This is a question that arose in my head a few weeks ago. No, it didn’t just come up suddenly or just like that. As a matter of fact, since young (1980 or even before), I was feeling like this and I was also telling people that were asking me “where are you from?” that I am from Terra and I was doing this in a very natural way in many circumstances. I remember my parents were looking at me very weird, at that time, for doing this. I hope that at least now they understand why someone could say this.

I left this article in “set mode” for a while and came back to read it again now and then and check if everything was in the best shape of expression of what I meant to say, because I am not a native English speaker. But meanwhile, spinning in my head this idea of Terran Citizenship, another idea came to my mind: to have a flag that represents this planet and the human race living on the surface. A debate sparked in a wonderful group and many wonderful souls participated. When you look at the picture below, before having an impulsive reaction, please, have a little patience until the explanations about “what are those two guys doing in there” will come up. Is taking some effort to collect messages from that thread and prepare all images as an evolution and to correctly format all conversations. But about this in a later post. The flag was ready and inspired the picture below. In a way both ideas finalised in about the same time.

Coming back to the topic, my parents were looking at me very weird because pretty much nobody at that time could state such a crazy thing simply because anybody “should” be from some country, some region, some locality and some neighbourhood. You cannot just be a citizen of the whole planet. There are continents and different countries. And there are borders that are kept and guarded to stay in place.

And not only were my parents looking weird at me. Also when I was meeting a person for the first time I was answering many times in the same way at that question. At first they were taking my answer as a joke but finding out that I am serious with that they were suddenly changing the way of looking at me into “weirdo mode”.

Imagine the times when some virgin new lands were found and announced to be put into property. Each person was sticking a flag to define the property’s border. What a times… But today there is no more such thing as free land. Today the land is called “lot” and is registered in the cadastre because every land is already in the property of somebody and it can be sold or bought or rented for an amount. So nobody can no longer just go to some virgin land and own it, because everything is already taken. Imagine that everywhere you walk, you are walking on someone’s property.

People are still looking weird to someone telling them that is a Terran and have Terran citizenship because they have no idea of what this means or how this translates into… whatever. Eventually they say “This is how the world is. This is how this worlds works. You are from somewhere!” So the simple fact that you are born somewhere makes people assume that you are obligatory tied to that “name called” land. Is true for most of the people. But looking through a magnifier, unseen or better said unnoticed things are revealed. It’s ok to have some land or terrain or lot in property. But, come on, have whole countries or a continent? Boy! Who are those guys, and the same important, how did they get at this level? What did they do to get to have this? Is this fair for every other Being?

At this point in the logic stream of ideas, there are people, at a certain level, that would say:
“This is how it is my son. Get used to this and learn to find your place in it.”
There are other people, at another level, that would say:
“Yes, this is how things are, but there is nothing to be done, just accept it. It will be better for you.”
Some others, at a different level, would raise their shoulders and say:
“Sadly it is so, but nobody knows what can be done.”
At another level of perception, people would say:
“This is something that needs to be changed, but who knows how or into what…”
And then, at another level, there are people actually doing it. Without questions, because they got it.

We could take into account that when people say “this is how things are” is because when they were born in this life they came into being in an already “set up environment”, including property, hierarchy, organizations, institutions, religions etc. At times, the “big trick” needed to be adapted to the new conditions like when the big land owners started to feel the pressure from people that were requesting lands to own (because if somebody has a land then anybody could have one or at least a part), they started to fill up “titles of property” for some of those that could fulfill certain conditions established by the initial owner. Of course, those conditions to fulfill were very complicated put. Actually, today, people own only the “right of use” of a land or terrain or lot. They have only the “title of property” or in other words they are entitled to use that physical space defined in the title of property. Nobody can own a land! When you die, the land sits and stays where it is. The land doesn’t die together with somebody just because you own it. Nobody can own a land. But even so, the title of property can be left as heritage, so when somebody dies, it stays in the family for the next generation to use it. And this is good enough and much, much better than having nothing to use.

If we follow further on this simple idea, we can realize that, actually, the only real property we have as human beings is our knowledge, wisdom and experience we gather during a physical life. And this is something we take with us further after we physically die. To rise and increase this wisdom, yes, we need things to make use of them during our physical life. As more possibilities we have, the more wisdom we can gather. The fewer things to use or possibilities, the less wisdom we will gather. Between the two we can compare the “ability” of some “special” persons that can travel wherever they want and please, at any time, or do whatever things they please and want, any time, just because they have been provided with the knowledge of how the trick is done and how it works, or because they stay in the shadow of some big money distributor at some moment and work for them, therefore they are allowed some rights to use more possibilities in their lives.

Now what if there are souls on this planet that when they come into a body they remember all the knowledge, wisdom and experience from the past lives over and over again? Well… this, compared to somebody that comes into being like a blank sheet, is utterly unfair. Those starting from zero are those that usually state “this is how things are” and stop there. But how a person like this would answer some questions like “Did somebody ask you if you agree to all this when you came into being?” or “Did you give your consent to what it is around you if you admit and accept it as is?” or how equal can you be with those that are coming into being and having a 100 lives experience and knowledge and it is actually them that set up your world (as a play field) along generations? Coming in this reality like a blank sheet, the main thing we mostly do during our life is this: trying to decode what the rules of the game are and where the limits of the field sit and what punishments are applied by the rulers and controllers of the game when somebody steps aside their rules. But this is very wrong way of “learning about live” or gathering knowledge and wisdom for the progress of self as a Soul Being.

