I can imagine how the word “Revolution” sounds in the mind of everybody: visions of people fighting, weapons, death, blood… no, not a nice movie. Each one has it´s own set of slides fast running inside the head when this word pops up. People associates revolution with an unequal war, with common people against repression forces. But it really needs to be always this way?

On the other hand I would say that during all our life times we´ve seen world wars, atomic bombs detonated, weird experiments, cloned living beings, time traveling, particles colliding and all those life times we had tribes, tribe unions, feudalism with kings and queens (which still exist today), old and new empires, mafia births and deaths, epidemics, political, military and financial dictatorships, slavery, feudalism, communism, capitalism, socialism, new born space era, continental unions, big federal states under shaking and segregation, tactical long term economical wars, spying wars, economical and political spying, financial wars… I mean… man! We seen it ALL! Didn´t we?

But inside this ALL, every thing happened, let´s say, at a time of its own, when the local or global energies were allowing this. We don´t know (yet) for a fact if all this was a staged plan made above and applied below but each planetary phenomenon had its particular adequate time to happen and to let us experience it, live it, pass it, look back at it and understand something of it. Anyhow, we grown up, either we are able to see or not, either we understand or not. We did grow up. And from time to time we heard of civilizations that were much more advanced than ours and destroyed themselves some how. For most of people these are just legends or just stories. Even if we have more and more physical objects and proofs about this lately, people just turn off their attention from these things belonging to our very existence and drive their attention towards what´s on TV or shop shelves.

Every moment of big change happened after a flourishing period followed by a decadence period. It´s an everywhere and everything´s cycle. And a change can come sudden or slow but rather sudden and with violence, with a fight or war involved.

The theory says that as much a change needs to be, if it is allowed the necessary time for everybody involved to smoothly accept it and to digest it, it will take place smoother. But in the same time, every change has its opposition. The tactics today are creating the opposition in a controlled manner in order to dilute or totally cancel or inhibit the real opposition that might occur. Nice trick and it worked lots of times at big scale and small scale both. Nowadays the main-stream-media is where all this buffering is happening.

Yes, we seen it all, but did we learn something from all this experience that pertains to our life, that NOW IS our life? One might say “I didn’t live the time of X happening…”. Right. But all this “past experience”, as we like to call it, it is now present in our minds, it is also from our today life and in our way of thinking about life in the now. This is what we know and apply now, and now, and now… And in every now we create the next now and the next now.

How do we construct the next now? Same mistakes? If we do things the same way as in “the past” we cannot expect different results. Maybe this time we can manifest the fact that a revolution can be very silent and still very powerful. Very peaceful and still very effective. Say we know very well what we want. (Don’t we?) We know very well how the opposition always tries to keep the old and dusty with all costs instead of understanding the co-creating present belongs to it’s “another time” or “a time for something else” and go retire them selves or be part of the different path they know. We know that too. (Don’t we?) And we also know that Revolution as a concept and meaning we have present in our minds from all that past isn’t nice at all. We know that too. (Don’t we?)

We could give it the name of Peacevolution! But that´s just between us 😉 Instead of evolving through revolving we can evolve through peace. In Spanish can be Pazvolución. So… let it be Peacevolution!

We can call it SiRevo, again, just between us 😉 and we can have a logo promoted everywhere that might look like this:

Let Mr. Evo win!

This time we can try several different approaches to manifest this silent revolution or Peacevolution. Not asking to somebody but just declaring where and how we stand. Period.

Another one: not fighting with weapons or violence but just patiently affirming and reaffirming the same concept until everybody that needs to understand what our point is will get it. Exactly like with a kid.

We can drop the waiting for “somebody else provide the right solution for us from above” and even quit thinking at the concept of above powers and just find and apply the right solution for us and for everybody. We have a system that was created through “consenting at giving others our responsibility”. Yes they used some nice tricks to make us do that but I guess you already are aware of those tricks.

When looking for a richer life inside this system we can try instead of running off of responsibility, to embrace our responsibility and simply do what we all need to do. We can try instead of building smoke walls of secrecy around everything, to destroy any kind of secrecy around everything and start to share with everybody for everybody. Advice: don´t even think to try this with the ones stucked in the old paradigm.

Yes, all these are general concepts and might be difficult to put into specific facts in life but going like “each one – slow down thinking only at yourself and go meditating at your and everybody else´s real needs” then it’s doable.

Another possible one to apply what we have learned from ALL our “past in the present”: for those, today, in positions of power, please identify the moment of time you started to miserably fail in your high positions. Identify when society clearly and visibly express the need of a change and in what way. Just drop the opposition side and come along riding the new wave. On this one, this time, is a nice picture to be for everybody. Let’s do it all together consciously and peacefully. The change is already happening (constantly) and for the ones not seeing it yet, it will surely be too… because the past is also now, together with us in this moment, now, and not only, but we already have the “future in present” with us in the now in our hands of manifestation. And now. And now…

Vive la Peacevolution!
In Love and Light
Energy Kool

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  1. “So come on leave the dark behind,
    And join the day now
    It’s peaceful revolution time
    To join the day now
    Morning breaks and light will find
    The blind”

  2. (K)Cool Energy! Love & Light .•´¨*•.¸❤¸.•´¨¸.•★ ❤¨`*•.¸☮ PEACE ☮

    • So be it apollosolaris. This is one of my favorite songs all times. And by the way, nice site you have there. Keep up the good work and keep sending us your good ideas.

      Love Light and Peace ❤★☮ Vive la Peacevolution!


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