Cobra’s Latest Update and Some Comments on How We Can / Must Change Things

The beginning of this article is what I wrote on my own blog this morning when presenting Cobra’s latest update: after some frustrating minutes of ‘discussing’ this update with my Guides I decided to develop these comments a little further.

TZ here; well we have been waiting for substantial information from Cobra and now we have received it. For many this will be hard to stomach and frankly the terms describing certain aspects of the implants etc. is not something a lay person like me understands. Many of you will find these details difficult to understand and maybe we just need to trust / accept that this dangerous situation with implants and strangelet bombs exists so that we can gain an understanding of the difficulty of liberating this planet. We are also being given this complicated info to explain to us why so many of our brothers and sisters around us live in denial and projection and cannot wake up to what’s going on. This very knowing should help us to understand those around us more. Some very strong but necessary words from Cobra here regarding ‘infighting’ between so called lightworkers and attacks on him and his info and what is necessary if we are to work together to bring a smooth transition at the time of The Event / Compression Breakthrough.

We find out the REAL reason behind the presence of US negative military in Syria and Afghanistan. {Cobra informed us earlier about the surprise attack on the Pleiades and that hostages were taken in 1996. If I recall correctly the Pleiadian people were is such shock after this attack – having existed in peaceful harmonious circumstances for so long – that it took them all of ten years to decide to be a part of the liberation of Gaia / Earth}.

PLEASE help to strengthen the Goddess Vortex in Syria – press the link that Cobra gives to see the spinning pottery picture – this is SO EASY – can be repeated for a couple of minutes when you relax any time of day or night and demands NO prior knowledge of any type of meditation and will save many lives in this region. Here is the link;

It would seem that if we are to have The Event – Compression Breakthrough – happen as quickly as possible then WE WILL HAVE TO have an alliance / coalition of Light-workers working harmoniously together.
If ego centred calling each other names and projecting blame continues then there will be a slower more secure process that the Light Forces plan to use to bring about Compression Breakthrough {The Event}. I guess it’s up to us and whether we can work together or continue to play at ‘I’m right and your wrong’ or that we try to see at all times that the goal of liberation needs a cooperative moving forward seeing how we as lightworkers complement one another within the bigger picture.

Is this a last desperate plea from Cobra and the Light Forces to get people to start liking each other, despite different approaches to stuff, and to work in synchronicity and spend less time pointing out which focus is wrong or whose right? NO ONE on this planet knows everything and like Cobra says information is provided to different lightworkers like himself on a need to know basis by the Light Forces.

Try not to feel ‘down’ after reading this and focus on the final words ~ reminding us that we don’t know all that’s taking place behind the scenes and we are making on going progress lets remember that “There are important moves taking place behind the scenes and I cannot report about them, even if I would like to. I will just say that despite the fact that nothing drastic has shifted yet, right now the foundation is being laid for the positive changes that will transform our world forever.”

The above was on my blog and I’ll continue here;

Cobra told Us what the Light Forces told Him

“The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.”

If You Don’t Get that LOVE is the Answer then You don’t GET Anything!

lettinggo-title2We have to decide right this moment to love ourselves and to like ourselves enough to be able to like / accept the other lightworker efforts of people. These other people might be very different to us. They will have different areas of interest and focus, they will have different types of personalities, different ways of expressing themselves and sometimes we will not like what they say or do because it won’t gel with our own preference. Yet if this person’s effort is focused on bringing forth truth in some way that can enlighten others of similar interests then it will serve the liberation process as a whole and we should be able to see how this will serve the bigger picture. I mean just look at the headings here on PFC. So many varied areas of interest and we don’t all need to be involved at all in all of these areas to be part of this liberation process. We just need to know that each area has an important role to play on some level for the creation of a new morphological field of energy on this planet. The morphological field is the one that is creating our experience of reality here and the field that we ‘feed’ with our every thought word and deed.

We Already Have the Perfect Avenue to Create a Worldwide Alliance /Coalition on the Surface.

GC pink on blue sunflower The alliance that is called the Gaia Confederation is what I am referring to here. Gaia Confederation is a “a worldwide network based on intentions of co-operation and unity between various genuine groups and individuals who are all working for the same goals of Liberation and Peace, despite their apparent differences.”

When you ‘join’ Gaia Confederation you can only have your logo posted there if you have a website/blog of some kind but individuals are welcome to join in ‘spirit’ which is all that is really of importance here. {See the Note about this bottom of the page on the link below;}

Who is Welcome to Join this Gaia Confederation?

Any one person or group is welcome to join if you have the desire to be part of a group working towards a peaceful solution for this planet. “The purpose of the structure is mutual support and harmony in action. The Gaia Confederation is based simply on an energetic intention, there is no quota, no duty of co-operation required, it is all dependent on each member’s free will case by case.”

