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September 15, 2015

Corey Goode answered a question about “The Voice of God” technology which is used on unsuspecting people to put voices in their heads.  A quick search for this technology does appear online in a few sources and is even mentioned on some mainstream media websites.  Further research points to different names for this suppressed military technology.  Here is a quick list of names for researchers to dig further into this disruptive tech.

  • The Voice of God
  • V2K – Voice-To-Skull Devices
  • Remote Behavioral Influence Technology
  • LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device)
  • DARPA’s Sonic Projectors

Apparently the military has used this weapon during the Iraq war in order to create chaos within the ranks of the enemy combatants.  Here is an excerpt from the Strategy Page report on the use of LRAD aka “The Voice of God”

It appears that some of the troops in Iraq are using “spoken” (as opposed to “screeching”) LRAD to mess with enemy fighters. Islamic terrorists tend to be superstitious and, of course, very religious. LRAD can put the “word of God” into their heads. If God, in the form of a voice that only you can hear, tells you to surrender, or run away, what are you gonna do?



Another interesting find shows that the United States Army did have an old dedicated webpage that talked about the technology but pulled down the page as soon as researchers got hold of the information and started to share it.  Some researchers took snap shots of the webpage and also cached it on other sites for proof that the military does in fact use this invasive technology.

There is even a company called Holosonics that sells a very similar technology for marketing purposes called “Audio Spot Light”. Seelink here.  Here is a commercial company called LRAD Corp. that sells products called Long Range Acoustic Devices.  Their website is at this link here.  Even CNet wrote an article describing the marketing & advertising aspects VOG which can be read at this link here. This may seem like a harmless technology but there are reports that black ops military use it against people to drive them to commit suicide and murder other people.  Here is some additional information about the sinister side of the Voice of God.  See link here or watch this video on YouTube at this link here and another video here about these mind control weapon technologies.

Here is Corey Goode’s response about the “Voice of God” technology.

Can you tell us more about this technology called “The Voice of God” where people hear voices in their head?

Yes, this technology uses “Bio-Neural Interface” methods that have evolved over the decades since it was developed. The older LF/ELF frequency VOG devices could focus on an individual in a crowd but after a certain range the “blooming affect” caused a loss in its desired effect. The more recent technology can now focus on an individual from a drone aircraft or even Low Earth Orbit.

Depending on the model and settings it can be used to maintain point to point communications with operatives in the field, cause an unsuspecting person to hear voices through vibrations in their skull and brain matter or even download audio, olfactory and visual data directly to their neurological systems. As SOP operatives are exposed to this technology to be able to recognize when they are being targeted.

The people that create the data or reality constructs that are “downloaded” are called “Programmers”. This VOG technology is heavily used on people who channel as well as “Targeted Individuals”. It can produce hallucinations that are incredibly realistic. Heavy use of this technology over a long period of time will induce Paranoid Schizophrenia in people who would otherwise never have developed this disorder.

It is a very nasty and dangerous technology that is widely used against the public. It has been a major tool to spread misinformation through the “truther movement” and to discredit legitimate contacts and communications with non-terrestrials. It has been used with a large amount of success in creating competing narratives to cause schisms between followers of various esoteric groups.  VOG technology is currently in use as of the date of this response. ~

For those scientific minds or people who want to take a look at the detailed research about the Voice of God technology may want to look at the paper written by John McMurtrey in 2003 entitled “REMOTE BEHAVIORAL INFLUENCE TECHNOLOGY EVIDENCE”.  Here is the source link for this article…..

Here are a bunch of links that talk about these Voice of God technologies…..



