This Is What Music Would Look Like If We Could See It


Similar to the fingerprints of humans, every sound in the natural universe has a unique, vibrational ‘signature’. The CymaScope is a device that detects these vibrations and embodies them in a digital representation, allowing us to actually see these audio fingerprints, and they are truly amazing. The CymaScope produces its visualizations by directing the vibrations of different sound frequencies toward a surface of liquid- water, alcohol, et cetera. It then digitally captures the geometric vibrations in the water, producing these beautiful images and making sound visibly interpretable.

“Vibration underpins all matter in the universe.
No matter can exist without sound and vibration.” – CymaScope Team

Below are CymaScope images via CymaticsDotOrg captured using a varity of
fluids and frequencies, as well as a video of the CymaScope in action.

40Hz SIne wave. Alcohol & water mix.

14Hz Triangle wave and water.

16Hz Sine wave & water.

34Hz Triangle wave & alcohol.

Music Made Visible – Pink Floyd Welcome to the Machine

More at CymaticsDotOrg

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