We the people of Gaia are leaving behind us the old 3D reality of pain, fear, power, guilt, better than, worse than, must have/do, must be, if only and so forth. Any kind of falseness, any sign of manipulation, any sign of greed, any attempts to ‘play games’ is a dying part of that paradigm. All that we want to know in our world from this day forward is unity, joy of belonging, loving and being loved, mutual respect, giving and taking in balance, giving without a thought of it being reciprocated, giving from a sense of needing to give because as we send love out from our hearts it only continues to grow even more within us. Wherever we find ourselves we can take a moment to breathe into our heart and to send the love there out into the room or space where we are and know that it will find its way to where it is needed.


Everyone on this planet will in some way now be experiencing some kind of ascension symptoms. These symptoms will vary and fluctuate depending on the amount of unresolved emotional trauma that we are holding inside of us. Another word for these unresolved blockages is ‘vasana’ and I must add here that if you are suffering greatly with various ascension symptoms then I would highly recommend that you consider doing some type of healing ‘bodywork’ to help relieve the emotional tension. Choose a therapist that has at least 6-7 years of experience in this area. 2-3 sessions can be gold worth.

I have had some friends take up the subject of ascension symptoms recently wondering if I knew anything about any particular symptoms that might be ‘doing the rounds’ so to speak. Really we have all been experiencing symptoms of ascension of one kind or another now for years and I guess each time something new happens in my body I just figure “OK so this is what’s happening now”. This year in January February I experienced along with many others it would seem a period of eye symptoms. There were days then when I considered getting stronger reading glasses because of blurring in front of one or both eyes!! The past few months I have also noticed some bouts of head pressure bordering on slight headaches occasionally and then there have been those ‘odd aches’ that can turn up just about anywhere like a knee joint or toe.

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So what I am saying is that this is the normal thing as our bodies adjust to the new energies and prepare for the changeover from carbon based to crystalline based atomic structure. Our heart chakras are in a process of opening and of course in this area many will experience fluttering, tension, a tightening and sometimes other strange feelings and this too is very normal. Experiences of warm energy flows through the body are also part and parcel of this process and many are experiencing dizziness of varying degrees. When our heart chakra finally opens completely and stays open {it is normal to experience temporary openings of the heart during this process} we will have reached the stage known as ‘enlightenment’.

Of course many of these strange symptoms will also be experienced in the emotional body too. Some may experience suddenly feeling like bursting into tears for no reason at all or being overly sensitive to tears arising when confronted by expressions of love in many different situations. I have enlightened very loving friends who have experienced periods of feeling great anger these past few months. This anger has surprised them completely and of course they are just releasing old stuff and becoming more aligned and at One with The One.

I just want to say to readers that if someone is experiencing serious strange symptoms then you would be advised to do a medical check-up for safety’s sake. Sadly as all of you will be aware there is a radical rise of cancer everywhere on this planet due to all that we are subjected to. Alzheimer’s is another illness which is on the rise and the connection to aluminium poisoning is definite. We sadly also know that ‘chemtrails’ are spreading unbelievably high amounts of many metals including aluminium.

We are one world

Our POWER is in our love for one another – our power is in focusing on the day of liberation – there is no power to be had in getting into a place of fear because of some blog article. And remember 70% of the alternative media ‘truther’ movement has been infiltrated by the Jesuits.

OK so I did a search to see if there was a good up to date link that I could offer you with some more info on the subject of ascension symptoms and found this one which I liked.

Remember we are each of us so different – our experiences will depend upon how much work we have already done to release emotional blockages from the past within our different bodies. Things are speeding up for everyone however and the work of releasing old patterns of fear of one kind or another that earlier could have taken many years can now be accomplished in 10-15% of the time. An integral part of the process of becoming 5th Dimensional beings and moving in the direction of Ascension proper involves the release of old intense human ‘stuff’ from long time periods of having experienced fear in a 3D reality.

So when/if you listen to Lisa on this video link she spends a few minutes giving details about her background etc. so if you want to skip that start listening about 7 minutes in. Lisa explains how we mirror the entire universe – how each of us are experiencing within our bodies things that are happening throughout our galaxy and universe – things like portals opening etc. Now of course all of us are not going to experience all of the things that she takes up here so do not think “oh my God do I have to go through all of this to ascend?”


There is much wisdom here but I don’t agree with every word she says. We must at all times listen to our own heart feelings. What does not gel with me here is the notion that “we have already experienced all of this”. Many people in the alternative community speak in these terms. It does not gel with me because I do not believe that we are already ‘there’ and just re-experiencing everything that is already over. I believe that I am here now experiencing what I experience here and now BUT on the other hand – and this is how I would like to explain it, WE ARE already also ONE with Source – we already have our heart flames of the Mother Father One burning within our heart alongside our own individual flame {referring to the term triflame which Linda Dillon uses}. We already have a part of our soul in existence on each of the higher planes that we are now reaching out to and connecting with and reuniting with on this Ascension path. And like Lisa says here we are all ascending with each breath whether we like it or not.

PS: I recall when I listened to this video that Lisa mentions how she has no clue about what is going on in the world, she does not follow any type of news neither mainstream nor alternative. Her entire being and work is focused on supporting others in their ascension process. Not sure why I’m mentioning this but maybe it is to give a gentle reminder that you do not have to follow the news everywhere for fear of missing out. We all have our pet areas of interest but remember that balance and harmony in our lives will bring us where we all wish to be quicker. Love + Light as always Therese Zumi

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