New Cobra Interview and Event Support Groups

This is an important reminder from Cobra – 

a plea for more Lightworker cooperation NOW!

New Cobra Interview and Event Support Groups

You might be interested in this new Cobra interview, created by Untwine. You can read it on his blog here:
Or view the Youtube version here:


As we are getting closer to the Event, the need for surface infrastructure that will be able to transmit the energies of the compression breakthrough is greater and greater. Many Event Support groups and Sisterhood of the Rose groups need to be formed on the physical plane as soon as possible. Prepare for Change team has created an online platform where the groups (and individuals) can register and coordinate anonymously:
Victory of the Light!


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  1. U : Was the southern TV interruption by the Ashtar Command in 1977 real ?
    C : Yes. U : So it was really the Ashtar Command ? C : Yes
    Another information:

  2. You may complete a bit your data base about Sisterhood of the Rose.
    It has to be a pleasure to read your posts.
    May you put together or at least a link in PFC directly to the SotR section in your website
    Kind regards.

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