Here Are the First 2 Foundation Statements of Gaia Confederation

“We, as members of the Gaia Confederation, recognize that, despite any apparent difference, we are all working for the same goal of liberation and peace for planet Earth and all its inhabitants, respect of universal law and full connection with the One Source/Creator for every living being.

We understand that this confederation is not a higher-archical construct, it is a loose constructive structure that can never be centered on some of its members. All members of the confederation are equal.”

To read the other 4 statements go here;

If you feel that your heart gels with these statements and would like to be a part of this then you are very welcome to join. It’s that simple and beautiful.
This Gaia Confederation already has 61 member sites/blogs and the Foundation Statement has been translated to 13 languages so far.
If you have the attitude “ Oh I wouldn’t have anything to do with that group of ‘nutcases’ “ for example then there is not much point in joining is there? How can we ever have peace on earth with that type of attitude? You’ve all heard the expression about peace on earth starting with you and of course it’s true.

Prepare for Change an Example of Cooperation

I would like to think that I cooperate with a group of marvellous lightworkers here on PFC. There are many different people who post articles on this website and there is never a question of any hierarchical someone saying that “it’s your turn to post something now”. Like a beautiful harmonious orchestra people post what they believe will add to the whole when they feel an inner calling to do so and it all somehow synchronises magically. We all have different areas of focus and yet we complement each other by this very fact. I might not always agree entirely with the choice of article posted by someone else but always know that there are people reading the blog posts that will indeed need that content for whatever reason.

light_bodyReturning to Cobra’s post again and repeating this line, “Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.”

I would just like to say that we each of us can be virtual ‘Pillars of Light’ or if you prefer ‘Goddess Vortexes of Light’ that can be a passage for the strong energy released to Earth’s surface at the time of The Event. As many are aware there have been cintamani stones made available for those light workers who would like to be one of these ‘anchors’ of Source energy at the time. I would also like to add that it is NOT necessary to be in possession of a cintamani stone to be an anchor of light. Anyone with a sincere heartfelt desire to be a ‘conduit’ – carrier of this energy and to anchor it within Gaia at the time of The Shift can absolutely do this. Just keep practicing your daily connection to Source now via the Galactic Central Sun and keep this ongoing contact with Source and you will be one of those anchors of Light at the time.

The Event ASAP or Sometime Later / Are you Part of The Solution or Part of the Problem?

So if we don’t join forces from a heartfelt place of cooperation and acceptance and an understanding of who we really are and what we are capable of when we unite, then it would seem that things will drag on much longer and a plan B with a less attractive outcome will take place when necessary and possible. It’s not so difficult to learn a new way of being that entails deciding that ‘there are no problems only solutions’ and how can I add to a solution right now for this planets liberation. I can decide right now to unite in spirit with others who have a sincere devotion to change even if I wouldn’t choose them to be my best friend.
The Mayan greeting to another Mayan is not a mere ‘hello’ their greeting when they meet has the literal meaning ‘you are another version of me’ or some such meaning. We are all other aspects of The One; let’s start acting like we know that.

PS: In case you missed Cobra’s update here it is;

Therese Zumi

07/10/2015 at 1624  PM CEST


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  1. What we must conclude from Cobra’s post is that we have also to have alternative plans, not only the RM.
    A first step to draw an alternative plan is a better understanding of quantum physics and mechanics, at least at the extend to which a lay person understands electricity nowadays.
    Let imagine ourselves that if we could understand quantum physics in the way in which we understand electricity, our meditation towards implant removal might be much more specific. Isn’t it?
    So, a raising of consciousness for understanding quantum physics and mechanics must go aside.
    Kindest regards

    • Let’s imagine how may we consider the ‘liberation process’ if we had at least basic knowledge of quantums!

      A valuable work is also ‘the Multiverse’ by Alfred Webre.
      May we remember that Alfred Webre interviewed Cobra and Rob Potter as well (google it)

      What is also surprisingly is the ‘narrowing’ of the domain that Cobra and RM refers to (it is in fact only one universe). O the other hand PFC and TPR refers also to these only one Universe (with Big Dipper and Polaris) in their work as an unique point of view.
      May we expand our point of view towards Multiverses, as Alfred Webre invite us, and may we be sure that Cobra and RM will be glad of our participation!
      May we also imagine a PFC movement whose goal is also the understanding the Multiverse, but not only the higher dimensions of this Univers.
      Act it now! tomorrow… who knows…

  2. Thank you for your insight and for your valuable work!
    If you allow I will also point some aspects:
    – The alternative plan
    – details concerning the second plan will no longer be post on Cobra’s blog
    – details about the supposed event will be provided to public by Drake, but no longer by Cobra
    Kindest regards

    • Cobra and RM seem to externalize more and more the responsibility of world changes and move it on the shoulders of the public claiming that RM can nothing do without the crucial participation of the masses.
      In this newer context we have also to have an alternative plan beside, aside or alongside with supporting Cobra’s and RM’s work towards changes.

