Brief Reports: Voice of ‘God’ Technology, SSP Alliance Meetings On Going, NASA Confirms Magnetic Portals In Solar System


Corey has been having trouble completing the reports of his on going meetings with the SSP Alliance Council and other developments. Despite an absence of updates from Corey, he is still meeting with groups on a regular basis. He did offer several brief reports in the following update.

The Voice of ‘God’ technology, which can be used to transmit seemingly channeled data directly to the mind is one disclosure that is surely to send ripples through the awakening community. There are many groups which have banded around the doctrines shared through discarnate entities, but if they are indeed all speaking the truth, why is there so much division at large?

I suspect that there are elements of truth within all these works yet some of them are undoubtedly designed to cause division and confusion. If we blindly accept the ideas offered by others, without investigating them personally, they can quickly form dogmatic and rigid belief systems equivalent to modern day religions. Clearly personal discernment so as to make an idea a verified truth, is essential at this time, which of course includes Corey’s data as well.



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