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If you resonate, and would like to contribute your talent in your domain of expertise, please write an article and send it to us !

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  • Sisterhood of the Rose
  • Renaissance (esoterism, arts, music, architecture, etc)
  • Healing (energy healing, permaculture, diet, organic food, etc)
  • Financial
  • Leadership (showing by example)
  • Media
  • Technology


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  1. Dear Untwine (un-twin-e, if you remember it),
    Would you like to have an interview with Corey(aka GoodETxSG) from Sphere Being Alliance?

    You may ask for an interview here:

    Cobra has also posted on his forum:

    May you also consider the last news about:

      • You may also have an interview with Ibrahim:

      • Ibrahim’s interview with Blue Flare:

      • Alfred Webre may also be a good partner for an interview:

        Alfred webre interviewed also Cobra
        and Rob Potter

  2. On your web site where you have the “[email protected]” page where you ask for articles for submission. However there is no link to connect and when I attempted to go directly to that URL, it will not load. I suggest that you check this out since no one can post if it remains the way it currently is.

    Ron Kalvin

    • Ron, the page you are looking for is located here: https://prepareforchange.net/submissions/

      All blog submissions will go here. The email you found for participating is not a page. It is only an email. I hope this helps bud.

      Love & Light <3


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