Hi there this is Therese Zumi speaking. I have been working with Cobra and this community since the autumn of 2012. I have been invited to be an author here on Prepare for Change. Isn’t that amazingly fantastic good news we have just received from Cobra informing us that all of the physical bombs are now deactivated? Things are really speeding up! As you will all be aware we are now in what we call the Breakthrough phase. You will also have heard that the codename for Cobra comes from the expression Compression Breakthrough which is another term for The Event. Right now we are in the middle of a so called ‘window of opportunity’ which lasts until March 17th. In a recent interview Cobra mentioned that the Event could happen at any time and does not necessarily have to occur within a ‘window’ but simply put we would have a smoother Event process during a window timeframe.
Our goal now is adapting to our situation until the Breakthrough liberates us forever from thousands of years of imprisonment here. We must proceed correctly, with awareness and even caution. Our standards and goals are the highest and we must be careful of allowing ourselves to be influenced by those with ulterior motives especially now as this Breakthrough phase is the final battle phase between Light and darkness. We must be awake and aware and keep an open mind to all incoming information. Our enemies will do all that they can to attempt to create disputes and cause separation between Lightworkers. You can be sure that they will be active right up until the last minute, until they no longer have any choice. There are many different people bringing their gifts and talents and creativity to this website at this time and though we should strive to work independently we can also lean on and be inspired by one another. I have decided to start this author role by re-posting here two recent articles from my blog. One will show the importance of having a community to rely on and the second is a reminder of Cobra’s recent suggestion that we should focus upon where we are going. I hope that you will enjoy these two posts, Therese Zumi
This Is My Family – My Community and We Are So Strong
And We Have the Highest of Ideals
First Posted 20/01/2015 at 1355 PM
This past weekend was a difficult time for me emotionally and my energy was at an all-time low – lowest in about 4 years. I became doubtful of our success in this liberation process and the plans that I had made last week to write about this great community that I belong to had to be put aside I was so tired and low. Then suddenly on the same day three of my closest ‘family’ members namely Untwine, Rob and Cobra each came out with very hopeful thoughtful articles that I found to be inspiring – I know you felt that too – and I had evidence to the wording on the picture I used with Rob’s text namely that “I am here to change the world, and I am not alone.”

Untwine made it clear to us that everyone needs to get involved in this liberation process. He gave three suggestions as to how you can get involved and I agree entirely with him here. All of the work that we do in this community of Lightworkers/Lightwarriors is done in the hope of inspiring you to take part in some way in this liberation process yourself. We need everyone involved in some way so that readers are not merely spectators to the developing ‘drama’ as if it were a new TV series. Cobra gave a link to Untwine’s article to tell people how they could help to get rid of the chimera group so if everyone just makes a decision that they are going to do ONE thing – that would really have an effect. So which way will you make a crack in the Veil?

Then Rob reminded us that the Event is not about people getting rich quick. I personally do not post a single article on financial speculation about the Reval one way or another because it’s The Event I’m interested in which is liberation for EVERYONE on this planet from the Orion Reptilian debt slave system. Rob said and I agree with him entirely here;
“Do not expect a date to “Cash In” because I roll my eyes and become very disappointed in people who are more focused on money. The liberty and freedom a global currency reset will provide, IF IT IS DONE CORRECTLY, WITH THE AID OF BENEVOLENT, ET, AGARTHAN AND EARTH BASED MILITARY ALLIES the RV/ Event will be much more important than any financial windfall for any individual or group.”

A point that I feel I should make here is this; Around the Internet the term Reval/Reset is used by many, yet you must be aware that Cobra has said time and time again that it cannot take place until the scalar technology network is taken down and the old system is taken off line completely this must be understood as otherwise there can be great chaos. That’s why I don’t post anything about the Reval because so many people on so many blogs talk about this Reval and do not understand the connection between it and The Event needing to be simultaneously.

Then Cobra gave us an update about the great cleansing of the ‘Tunnels of Set’ which the Light Forces are conducting now and how this is the occult reason for the ‘craziness’ happening now. I was in such an emotional place this weekend that tears were never far away and when I read the line on Cobra’s info about Switzerland de-pegging its currency from the Euro and joining the Alliance in preparation for the transition to the gold-backed financial system after the Reset: {Read The Event because in this community they go HAND IN HAND,} that brought on the tears again.

When I see all of these links to articles that show how the Alliance are building this alternative financial structure it makes me think that there must be more and more people and politicians waking up now to what is really happening on this planet especially after the IS:IS Portal opening.

OK so what I was talking about here was the wonderful family community that I am a part of. I also know/have met these three individuals in person and of course that helps.

Then Nova Biscotti wrote something on this site about his abhorrence of bullying and being mean to others unnecessarily that also gelled with me and I’m sure everyone. I have not met Nova and I don’t know who he is but I feel that after some correspondence I know him well enough to know that I trust him. Nova Biscotti was asked by Cobra to provide some more ideas about how to actually utilise the information on the Community Leaders Brief in practical ways at the time of the Event. He did a great job on this and it’s easily available if you look for it here on Prepare for Change. I keep calling Nova B a ‘he’ so he will just have to forgive me one day if it turns out that he’s a she! His recent article pointed out that the entire system on this prison planet is based on bullying of one kind or another and that we as Lightworkers have to get away from this and must try to be examples of people who hold to higher values.

