demonstrationsThis article is mainly designed to bring some organizational knowledge for street demonstration, for people to stay out of any unnecessary risk and to achieve your goals with the maximum of efficiency and with the minimum or effort. When well organized, everybody knows what to do and there is no room for fear, error or risk. This article could be read in the Light frequency of having been informed and be a fearless knower – or – in the dark frequency as if it was a calling to war and activate the fear frequencies of survival and fight. It’s NOT the second case. It is written to be read in Light. This still depends on the personal frequency of the reader and depends on own frequency of perception of information.

Useful guidance and advices for a peaceful demonstration
(Or how to avoid clashes with order maintaining forces and violent groups. Take it or leave it. Your choice.)

Before you get out on the street, to demonstrate for any reason or cause, make sure you tried first all other non-dangerous methods. Send letters and open-letters, make sure they were received and read. Many times the people on the second level of an organization (that you try to contact and make your opinion known) prevent the top lead figures from being correctly informed and so letting the top leaders sink unaware while they pulling all the strings on behind, according to their interests to use that organization on their behalf. Big eye on this one! You can also publish Open Letters on blogs and social media.

But… if you decide you go for the street demonstration option:
Be prepared to get out on the streets together with the peaceful and numerous crowds. Better to stay peaceful and bold in your statements. Much better is to stick together with the respectful citizens and with the peaceful ones. You might consider to better stay away from the other types. It would make a great move if you would only use your sovereign statements and not asking anything from anyone. And this only written on signs and banners and not shouted loud.


Try at most not to be one of the violent people, or you will certainly get on the “Public Omissive Media” that loves to show only negative or repulsive actions but omits constantly to show the positive and beautiful actions. If you are violent in these situations, be prepared to be isolated and left alone from a distance because this is what wise people do.

If you think you’re out of patience, you still have no right to try to manipulate peaceful people for your scope. Try to go with the violent and instigators and learn what you can get.


Anyway be aware that the ones looking to infiltrate the crowds to provoke violence are NOT silent. They are pushing for shouting out loud slogans or do something to make the others do the same and then to slowly drive them towards violence. Keep an eye on those ones and be ready to leave them at a distance in the case they insist. People are demonstrating on the street for various reasons and did it so many times. In most of the cases they were infiltrated for not being aware that there are paid elements to infiltrate the demonstrating crowds and to engage in physical conflict with the forces designated to maintain order and this way to denigrate their behavior shown on the Public Omissive Media. And this happens so often because they are not well organized. It could be wise not to forget that, after all, police forces are also people but they just happen to follow orders in that moment.


You can organize, before anything, some small groups that will gather with other groups. You can establish a specific sign with the hands, shown close to the body, so it cannot be seen by others. Some people will like to join a certain group because they don’t have one. Ask them to show the sign. If they cannot show it you can accept them as “stickers” but keep an eye on them. Let everybody else know there is a sticker joining the group. Don’t let them know your sign. Give a name to your group end eventually have a mouth piece and a tall person that can drive the group and steer it on to a safe path or to the designated one. He can stay in the middle and can be helped from the sides by steerers with flags or some two colors signaling objects (lights, LEDs, flags etc…) showing if it is needed a narrowing or stretching or move towards that side or whatever move for the whole group. Short maneuver announcements can be performed with the mouth piece, with the name of the group and maneuver to be done. And the rest… silence.

Better stick with the peaceful crowds. Be prepared to retreat any direction if you see violence. Don’t stay in that spot. If the violent spot appears in the middle of a crowd, form a circle surrounding the violent person(s). Get a good distance. Don’t stay close to the instigator. Let them manifest their violence and don’t intervene in any case. Just don’t be a part of their group. Better stick with the peaceful crowds.

If violence is spotted and is taking place in the middle of a crowd that moves very slow or not at all, you could be prepared for this situation with a sign that you can raise on top of the crowd so it can be visible from far. This sign can write:VIPhereThis time VIP stands for “Violent Instigator Person”. And VIP it’s not offensive at all…

Have people with cameras to record the facts even while retreating and going far away from that violent spot. Then you can regroup and reform the peaceful crowd and follow the objective route or go home, depending on the situation. Try your best to not involve with and not even address to violent people, just get back, retreat, record and regroup on other ways. Keep the VIP sign up until the group separates at a safe distance from the violent spot. All these maneuvers can be explained in reunions or on the web, with a video animation or simply with a magnetic board and magnets so everybody can understand how are performed.

Any statement or claim would be better done in peace – if possible only with signs. If possible even in total silence. You can have balloons and flowers. It is much better to put Light frequencies in this process, than the dark ones. The violent would not stick to powerful and bold big silent crowds, and cannot stand the Love frequency because they are vibrating very low when they are violent. They are looking for noisy crowds. Important also is the overwhelming outnumbering of the crowd that goes for stating their rights. That is the Power of Unity.

Do all this peacefully and bold standing as honorable citizens.

If not today – then tomorrow. There’s no rush. You know what you rightfully state as your rights and you’ll have them recognized for sure without any danger involved in this – only patience and perseverance. Keep the True Light from Inside surrounding the group in every moment.


Think of the water drop that digs and models sculptural caves, an amazing example of patience and success.

In Light and Love,

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