Understanding the Creation / Upkeep of the Veil, Web, Grid, Net, Matrix

Chemtrail Agendas and Their Connection to the Veil

{ This is a New Revised Edited and Up-dated Version of my article from Aug 3rd 2015}

The subject matter discussed in this article has to do with the following areas, Chemtrails and 3 Main Agendas / Electromagnetic Fields / Plasmatic Planes of Existence / Strangelet Bombs / Scalar Fields / Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [2025] already being implemented** / Microwave Technology – as legal – non lethal weapons!! / Suppression of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Contact  etc:


Matrix9This information is scary stuff but the aim here is simply to show and to point out that truth will make us free and that despite the fact that these chemtrails are to be seen daily all over our skies on this planet right now – they are in fact the ‘band-aid’ attempt of the military/archon faction to keep their matrix/web/veil/grid/net in place and keep us in a zombie state. We are very much awake and millions more awaken daily. Their time has finally come to an end on this planet. ALL of the Forces of Light below surface, on the surface and surrounding us in millions of Light Ships are now working steadily and successfully in tandem forward towards the disintegration of this veil and the Victory of the Light will very soon be a fact.

Understanding just how the archons have managed to imprison us in this ‘virtual reality version’ of the reality that we call life on earth is complicated to say the least. Yet I think that for many of us who have awakened there is a desire within us to somehow gain a greater understanding of the ‘mechanics’ of this veil/matrix/web/grid/net so that we can more easily come to terms with it and also see how its ongoing disintegration process is leading us to our liberation from the debt slave system of life that we have endured here for so long. One of the people on this planet who can most certainly increase our understanding of this subject is author/scientist Harald Kautz Vella. I find his knowledge and soft certain down to earth/broad visionary way of describing the reality that he has come to understand so deeply in the past two years very interesting indeed. I also feel a deep trust in his knowledge because of the way it recently arrived on his doorstep so to speak. Finally the information in this article comes from the work of Harald Kautz Vella, Cobra the official voice of the Resistance Movement on our planet and a gentleman named Miles Johnston. Links below to Pertinent Information.

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Therese Zumi


24/08/2015 at 1301   PM CET

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