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  1. I have been tortured by my local post office for 1 year and 6 months non stop second by second torture with Voice to skull. It was really bad for about 6 months and then they let up some but it has been a constant torture of about 3-4 seconds then a repeating statement that I’ve heard millions and millions of times. It is the most evilest sadistic torture you can possibly imagine and I feel as if I am running out of options because the torture is soo heavy. It literally will torture you when your having a panic attack and there is nothing you can do. They targeted me for my porn and I guess someone decided they hate me and have brutally been attacking me with statements that are like 3 word phrases all day everyday. It is soo bad it drains you mentally and doesn’t stop. It’s like a computer interface that repeats statements all day everyday and there’s nothing I can do to prove my innocence from these crimes. I have to endure this torture for who knows how long!? I hope they don’t torture me to death because as of recently that’s what it seems the goal is to do. Torture you to death for innocent porn looking. I have been an outstanding citizen and have no criminal record of any sort. Just have been judged by evil people for their opinions s as bout me and since I have quit they have tortured and tortured and tortured me! I don’t know what to do. I don’t hear any other voices other then post office people and it’s repeating statements on a computer that tortures me. It’s like a computer interface that has like 10 statements and they are bombarded at me non stop all day. Please If anyone has a heart! Stand up to these evil people.

    • Use an emf blocking blanket or anything that can block WiFi, and stay under there and cover your room with it. Try to get rid of all the aluminum, fluoride, and calcium in your brain so that the waves have no medium to travel through. Do this with iodine (look up the iodine project, high doses of iodine will solve a lot of problems and big pharma was trying to fear monger people away from it using an unrepicatable study), chelates such as malic acid, use indium, not sulfate, but pure metal. It used to be in the soil, but they wanted to force the body to accept aluminum, so they mined it out and deprived us of it, so the body will try to use aluminum as a substitute even if aluminum is harmful. Rice readily accepts indium, but they’ve been trying to prevent us from learning about it so we’ll never know how deficient we are or where we can get more. Pure metal indium does not have any known toxicity does. Use zeolite and other chelators.

      Physically try to push the plaque out of your brain and your body. Try to shift around your blood vessels so that they can carry it away.

  2. As a Marine, I was poisoned at Camp Lejeune. My MOS training was at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, where I was given low-dose radiation to the brain, which induces cancer.
    17 years ago I had a hip operation, and during follow-up visits to my surgeon, as I was reaching for the door knob of his office so that I could leave, I would hear something said, but couldn’t quite make it out. I would turn around to ask my surgeon what he had said, and with a shit-eating from he’d reply, “I never said anything.”
    Anyway, I called his office and let him know that “I remember.” I also called the AMA of Arizona, where Doc “operates “, and made an angry statement. I wrote to a Tucson newspaper about Doctor John Meaney of Tucson who implanted my v2k technology.
    In short, they expect you to sue them which means that they have control over the entire process of your case. The way I do causes instant damage, just like what was done to me.
    I don’t want their money, I want their LIVES RUINED JUST LIKE MINE. FUCK THEIR LAWYERS.

  3. Hello
    I want to tell you even in Italy nowday spy satellites, mindcontrol, voices, night dreams manipulation are very common. For those who are targeted there is no differences about places to move. For instance in Milano and Salento there is a network between pharmaceutical industries, psychiatry and medical treatment. There is no convinience to admit spy satellites existence because there are money businesses behind that crime. Do you imagine how much pharmaceutical industries earn thank to that system?
    Even in Basel (Suisse) where the main pharmaceutical companies are based there is no convinience to admit mindcontrol and spy satellites existence. It’s true: that system is used to make easy sexual relation among people and to make bysexual gay men. In Basel, Milan, and Coventry infact there are no companies ceo who are gay. All are married with women not because they are straight men, but because they are forced by mindcontrol terrorism to get married with women and later they get promotion. My name is Luca Marco and I will not stop to comment like this until I will not get 4000/5000euro as net salary per month. Because I’m a bottom gay and they plaied with my sexuality to give me promotion. Maybe next time you will even read some name of those who got promotion with that system

  4. Yeah its sad i experience all this stuff in combination with the pins from voodoo: none of it was consensual, and all of it was planned to protect people i had needed out of my life in order to stay out of trouble. I wish i had just been a slave before encountering this: it is so freakin painful. They know my life is ruined. Anything i liked or was attracted to: bought out. These people are friends with trump and the hiltons.


    [email protected]


      I know there is help out there. I would like others to come forward with programs that could help our fellow beings. We can’t all just wait for the healing chambers which would be so nice. You need some understanding and healing now.

