2 thoughts on “Is Cannabis dangerous”

  1. i wouldn’t have “woken up” if I wasn’t on the moon medicine. 33 year old Aquarian. Always drawn to if for some reason..now i know.

    It’s all so beautiful and falls into place like a glove- and soon the veil shall be lifted.

    Very exciting times.

    Ps- always questioned myself and had paranoia and it did mess with my head in relationships. However, now I am awake- doesn’t really touch the sides and plus I can pick and choose when I want.

    But I’ve had some great downloading sessions when I’m zoned out.

    Bob Marley Aquarian- Assasinated. Was awake also.

  2. One of the dangers, also, is that as a moon medicine, it is very hard to use properly in our sun-only oriented society. However, if you feel yourself apt to it, go for it! “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, and a common psychonaut’s saying is that the psychedelic experience (marijuana and, why not!, even alcohol included) is only for the brave, the bold, the fit, the bright, the strong, the capable, and that these characteristics must all be self-appointed.

    Best of luck to whoever reads this message!

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