Hurricane Patricia – How Participation in Mass Meditations Can Make A Difference

On the afternoon of Friday, October 23 one of the most powerful storms ever was bearing down on the Western coast of Mexico. I had just spent an hour or so posting Cobra’s blog post on the same day to as many Facebook pages as possible:


I was worried I would annoy people, but with one exception I was successfully able to post a link on many pages – some of which may have been relatively ‘new’ audiences. I do this during key meditations because it is a quick way to expose thousands of people to a concept without being too intrusive or disruptive, and to get the ‘viral’ momentum building such that it becomes self-sustaining.

To give credit where it is due, several members of a Sisterhood-of-the-Rose (SOTR) email discussion group (see end of article if you wish to know how to get involved) mentioned Hurricane Patricia bearing down on Mexico. While I had been aware of it since I have an intense interest in meteorology, I had no idea how powerful it had become by Friday afternoon. Based upon reports on Thursday & Friday, it strengthened more rapidly than any other Pacific storm – going from “Tropical Depression” to Category 4 in one day, then becoming a mythical “Category 6” with sustained winds of 200 mph Friday afternoon.

Even with the urgency displayed by Mexican officials for evacuations in the key areas, a storm this powerful is capable of leveling entire cities and forever ruining lives.

One of the SOTR members mentioned the idea of having a mass meditation to assist in weakening the hurricane as it made landfall that evening. Hence, I decided to go back to all of those same Facebook pages and start making post after post about the urgency of meditating on this situation. This was most clearly manifested here in the Sisterhood-of-the-Rose Facebook page here: Sisterhood of the Rose Facebook Group.

Admittedly, I am a left-brained person, and do not feel I have the greatest understanding of the workings of mass meditations. But this felt like a good time to go full-throttle and inform anyone and everyone. For my own meditation, I thought back to meteorology and focused on wind shear at higher altitudes in the atmosphere.

The mortal enemies of hurricane development are land and wind shear…a hurricane relies on calm atmospheric winds and warm ocean waters. If strong winds ‘cut’ into the storm a altitudes several miles up, this will disrupt the self-sustaining vortex around the eye of the hurricane and effectively disrupt the ability to bring warm, moist air up into the clouds to fuel the storm.

From all appearances, whatever others were visualizing, it seems that what we were doing worked!



Now, it is quite important to understand that other factors are always at work. But if we think about our visualizations as being multidimensional electromagnetic communications, it becomes easier to view what we have done collectively as a call to atmospheric forces to ‘dial back’ a bit. All we had to do was to create “A Mighty Wind” to break down the storm a bit in the hour or two before landfall, and by all appears our call was answered.

Now think about this in terms of the forthcoming meditation for Europe & Syria, and also in terms of what may be expected of the surface population during the EVENT. Water carries electromagnetic charges, and humans are at least 70% water.

We can literally “keep the peace” during the EVENT and ensure that all civil authority (positive military & law enforcement, militias, U.S. Marshalls, Interpol, etc.) are able to do their tasks efficiently and without violence in the process of making mass arrests and maintaining law & order during the financial reset period.

To those of you who are still ‘fence-sitting’, here are a couple of ways you can join:


http://prepareforchange.coeo.cc/ (i.e. “The Community Connector”)

Also, for any of you out there who are part of the “Full Circle Project”, “Community Preparedness Teams”, or “Planetary Activation Organizations” – please utilize Facebook or the Community Connector website to create local groups capable of providing assistance via physical action or through visualized intention. There is enough work for all of us, so anyone willing and able to participate – this is the time.

We are about to witness history, and we don’t have to sit back and watch – we can be active participants in the process and liberate our planet from financial and energetic slavery forever.

Please, answer the call. We need you – all of you.

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