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Lots of technical struggles beyond our control have delayed this interview and posting. Internet connectivity postponed interview date, Software failures, web host crashes, etc etc. what else is new. Testing of my crazy factor level 9. But here it is we expect the youtube from Smally sometime soon it will be added to this page soon. We had server crashes in the last few days so the transcript is a way to get the info without having the site disrupt sound file.
Rob Potter

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  1. I am going to help spread the word to everyone who needs to know the truth. I for one am tired of oppression and being lied to. I have awoken.

    • Good for you Christopher. Much success to you. You can start a Prepare for Change group in your area if there isn’t one. When you take action others will be guided to you. That is how the universe works. Thank you for your comments.

      Angel Eyes ~**~

    • Blessings to you as well. I had heard of disturbing rumors about cobra. I listened to the interview again and I was confused as to whether is is is related to gov lies or real extremists. I have meditated on this, and still have not been in lightened to the truth shrouded in mystery.

      • Christopher, this is a time when many good lightworkers are being smeared especially on the internet. Please remember that we are in a time of immense changes. The dark want the hearts and minds of as many people as possible their mission is to create doubt in our minds. If we are in confusion then they have done their job. The best approach in this case is always what your heart tells you is true, bless the individual spreading doubt and confusion, ask that they be allowed to see the light, then move on without allowing negativity to enter your being.

        Blessings & peace,
        Angel Eyes ~**~

      • C,
        Look within and see what resonates? We speak of truth of hope of peace and positive change through lawful arrest of criminals. Our mission continues and you may come and go as you please if you decide to participate in your own coimmunity to bring truth and love it will be a good thing. We are all together for peace and non violence.


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