Yet we should all be willing to admit when we make emotional ‘mistakes’ and react for example in an angry way, both Rob and Nova have openly admitted to ‘praying for help’ to become better in this area. The main thing is that we are humble enough to admit to being at fault.

The Highest of Ideals

Only the highest of ideals are acceptable in this greater community of Light. These are some of the ideas that we must hold to. Our standards of truth must be the highest. Archangel Michael equates truth and love as one and the same. Without these higher ideals and standards we can lose contact with truth and love and so become more easily influenced by negativity. When mistakes are made they must be admitted and rectified openly. We admit and release old mistakes and baggage so that we can move forward vigorously into the future. We need to be inexhaustible in our willingness and desire to teach and be of support to others. We support ourselves and one another lovingly.

One of the archons biggest goals is to disrupt loving energy between people and any work where harmony and kindness between people is in focus is part of this liberation process. Standing up for ‘truth’ i.e. truthful communication in your working place or family wherever/whatever this might be, is very important work and also helps to break down the veil.

I will end here by reminding you of Cobra’s advice late last night;
“The Event will NOT happen until the scalar plasma grid is taken care of.
Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are primary targets of directed energy weapons because they are the primary security threat to the current slavery prison planet matrix and its handlers.
The first guideline for protection for targeted individuals is to try to maintain the state of balance and harmony amidst all daily activities. That means learning to master the skills of time and priorities management and learning when to say yes and when to say no, and to remove all toxic elements, situations and people out of your lives. It is also good to find some quiet time each day to spend in nature and/or in meditation to reconnect with your higher self.”

PS; the actual act of using the protection technique suggested by Cobra yesterday is in fact also a way to create a crack in the Veil!

That’s all for the moment from me Therese Zumi



First posted 23/01/2015 at 1651 PM

What are we doing we people of the Light? What are we focusing on? We need to be there NOW in our minds. We need to be now where we are going. If you want to bake a cake what do you do? The first thing you do is ‘see’ ‘feel’ even ‘taste’ this type of cake within clearly and then you go to work. Same thing with anything we create. From this week on I will be posting visions of intention for our New Gaia here regularly. I posted one the other day – did you see it? Did you sign your name to ALIGN yourself with this vision? That’s really all that we need to do. When enough of us are THERE NOW the change will manifest physically. This is the fact of things.

There is sadly always more to learn about our situation here with our poisoned air, food, water, medicines etc. Yet we all know more than enough about the parasitical annihilation polices of our prison wardens. Yes we can always find more and more and more evidence of what we don’t want but it is NOT going to get us to where we want to be any quicker if that’s where our focus is!

We need to join forces and focus now together on us EXISTING IN THE NOW on Nova Gaia. We need to see this collectively. I suggest that each and every one of us do this now at all times if possible. It’s a tall order but the quickest way to get there.
We need to be there spiritually. We need to spiritually connect to Source and feel this connection to Source because as Mother says we ARE by our very nature of existence PART OF SOURCE how could we be anything else?


So many of us complain about all of the focus on the TV and in newspapers of the scare pornography type that has been ongoing forever! Are we not doing the same things on our blogs? Are we also too much focused on which blog can I trust most here? Which blogger/Lightworker is telling the most truth? Who has the latest bad news about more scare porn? I’m being a slight bit harsh here but not completely. We need to ransack ourselves – we need to know the truth of what’s going on but now more than ever – EVER – if we want a change we have to BE it.

Some blogs are having difficulties financially trying to survive. Why do their readers not give them a few dollars on a regular basis? If you consider yourself poor now you will never be anything else! Where we are inside is where we will remain. Many people who win lotteries etc. and become wealthy – often become just as poor again in no time because they do not feel rich inside. Many of us who are working with this spreading of info are keeping our heads above water economically speaking. My guess is that 80% of us are living just on or below the breadline. But like Ron – Paradoxman said the other day despite his income of approximately 1000$ per month he does not consider himself poor. He feels rich inside. Even the poorest of the poor (in economic terms) share what they have. We must see ourselves as rich now. We must reach out and help each other now with what we have – wealth comes from within.

If I had wealth in the form of large sums of money right this moment – I would not know what to do with it!! Please don’t say “give it to me” or you’re missing the point here. What I mean is that I could not enjoy that wealth and what it might bring to me until everyone is more or less satisfied and we have peace everywhere and no need for any soldiers. When The Event happens – that reality will be a fact very quickly.


I’m not saying that I’m all that great at this ‘seeing’ our future now. But I pledge that from this day forward I will become better at it. Besides updates from Cobra and the RM – my focus will be on WHERE WE NEED TO BE – one way or another.

I love you all and I hope that all of you will join with me and that we will LOVE OURSELVES into this new reality very soon.

We must leave all control, we must leave all competition, we must leave ‘them and us’ behind completely – we must unite now as ONE.

WHATEVER horrific situation on this planet that we want to see an end to now for humanity we must now ‘feel’, ‘see’, ‘know’ that ITS OPPOSITE is in existence NOW. When enough of us {Beings of Source = Creators} are actually ‘there’ we will all be there together.

Therese Zumi


PS; I will probably post here on Prepare for Change about once weekly.

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