    • How are you doing Marisa? I am new to this website, and just saw your comment. I believe you, and this phenomena is “real” to every victim of this mind control/electronic weapons abuse by those malingnant ones wielding them for their own evil purposes. As I have never been a victim of this, I am skeptical and dont understand what it must be like. But I take the victims accounts seriously, there are too many of them now to think otherwise or to bundle into a fantasy/conspiracy theory junkies made up stories box. While there are attention seekers, and liars… all testimonies have to be heard at face value, and treated as credible while further investigating with the simultanious goal of intervention and restoration; and ONLY debunked/ignored if the evidence deems such reactions as necessary. Marisa, feel free to contact me if you wish.

      • It’s true: in the south of Italy (Salento) there is a network, as it happens in switzerland, among Asl (well health association), psychiatry and daily hospitals. There is a convenience to not admit that network because the local health association pays 90 euro for each patient who attends the day hospital and for each medical treatment pays up to 4000 euro to the pharmaceutical companies. That network involves Gagliano del capo mental health association with all the psychiatrist who work in there, van ghog daily centre in Ugento and pharmaceutical companies. Mainly patients are illiterate, who handle that system plays with people like this who do not speak English and do not check in internet, because they are not able, they are confident only in what psychiatrist say.

  6. Voice of God and V2K ( voice to skull) is very real. I am a non-consensual victim of these weapons and they are horrible to the unsuspecting individual they are directed at. As a Targeted Individual of gang stalking for over 15 years i had the aforementioned weapons used to (try) push me into committing suicide. I had heard of these weapons years ago but couldn’t believe they actually existed. Then it happened to me. I was awakened in the middle of the night hearing my name being called over and over. then came the inner voice ( voice of God) telling me” they know who I am”. It did almost push me over the edge. I remembered what I read about these weapons and that was how I saved myself. I knew it wasn’t me just hearing voices it was those weapons.It hasbeen about 18 months now since the first attack and I am still awakened with a voice calling my name. It is actually pretty random when they attack me. No particular time but mostly in the early AM. I am a 66 yr old male and a Vietnam Vet. I live fairly close to Scott AFB so I will assume the AF is delivering these attacks. They have used other non lethal Direct Energy Weapons against me that cause me great pain. Like I said, I was very skeptical that these weapons existed until they used them on me. I know people reading this will have doubts about my sanity but that’s ok with me I understand. Just remember what you have read and if it ever happens to you it may save your life. My life is sometimes a living Hell but the perpetrators of this crime against me will endure the real hell when they die. Yes it is very,very real.

    • this tech is real im being tortured 24/7 with this chat bots that are computer generated this needs to be banned i know someone knows there tertureing people and there getting away with it all over the world

  7. Corey Goode is a terrible source of info IMO. He’s a disinformation artist who rips off his legitimate info from others. I was speaking about infiltration of UFOlogy back in 2011 til now on the project avalon forum, corey was there reading it but never mentioned a peep of it. Now he’s parroting what he likely learned from me, after slandering me on several websites. Nice one… (saying that to his handlers)

    • I was wondering when someone would bring this up. Project Avalon has seemed to strangely left out of this discussion. For many years this is where the majority of this information appeared. I thin Kerry Cassidy has lost her reporter’s sensibilities, after so many interviews she presumes to know more than her guests and projects a ton of attitude in to her interviews. Now she seems to believe everyone is lying to her, conning her or using her to distribute disinformation. Not that they aren’t, just that she should let them speak and then do her analysis afterward, rather than in their face. If she would do her job correctly and ask the right questions w could all learn much more for hot she does.

      As for Corey Goode learning everything from that Forum, it seems a little odd to assume that the truth could not be shared by many people. I think much of what Corey is asked to talk about has been covered already by other insiders, so it is hardly surprising that he would know the same things. I think there would be more concern if his information varied greatly for what has already been shared.

      UFOlogy has largely been an invention of the Cabal and their plans to use an alien invasion as the coup de’ grace of their world takeover. Infiltration has been a fact of life for this community since it began. The Cabal has always intended to control the dialog in order to set the stage for their “invasion” scenario. It has been in the works since the late 1800’s, but was greatly undermined by the Germans actually going into space without consulting them and creating a breakaway civlization which has now engendered an aware and oppositional movement, the Alliance as well as formed the basis of first contact with peaceful interstellar civilizations.

