FIRST Government approve and take on Hopegirl’s QEG project!

FIRST Government approve and take on Hopegirl’s QEG project!

This fantastic news is really true. Just goes to show what tenacity and integrity and very hard work along with crowdfunding can actually accomplish. Having followed this wonderful lady’s journey with this free energy project from its beginnings I am so happy to be able to relate this amazing news to you that is definitely the domino to start the ball rolling in the area of media coverage of the fact that free energy is actually a fact and available now. Of course this government cannot risk telling the truth yet. It could have devastating effects and create chaos I would imagine.

Hopegirl just announced this in her latest update;



“We would also like to announce (though I am not at liberty to disclose which country, but its in the East) that we have had the FIRST Government approve and take on the QEG project.”


TZ here again; If you have the means to donate even a small amount to this project It will help to bring free energy to so many poor countries now. The present campaign for donations is to bring forth good translations of all of the QEG information in many more languages;

“We want to break down the language barriers to building free energy devices, and we believe getting this important knowledge to the engineers who need it in their own language is the first step.”

“We consider crowdfunding the translation of 4 languages in 2 months a mighty success because, a) more engineers will be able to build the QEG in more countries and this will spread THE PEOPLE’S TECHNOLOGY faster than anything else could, and b) it is a true testament to the power of THE PEOPLE!”

To read Hopegirl’s message go to this link;

To new readers who may not know the entire Hopegirl story I have a page on Veritas Galactic Sweden devoted to presenting some of her work to my readers and here is that link;

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