We are in the midst of the final days of a battle between the forces of good and evil on this planet. This battle has been taking place on every level and within every single individual on Earth. Even when we have chosen the Light / Goodness as our path of choice, even if we are working to hold onto the Light through focus in meditation for a while each day we cannot completely avoid being involved in this battle unless we live in a cave alone. Cobra has encouraged us on several occasions to learn to say both yes and no. Each of us in our lives is continually challenged to remain in balance at this time. We have to take complete responsibility to take action to lovingly hold onto what is ours.

This can be a very trying time for relationships of all kinds. The forces that have been pulling people in the wrong direction, the forces that use guile, manipulation, pretence, fear tactics, control tactics and the likes to get their way, are now losing the battle. However because they do not know any other way they will continue to try to get their way until the very end and we must remain awake and vigilant.

An Example

Many parents with teenagers can find themselves in the middle of this battle between good and evil. Everywhere you look the forces of evil are there manipulating the minds of our children with their power in the movie, fashion, food and drink industry. We cannot take away the free will of our children, we cannot control them completely. If we use control tactics and manipulation then we too are using negative energy. We have to take our responsibility as parents to inform our children of our point of view, to try to show them how we are all lied to and when we have to say no we do so as lovingly as we can. We put limitations on evil because we love them and one day they will understand this completely even if they have emotional reactions right now to those limitations.


Should We Remain in Disharmonious Situations?

The fact of the matter is that those people who are living in a state of fear, which is mostly based on earlier trauma, develop ways of acting in their relationships to stay in control of this fear. So we must be aware that some people can have ulterior motives in their attachments to us. Many people have remained in disharmonious relationships for year’s even decades and simply ‘put up with it’ for the sake of peace and quiet. This way of living depletes people of their life-force energy and ultimately leads to degeneration of one kind or another.

Some people take on the task of staying yet working for a change through processing their own trauma and becoming whole. When both partners make these efforts a relationship can grow and benefit the whole. Any choice that one makes to bring growth to a stagnant / impossible situation by ‘demanding’ that a change needs to take place will be supported in every way by Higher Forces of Love. Despite there being difficulties to overcome in making these necessary changes we know and feel inside that we are taking the correct steps towards loving ourselves and others more.

Every decisive move in the right direction towards clear honest communication in a relationship will then bring the energy we need to focus on the goals that we wish to achieve in our lives.


No One Else Can Make You Happy

When we travel on a spiritual path we come to learn eventually that we are the ones who have the entire responsibility for our own happiness. The process of learning this truth can very often be a painful one which is mirrored to us through many different kinds of relationships. Everyone is our mirror. Then when we know this to be true we start to take responsibility for our own happiness. We no longer blame anyone else for our unhappiness because we know that we can choose. We may very well have come to this realization before that special someone who shares our life does. We may very well find ourselves then to be ‘the problem’ in our partner’s life. When we hear things like “I would not lose my temper if you didn’t say things like – – – – – -“. When we remain there with our love, inner contentment, harmony etc. we are providing a space for the other to ‘be’ truly who they are and when they have a lot of unresolved trauma we are going to find ourselves mirroring this time and time again unless our partner is willing to see his/her need for healing their old trauma in some way. Should we stay or should we go? This choice will ultimately be ours to make. If you find that continual arguments that never lead anywhere are draining you and your ability to remain healthy then maybe you should leave.
A great many relationships that have failed or led to separation can be healed after The Event. There will be great healing of so many kinds available.

Sometimes after a time apart the partner that still has unresolved trauma can see that he/she still has anger issues etc. although now they can no longer blame a partner that is no longer there and so they can come to the conclusion that “maybe I need to take responsibility for my anger issues”.


What The Event is Going to Bring

In the weeks and months following The Event there will be an enormous awakening among the people on this planet. It is going to be an almost unfathomable catharsis. Can you try for a moment to imagine how it will feel when you yourself and everyone you know comes to the realisation that they no longer have to have any worries regarding being able to keep a roof over their head, when they know that they will be supported by real healing technologies when they are ill, when they can truly relax for the first time in their lives. This will be a time of great healing in many relationships and the information being provided about our imprisonment, the various tortures and manipulations of our psyche that we have all been subjected to unknowingly will speed up the awareness for everyone about needing to take responsibility for our experiences in relationships.

So when we have taken all of the steps in our relationships that we feel that we have the capacity to do right now, we can then relax and live our truth with a confident attitude. We just continue each day to hold to correct persistence in as loving a way as possible and relax and enjoy our days as well as we possibly can in our present circumstances. When difficulties arise we do whatever we can right now and then we REFOCUS as soon as we can upon an inner colourful picture of a positive outcome in whatever the situation might be.

With Much Love and Light
Therese Zumi


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