Sherlock: US Central Command Manipulates ISIS Intel Reports

Sherlock: US Central Command Manipulates ISIS Intel Reports

This is exactly what should be expected, when the on 9/11/2001 initiated fraudulent war on terror doctrine – mere hours after the inside job of that day – has by now already led to the creation of the Amman Joint Operation Headquarters from where the CIA, the Mossad and their fellow UNEI intelligence agencies direct their homemade ISIS outfit and orchestrate their “terror” and “brutal videos” then somewhere along the line contradicting reports will be landing on Pentagon desks, leaving the top commanders no other choice than to indeed manipulate intelligence analysts their work in order to keep the official narratives alive and less transparent [CNN, Daily Beast: 12].

It could not have been any different than this. When you make a mess then at some point in time you’ll have to clean it up and the longer you wait the harder that task becomes. Especially when it concerns this kind of situations, data, operations, false flags, hoaxes and psyops. Apparently compartmentalization has its limits and that has been documented now, again.

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