December 29, 2014


“In the latter half, scientist, filmmaker, and spiritual explorer David Sereda discussed his discovery of a ‘Lost Scale’ of musical tones, math codes, and a surprising realization about Noah’s Ark. “The frequency of the lost scales of pyramids represent a more perfect, more melodic…music scale that the ancients tuned their instruments to…These are the tones I believe Jesus had his disciples meditate to…to activate and turn on their light bodies,” he suggested. When listening to these tones, they produce a sense of elated bliss, and in ancient times were used to enter higher states of consciousness, he asserted.

Regarding Noah’s Ark, Sereda has concluded it was a circular craft like a UFO, and functioned as a teleportation device rather than a boat. This realization, he explained, was triggered by a letter he received from God in a dream, revealing a math code that takes the Noah’s Ark dimensions x 4 which he connected to the most significant numbers in the Great Pyramid. For more, check out this related video.”

I highly recommend listening to David’s interview (a little over an hour)and watch the related video.  It’s a little technical at the beginning.   He starts talking about the lost music scale – but ties it in to :  numerology = math = frequencies.  6161 is the missing number to help your DNA evolve.  This upgrades your frequency, DNA and thought.  This helps tune you.   Tune synthesizers, instruments for the new music – harmonious music.  You need these tones to achieve enlightenment – and meet God.   Ark of the covenant = 51.51 = device to commune with God.

This music scale represents a more perfect, more melodic scale that instruments were tuned to – unlike the scale we use today which is out of phase.  Jesus had his disciples meditate to these scales to turn on their light bodies.    It relaxes you and produces elated bliss.  In the morning we go up the scale and at night, we go down the scale.  One of the main reason for chemtrails is frequency manipulations.  Plants grow better with balanced frequencies.  Tone regularly audibly and harmonically.  You start and 111.1 it feels like you’re about to blank out.   The next scale down is 11.11  and on up.  Minor, Major and Main scale.

A true vermana is not a craft but glowing sacred geometry vehicle.  Enoch has a dream where he goes out of body and sees a space ship land on the ground and is carrying the Ancient of Days.  The throne is the round light craft.  Where are UFO’s.  Where do angels live?  Planet earth is spiraling and we are in the middle of the war-faring planets and we’re going into the 2nd third – where the new vibration starts.  When we get there the earth will change in a twinkling of an eye and the war beings will not be able to be here.  Crossing the Photon belt is significant.  We are in the zone between the end of war faring planets and paradise.

2nd interview – We are going up and below galactic point – every time we go above galactic center – it’s where the dinosaurs go extinct.  As we go deeper, it weeds out the weaker life forms that can not handle the higher frequencies.  Weaker beings dye off.  We’re not alone in the universe.  UFO’s don’t use rockets, they use frequencies and vortices.  The greatest war is using frequencies on consciousness.  Frequencies can end or terminate life forces.  No bombs are even needed.

Someone called me to re-do the frequencies within an MRI machine.  They are out of phase.  They need their frequencies tuned.

What is your music?  Music is affecting you so much.  Discovery of this lost scale can change everything.  When David heard the music of the heavens, is so magnificent.  What scale are they using there.  The angels aren’t just singing for the fun of it – they were singing the creation into existence.

Wouldn’t you want to know what the music is in heaven – and other planets?  Frequency & math are the only universal language.

People doing my toning course – you start to increase your spacial awareness.  You are hearing tones that are not in our music today.  David is using Nature’s sacred octave – 360 tones which are all audible.  MRI, to cell phones to data – if we send good frequencies vs. out of phase, out of balance frequencies we thrive.

There are 195,000 cell phone towers – avg. of 3500 each state.  Microwaves heat cells.  It’s going to cause tempers and instability.  We need to use electricity harmonically.  We are running electricity at the wrong frequency.

Using vortex harmonic fields – to hep people harmonize the energy they live in.  Our DNA gets messed up by them.  2500 satellite’s transmitting 24/7, cell phone towers.  Meditate with harmonic field generators.  Our 9 planets are a music scale.

These are his highlights.

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