Cobra’s last post included some information that would come from “Drake”.

“The Resistance has communicated to me that they will contact Drake just before the Event and give him substantial intel to be released publicly.”  read more;

Let me introduce Drake.  I listened to him on and off for several years now and he has been very involved in restoring the republic, state sovereignty, militia, oath-keepers, etc.  Here’s his website.  He’s also hosted a radio show that is archived.




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  1. More details from Drake about ‘the Plan’:

    Information like these, coming from Drake (who will announce the Event), may complete ‘the bigger picture’ resulting from Cobra’s intel

    May also the PFC interviewing staff go in touch with Drake asap.
    Kind regards

  2. Now, Drake has just announced that he’s got the following information;

    From Drake: >>>>FYI<<<>I am hearing rumors of all kinds, about the eminent destruction of America. Some are saying ‘run for the hills’, others are saying ‘leave the US now’… As most know, I try to give the latest and best intel I can get from various sources. There has been a long standing ‘Project’ few are aware of. In the last few days, I was informed that this old project had been ‘reactivated’. >It is known as ‘The Phoenix Project’. It is designed to re-initiate and preserve our ‘Republic’ in the event that our present government fails, which it has. A complexity of resets and overhauls of how the US conducts business, officially acts, and those who are responsible to carry out their duties as representatives is underway. In the coming days, there will be several major actions taken on the behalf of, and to the benefit of, We The People. I suggest that everyone get the ideas through their heads, that all the basic problems people encounter in their lives in general, are very close to being addressed. There are many who will resist the coming changes, But, be assured that the basis of this is to see to the needs of everyone during this process. No apocalypse of no water, food, and roving armed people after everyone… ain’t ever even seen a zombie…guess they are out too. Main thing is, someone will get to you, either individually or in a group to let everyone know where to pick up food an water, etc. There ‘may’ be interruptions in utilities, be assured that these will be very short, like maybe a day. People who can run everything are ready to help as needed. >In terms of security, yes be ready, NO do not go shooting at anyone, and mostly, lock the door and wait. Those who are to announce things will do so very publicly, and those who might check on you, will simply ask if you are OK…no need to come in. >ALL of this info comes from an individual who identifies themselves as ‘The Phoenix’. This is a sort of like that deep throat that is so famous. I don’t even know who this person is… However, I do like what I’m hearing, and was asked to share it with you. Relax, be calm, and enjoy this show, it should be a Great One!!!

  3. Information about Drake ,, the person who will announce the Event, according Cobra’s post ‘October 6, 2015’ were posted in Cobra’s earliest 2012 posts, and also in David Wilcok’s site about a plan which started in 1975.

    May the PFC and TPR start to accustom its followers about Drake till the supposed Event.
    On the other hand we must remember that ‘the Event’ was also envisioned by Drake and Alfred Webre since (1975) the beginning of ‘the Organization’, now ‘the RM’.
    Take time to listen Cobra with Alfred Webre:

    What the PFC interview staff can do is to interview also Drake and Alfred Webre in order to have a ‘bigger picture of the plan’.
    As long as intel is compartimentalized at a high level, by interviewing all of them we me have more intel together.
    With kind regards.


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