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The other day Rob asked Cobra about the function of the Cern Collider, and if it was being used for the maintaining of negative timelines. Here follows an excerpt from the transcript of the interview with Cobra’s reply: “I will not put it this way. I would just put it that they are trying to open negative portals, plasma portals. They want to create more strangelets, they want to create more anomalies. They want to maintain their anomaly. That’s why they are using this accelerator. This accelerator is far less dangerous than the other one on Long Island, so there is too much focus on Cern and not enough focus of what is happening on Long island because the accelerator on Long Island has produced stable strangelet, already last year. And those strangelets’ went to the center of the earth where they are being accumulated. Thankfully the light forces can do many things about this, but still it will be good that the light workers and light warriors put more focus and start healing the situation on Long Island with meditations. That would help a lot.”

Because we are Light Source beings and because what we are asking/commanding to be done is only for the good and benefit of all of humanity and this solar system and beyond, this cleansing will be happily carried out by the billions of Light beings in attendance at this time all around us. They have been waiting for us to command this removal of darkness. We simply have not fully understood as yet, the necessity of our free will cooperation in this effort, we have not fully understood how powerful we are, that we have unlimited creative abilities and that we can do anything we desire. Once Cobra explained how the powerful families that have imprisoned us here could do so because a very small number of them focused on thoughts and declarations that created and maintained that control. Because so many humans have now woken up to their inherent divinity there is no way that they can keep us in a sheeple state any longer. One current example of this is the Greeks who are now out on the streets in their thousands saying “NO” to being controlled by the EU slave system any longer. Do you see the synchronicity in that Greece, the place where the concept of democracy was born, should be the country to affect that the dominoes start falling and initiate the fall of this cabal controlled so called democratic European Union.

The dark forces that have succeeded for so long in keeping us in chains are now losing ground everywhere. Benjamin Fulford’s weekly reports verify this very clearly. Wherever they try to turn there are obstacles – Light obstacles – Truth obstacles – Aware and awake people finally saying NO MORE?

It’s Time to Take Our Destiny Into our Hands, Let Us Unite and Command and Declare that All Darkness and Negativity is Banished from The Long Island Facility in Answer to Cobra’s Appeal for Support

There are many ways that we can do this. This is not something that we need to plan for such as a specific time or day on which to meditate. There is nothing to prevent any of the Event Support Groups from uniting to do this collectively if they so choose. We could make an individual choice to put focus upon this in our Sunday Liberation Meditation or we can do this independently until the Breakthrough.

ManifestationRejoice In this Joyful Time of Unified Purpose.

Let’s have fun with this! Removing darkness and negativity is a joyful pursuit. It’s so easy, it’s so amazingly easy to do, all we have to do is unite worldwide right now in this agreement to banish all darkness and be happy in the knowledge that this cleansing is taking place immediately after we ask for it and that any remaining cobwebs of darkness that might be hidden from us will soon finally be swept away in one big sweep.

We already have all the tools that we need. Some might prefer to use the Violet and the Blue Flames. Some will absolutely use the strong declaration of intent to banish darkness that was provided in the article that I posted here on June 27th {see link}.

Cobra had this final message which is short and simple but extremely important. There are many different Lightworker groups who have many varied roles and focus involved in bringing about this change and it’s important that we work together and that we are united in our efforts to keep the Love energy high. He said;

“I will just state again. Do not attack each other. Focus upon the light. Hold the light. Hold the focus. Keep on pushing because we need to make the final breakthrough.”

So let’s all focus on the Light, on the Love and continue to cooperate with the myriad numbers of Light beings who are more than ready to help us to cleanse this planet from darkness forever. We know that the outcome is a given, this change has already taken place on the higher planes, we see evidence everywhere now of the increasing Light bringing us closer each moment to Compression Breakthrough. We know that we can do this so let’s do it now.

Therese Zumi



Written on 01/07/2015 at 2004 PM CET


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  1. Thank you Therese. Really helpful to make a kind of short summary of that information from Cobra we immediately can work with, also without reading the whole interview if needed. Thank you.

  2. Full Moon Planetary Network of Light Liberation Meditation



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