Benjamin Fulford – April 25th 2016:


Hybrid war continues with Japanese underground military bases hit as Khazarian mafia under attack around the planet

SourceBenjamin Fulford

The battle for the planet earth has taken a dramatic turn with the destruction of three major Japanese underground bases, an accelerating hunt for Khazarian mafia oligarchs, high stakes financial negotiations between the military industrial complex and Asian secret societies and more.

First about the earthquakes: it is a given on Japanese internet chat boards that the recent spate of earthquakes in Southern Japan were all artificial earthquakes. The evidence presented is that the seismographs all resemble earthquakes caused by explosions with a sudden huge shock followed by steadily decreasing aftershocks. See the links below for evidence of this:

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Reverse Programming and Language


One of the most central mind control pattern has been to simply reverse everything and get people under the illusion that bad things are good, and good things are bad, that they love hate and hate love, at least on a subconscious level. This pattern has gone so far that at this point most people don’t even realize how much it affects them.

The most obvious place to encounter this programming is in the movie business. Horror and other dark occurings are presented in a cynical way and considered to add interest to a story, in fact it has become quite unconceivable to imagine a story without these things, it would seem boring and useless. In this context seeing pain on the screen (and then in real life) has become funny, and loving and peaceful attentions become ridiculous.

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The Alien Disclosure Agenda: Who Is in Charge?

The X-Files opened a can of worms.

It sounded good, and looked too good to be true and when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

I arrived home from work at 10 pm last night to a couple of messages stating the CIA has suddenly declassified hundreds of UFO documents. How very interesting.

A little background for those who need it:

can of wormsWe’re told by researcher/whistleblower David Wilcock that there is a race on to see who will bring us disclosure of the Galactics first; the good guys (the Galactics or benevolent ETs) or the bad guys. (see next paragraph)

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Monsatan Evil


Monsatan Evil

Yes – this is more about Monsanto + two videos

Whenever James Gilliland posts videos or info about this company he uses the term Monsatan. This makes perfect sense to anyone who knows about the depth of evil in this company. This first video is an absolute MUST SEE and if you haven’t seen it I strongly urge you to do so as it provides clear easily understood facts about this evil from the testimony of several very brave farmers.

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Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

Michael Persinger on No More Secrets
Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

This is a brilliant video to watch if you would like to understand more about how easily peoples consciousness can be affected. You also learn a little about the CIA remote viewing experts and how they are trained. As there is right now a growing awareness of how the cabal has been using certain people to channel information that would confuse and create discredit for true sources of information be they direct or channeled, this video may help people to understand how information can be transmitted. Michael Persinger also explains here how a disturbance in the Earths magnetic field can prevent the transfer of information between people. This is a quote from James Gilliland when he posted this video recently:
” Research is saying all you have to do to disconnect the people is to agitate the magnetic fields. Otherwise everyone is connected and communicating. This might be why WI FI, cell towers, alternating current and HAARP are all being used.”

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Orwell’s Razor: All of 21WIRE’s predictions come true days after ‘Paris Attacks’

knowledge is power

Orwell’s Razor: All of 21WIRE’s predictions come true days after ‘Paris Attacks’


21st Century Wire says…

How predictable is the globalist imperial agenda? We are now witnessing the final stages of a long-term plan to induce another economic recession and erect a new high-tech police state throughout Europe and beyond. All they needed was a pretext.

While the mainstream media performed its normal routine of emotive reporting, stoking general fear and spreading mass hysteria, some smaller independent media outlets were busy plotting the establishment’s latest crisis agenda.

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“The Voice of God” – Weaponized Mind Control Frequency Technology


By: ~ enerchi
September 15, 2015

Corey Goode answered a question about “The Voice of God” technology which is used on unsuspecting people to put voices in their heads.  A quick search for this technology does appear online in a few sources and is even mentioned on some mainstream media websites.  Further research points to different names for this suppressed military technology.  Here is a quick list of names for researchers to dig further into this disruptive tech.

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These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy


A chart we found on (click the graphic above to see a larger version) shows that most products we buy are controlled by just a few companies. It’s called The Illusion of Choice.

Ever wonder why you can’t get a Coke at Taco Bell? It’s because Yum Brands was created as a spin-off of Pepsi — and has a lifetime contract with the soda maker.

Unilever produces everything from Dove soap to Klondike bars. Nestle has a big stake in L’Oreal, which features everything from cosmetics to Diesel designer jeans.

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5 Grand Illusions that keep us enslaved

If you want to truly live free, you have to first recognize the things that are preventing you from doing that. Life isn’t what it used to be. Being born in our day and age is a lot different than being born 5000 years ago.

Back then, you were born, rinsed off in a river, and grew up learning how to work and hunt. Now when you are born, you are assigned a social insurance number, you have a government authorized birth certificate, you are piled on with cultural programs, launched into a public education system, and you are brainwashed into conforming with societal expectations.

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