      • This is peculiar, what’s present here in some of the comments?
        I think that fixation is key here, as an obstacle for understanding. It’s what happens when one forgets to look at oneself from a different angle, in other words, by stepping out of the box of one’s own belief system and have an honest look at oneself, which means accepting the truth of what’s present inside after finding one’s motives and drives. It’s also about the choice to stay or leave old paradigms

        As an ex-member of both Fora Camelot and Avalon, I still feel great admiration for Bill and Kerry, for their decision and courage to step on a stage in the spotlight and offer this space to whistleblowers, all exposing themselves to possible ridicule and attack. Or risks of stepping in an illusion. On both sides of the camera and microphone.

        The results and effects of this style of making waves couldn’t have been foreseen and so none of them was in a safe place or “comfortable chair” so to speak. Besides, we shouldn’t forget the unseen forces that try to sabotage this sort of disclosure, this opening of cans with worms.
        It’s a way of life that keeps one on one’s toes all of the time and as I see it, the formation of a co-operation in sharing the burden of this work would’ve been helpful and healthy both.

        As much as Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan may have grown in what seems a caricature of themselves, showing up in the style of Kerry’s interviewing and Bill’s sort of “artificial” politeness, at times, as much we consumers and visitors of Camelot and Avalon are at risk, to grow into the same caricature, when making up our mind on our own, while blaming the world for not being happy.

        It’s an example of spiritual/mental consumerism without growth, as I perceive it, for it’s a fixation in a victim role, never finding relief. As long as we don’t step out of it, we’re caught in a loop of negativity and we’ll always find a stick in order to hit the dog. Kerry and Bill receive loads of projections and the mix of a forum plus whistleblower’s interviews is a gigantic cauldron of emotions and reactions.
        This is my point of view, I’m always learning.

      • I’m under mindcontrol and night dreams manipulation and voices.
        The first experience of voices and mindcontrol was in Milano during the years 2005/2006, when I was working at Montblanc Italia. Spy satellites spread voices around the area where I lived and that where I worked. Then I moved to UK and they tortured me in Coventry and nearby when I was a student in Coventry uni. (I left in Coventry 25000 euro). Again in Milano after one year when I was working at Vivienne Westwood. In Basel from 2014 to 2016 and I was working st tally weijl. Even there the spy satellites spread out voices and read mind and manipulated my night dreams around the area where I lived and this where I worked.
        Now I’m under mindcontrol, voices and dreams manipulation in Salento where there is a business based on money among pharmaceutical industries, psychiatry and hospitals. The reason why they mindcontrol people is the sexual orientation, they want to make bisexual gay men. Many of them got promotion.

    • I don’t usually relate trauma because it induces it. I am being targeted with no touch torture and voice of god technology. They are also body swapping (exchanging minds) on me with an unclean person. It’s scary. Help!

  8. I just saw this post now as I went to post the one following this about the recently deceased Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde. In several of her videos Rauni-Leena discusses this type of mind control where voices are used to tell soldiers to do crazy stuff in war situations. If I recall correctly the ones to check out would be the ‘Bases’ interviews which are linked in this article:

    Warm Regards Therese Zumi

    • I have been under this for a year qnd half I can't even describe makes my body move in ways it shouldn't then thus guy is talking about Vivienne Westwood thrywere telling me my ex was Viviane Westwood an all kinds a crazy shut so now I know that's what this is qnd it's scary it's almost like u have to escape ur own body you have been hacked

      • Watch Lookoutfa Charlie on YouTube. He has info to end electronic harrassment. Use Potassium Iodide protocol and Epsom salt baths to break down and kill the fungal infection holding the metals and nanotechnology to your skin and in your body making you a dirty board antenna and sensitive to the frequencies. The frequencies are everywhere and everyone has this fungal infection, but some are further along. Vaccines make it even worse. Tony Pantalleresco on Rumble and YouTube also has great info. You can get help from this. Please try. I’m praying you all at least look into this theory. He has tons of proof where he has recorded these voices riding on sound waves.


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