The “rulers” simply “forgot” and never told you that you too have the right to write your own rules! And they forgot to tell you that actually they cannot punish you for not respecting their rules because above the Universal Law (or Common Law) no law can be enforced or apply punishment based on it unless you agreed with it or… you never said “No!”. But if you accepted it from birth and later on, they keep doing it because unless you say “No! Stop!” it means you agree with this trick. Ha ha!

Not even the play field is theirs in ownership. They just took it for a while, only to use it, while being in the know, so they can write rules (the same as you can) and knowing that, if they make you forget or divert your attention from the fact that you also have this right, then there is no problem! They can not lie you. They can only deceive you through omission, misdirection and driving focus away from all they know and you could also find out, through day to day stressful things and thoughts, or in other words, keeping you very, very busy with nonsense things that are keeping you from seeing that you can write your own rules and you have same rights as them. No need to ask for those rights. Just realize you already have these rights and learn how to apply this and maybe even forget about learning how to fit inside the set of rules established by them. This is the “big trick” of the already “set up environment” since when you came into Being.

Many religious philosophies are teaching and preaching to “let go of material property”. How I perceive this, would be said with my words: “don’t attach yourself spiritually to material objects”. I guess this is how the original message sounded but was later “translated” into the meaning “let go of the property” on behalf of the tricky churches that needed more terrain and land to own, and so giving the virtue of “being a good believer” to the ones “being poor”. Cool trick. And so many swallowed it. Yes it’s ok to have things of yours, in your property, that you own, but not those physical objects are the really important for You as a Being.

If there is no such thing as reincarnation, no problem. The logic still simply stands if we accept that some very hidden “knowledge” is left from generation to generation, so the new ones already have the knowledge of the past ones. But this knowledge must be kept secret because if everybody would know it the power of control and domination of that secret knowledge would crumble in a blink of an eye, as soon as the “unknowers” would find out about it.

Does somebody really needs to officially declare the Terran Citizenship or just by being born on this planet gives us the fundamental right to have this citizenship from the very deep nature of things? And why can’t anybody freely walk the planet wherever and whenever needs and desires? You see how complicated they set up this world? Through divide and conquer – and I will add this: “keeping hot” – a certain zone, they maintain this “set up of environment” of the world they did set up and we just popped in as a pure and innocent ray of light but in total unknowingness. Try to envision this: “In the left corner, ladies and gentlemen, the creator of this set up – the world as it is and taught by all and to all. On the right corner, the newly born innocent being that is forced to accept this set up as being as it is and hopefully never have any comment about it but just take it as is. Each round will last only as much as the new born’s life lasts. The match has an infinite number of rounds.” Who do you think is going to win? 🙂 Pretty obvious right? But what if at the end of each match the looser (and we know who is) passes the knowledge to the next new born fighter that will sit “in the right corner” for the next round of the match? Things would change progressively.

At about the beginning of this article there are 4 common statements people usually make, of different levels, and one action. Those statements are correspondent with the level of perception and consequently with the attitude related to how much one is feeling a nationalist, or a patriot, or a globalist or even the king of the neighbourhood or the king of some street’s corner. It depends on the level of perspective or awareness of each one. So is for each one to choose what statement would make today and what statement would make tomorrow. If the same, then it can’t be called “personal evolution”.

Today there is not enough land for everybody to own in property (which never actually existed because is against the Universal Law) but not even to own a title of property. Imagine that each being on this planet would be granted to have the title of property of, say, 10 square meters. Could this be possible? Even if it would be, what would be the positive or constructive outcome of such an idea? Even so I might be wrong in some of my opinions so please, correct me if you feel something is wrong.

Than what can we do? We can have things into personal property, of course. We all need them. But together with having these things owned by us we hardly need to learn to share everything we cannot take away with us in the after physical life. And we strongly need to learn the fact that in order to evolve we need experience. To gain experience or wisdom we need to do as many things we can during a physical life in as many fields of activity we can. And to be able to do this we would better learn to freely share anything including land and maybe starting with transportation and communication. Most probably this could be the only one way to a real planetary citizenship.

If somebody has another idea, doesn’t matter if “better” or “not so good”, please, just post it in the comments section. If no comments are there, it could be assumed by some reader that every previous reader accepted this final idea as true.

Light and Love for Every Being.
(Because this can be always plenty and enough and is only dependent on the intent of each of us…)

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  1. To John, perhaps try not to understand what the person writes, but feel with your heart the visual reality we can create in this world without borders.

  2. i do not agree or subscribe to any strangelets nor any other violent use of energy. Now – this may be naive but I don’t care! I say 100 percent that i delete all pull down option menu choices with any such idea or thought form in my or our world that would have any power. As we have all heard “be gone – you have no real power here” !!!

    • I should like to understand your message and possible reply if the case may be.
      Unfortunately I do not understand the idea expressed in your post.
      Kindest regards.

  3. Nowhere!
    Or, at least on the Astral plane, but outside of the veil!
    Shall Cobra provide information as how is it possible something else, as he has much more intel.
    I hope the answer will not be that if you try to contact higher beings or higher planes of consciousness some strangelets will start to explode.
    May we be hopeful to get an useful answer.
    Kind regards.


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