra system and is therefore redundant afterwards. Some others don’t agree with this as they believe that it still serves the purpose of supplying energy to the head. Put it this way, I have no kundalini system and I have more energy than I ever had beforehand. I will leave this up to you! In some cases when people have removed their chakras, the kundalini system may still be present – if you are unsure a good healer can check for you.

Some people may need to go through an adjustment period after removal / unification. Everyone is different and whether a ‘healing crisis’ happens and how many and how strong the symptoms may be depend on many factors – such as your level of sensitivity, how many mental, emotional & past-life issues, judgements and physical diseases you have yet to clear and so on. Most people thankfully just feel very tired for a day or so then start to feel very energised soon after.

I have provided some links below for those wishing to find out more about this subject. Some of the links are from other healers who offer removal/unification whilst others are simply discussions on the subject. You will notice some differences of opinion with these as with any other websites you may search for on this subject – I do not resonate fully with all of them and I suggest you feel into what is right for you. Of course you may wish to visit my own website for more ( [ ])

* [ ]


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room


As many readers will remember I stated some months ago that by October / November this year we would be able to inform the readers of some highly positive information, subject to any interference that we may incur along the way.

I have to state that we are a few weeks behind schedule because of the enormous amount of interference we have experienced since I made the initial statement. This interference has been initiated by the Government of America, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and some Governments Allied to the Americans (Naming Germany, the UK, France, Japan, and others —— 2 of which, with America, were part of the corrupt and defunct Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission), and although making our lives a little difficult and uncomfortable this has not deterred us. Interference has also been directed against us from the World Bank and the IMF, both of whom have been served with Official Notices to Cease and Desist from unlawful use of the Collateral Accounts and to submit / return the 3,000+ MT of Gold (i.e. 3000+ MT to the World Bank and 3000+ MT to the IMF) belonging to the Collateral Accounts which was granted to them as their Collateral
Base to use for the benefit of countries around the world; by America back in 1945 / 46 for which they have grossly abused.

The Federal Reserve, the BIS, and the United Nations have also been issued with Official Orders relative to their unlawful acts against a “Sovereign” and the “Combined International Collateral Accounts”. We expect all the aforementioned Official Orders to be ignored by their recipients.

Having not even deterred us, in fact, it has not even deterred the various countries we are dealing with, quite the opposite in fact whereby some Bankers have already been removed from their positions and others will be relieved of their positions in due course. The Governments involved have confirmed our status via various groups of Elders throughout the world, who in turn have used direct routes to verify us rather than route through the inept and corrupt United Nations. We thank those Elders (who will always remain anonymous to all but about 5 people) for their courage, tenacity, and assistance. They have done the world and its people a great service which is recognised by us but will probably never be recognised by 99.9% of the world’s people because of the lack of knowledge and understanding that surround the Collateral Accounts, and believing in Myths, Supposition, and basically outright lies by persons who in the main are all
connected to America; both in the historic nature and the more recent 50 year period.

One thing I have not previously informed readers of before, mainly because I was requested to keep this information as “Top Secret” at the time, but which I am now allowed to release, is the fact that upon the appointment of a new International Treasury Controller in May 2012, the International Treasury Controller initiated and executed several decrees, which as a “Sovereign” under its own jurisdiction, The International Treasury Controller is legally allowed to do. These Decrees, confirm, support and clarify the conditions of the 1976, 1980, 1988, 1995, and 2012 International Treaty Agreements executed by the Nations of the World, as well as enhancing the content of same to ensure that such content is fully understood by all.

The content below is purely extracts from the rather substantial Decrees issued by The International Treasury Controller under the Powers and Authorities bestowed upon him by the Nations and Royal Families of the World, in compliance with International Treaties, and the “Sovereign” status of The International Treasury Controller, who as a “Sovereign” holding its own Jurisdiction, stands above and beyond all other Nations whereby any / all National Law relevant to the subject matter is legally superseded by both the International Treaties and this Decree.

(article continues on web-site)


DaNell Glade
[email protected]



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