      The first step must be our inner work, but not only in a claiming mode but with efficient actions.
      It is also very surprisingly that RM, PFC and TPR tells us nothing about enhancing psychic abilities, as are ‘remote viewing’, ‘lucid dreaming’, or ‘astral projection/travel’.(google it).
      A trained practitioner in these abilities may be very and much more efficient in meditation and implant removals.

      If Cobra and RM have had required their followers since 2012 to enhance these abilities, today our work as a collective might be much more efficient.

      So, beside on their valuable work, Cobra and RM are responsible for not providing to the public a full spectrum of information which might be useful into the goal of RM concerning world change.

      Let it do together, and be assured that Cobra and RM will be glad of our participation.
      Do it now!!… tomorrow, who knows…

    • Two new ‘Tags’ shall appear on PFC main page beside ‘Cobra’ and ‘Cobra interview’!
      There are ‘Drake’ and ‘Drake interview’.

      And also a new ‘Categories’ must appear beside ‘the Event’.
      It is ‘the alternative plan’.


      • Dear John John
        I sense a feeling of some stress here regarding the information provided in this latest update from Cobra. Please know that IF an alternative plan is somehow necessary to develop for the time of The Event you can be sure that the RM {Resistance Movement} will make that clear to Cobra and that he would then assist us in that process if necessary. At present that need has not yet been established. here are Cobra’s words;
        ” The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.

        If this alliance is not formed, the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough. That second plan is slower, but more secure. Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.”

        I will attempt here to ‘translate’ these words and if I have misunderstood them then I invite one of my colleuges here on PFC to add a comment if necessary. So the original plan was that the RM were hoping that enough Lightworkers would be ‘in balance’ at the time of The Event to be ‘conduits’ – holders – passageways for the strong energy that will be released then. Our balance then could be a greater balancing effect upon those in our surroundings / situation at the time. It does not surprise me that the Light Forces can feel dissapointment with the continued in fighting in some groups. So I see this as a plea of ‘get your act together’ and like you John John I agree there is no time to lose. Those who are already spiritually mature enough to be of assistance at the time of the Event will I belive ALREADY have got the message and we may not need the slower more secure alternative route. As soon as the strangelet bomb etc situation is resolved I believe that the Event will happen very quickly and whether it is ‘quicker’ with the help of many balanced light workers / warriors worldwide or slower and safer with the support of mature Light – workers / warriors already balanced we will have to see.
        The end result for the average human will as C says be the same. “it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.”

        We should all of us be setting our sights high and have them focused on a peacful. loving, harmonious transition to a new Golden Age – and to that end we should en mass decide now that ‘let people have their say’ its not our buisness what others think about us. Warm regards Therese Z

        • Dear sweetheart Theresa

          May you allow me also to translate Cobra’s words concerning the alternative plan.
          He is neating the path of telling us about an alternative plan that may last life time or at least till a date until 2025, if you remember his interview with Alfred Webre (dec.2013).
          Time in which we have to work our alternative plan alongside with his and RM’s.
          As I stated already a first step may be switching our focus to the multiverse and no longer remain focused on this particular universe (with Orion, Pleiades, and Polaris) with its higher densities (4th, 5th, so on).
          Try to understand that strangelets and toplets belong only to this universe with its higher dimensions at all.
          Understanding quantum physics at least at a level at which a lay person works on computers nowadays you may focus your attention and even move to another universe (in fact in the Multiverse) where there are no longer strangelets and toplets and others darknesess.

          Start by listening Alfred Webre (who interwiewed both Cobra and Rob Potter) about the existence of multiversity (many parallel universes beside our particular one, supposedly some of them without darkness) about Alfred claims that exists scientific proof.

          Do it now. Till tomorrow another day will be lost!

          • Yes I shall listen to the interview between Cobra and Alfed as soon as I have a chance and get back to you re this then – regards Therese Z

  3. The hostages light in the shadows here still trapped here…
    If only I could change a position with them.. so they can come back home…
    although I do not know what it means to suffer as They , I join with Them wholeheartedly
    I remember Them and I miss…
    although I not deserve Their attention.
    Victory of the Light

  4. This post from DaNell seems very appropriate to add as a link here; Therese Z


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