TZ here; This information from Untwine complements the recently published list of places on Gaia that need extra support from Lightworkers who wish to be involved in Gridwork. Everything – even the smallest effort like for example – visualizing that halafian pottery symbol over Syria and Irak – that anyone can do to calm and harmonize the energy on Gaia as we get closer to The Event is of great importance.

Planetary Energy and Tectonic Activity
Although wheather modification technologies have played their part in creating tectonic movements, most of the tectonic activity is more a cause of the general energy on the planet. Gaia is a living being who needs to release the pressure one way or another.
The earthquake that happened today by the border between Afghanistan and north Pakistan is no exception.
“The region has a history of powerful earthquakes caused by the northward collision of India with central Asia.
In 2005, a magnitude 7.6 quake in Pakistan-administered Kashmir left more than 75,000 people dead.
In April this year, Nepal suffered its worst earthquake on record with 9,000 people killed and about 900,000 homes damaged or destroyed.”

The tectonic node at the southern tip of the Indian plate is where the island called Diego Garcia is, that Cobra mentioned :

“Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds”

They are creating all this negative energy on this major tectonic node which then has repercussions on the other side of the Indian plate.

The tectonic node which is west of Australia, between the Australian and Pacific plates, is where the Polynesian islands are, which has been one of the main area of nuclear bombs ‘testing’ by the American negative military (in the Marshall islands) and the French negative military (in the Tahiti islands). Several hundreds of nuclear bombs were set off there.

Of course these were not tests at all, more than 2000 nuclear bombs were blown up worldwide, and as Cobra explained, these were used to help open the 1996 negative portal :

Another site where a lot of nuclear tests happened is the California and Nevada deserts, and of course the tectonic activity in California is well known.

There are major vortex along this tectonic band that goes up through Italy and the Adriatic sea, resulting in a lot of local activity there, especially at the northern tip of it.

Venice is one of these vortex that has been the focus of a lot of occult activity :

The Untersberg vortex is also in that area :

Of course the cern is also in that area, nearby what used to be one of the main druidic town in neolithic times, where many people would do pilgrimages. The local legend said that a dragon is sleeping under the Earth,  and that earthquakes were caused by the dragon moving, so they were doing ceremonies to help calm the dragon. The site was called Alesia, location of the last battle between the roman empire and the local tribes in 50 BC, after which Europe started to be heavily colonized and most of the druidic cultures destroyed.

This dragon is actually a chain of mountains that extends from the beginning of the Alps in the Jura mountain range, all the way to Mount Fuji in Japan :

And of course the continent of Atlantis sinked in a major tectonic node because of the energies and grid manipulations back then, around nowadays Azores. You can see rough remains of the Atlantis continent on certain maps which show sea levels :

Mount Fuji, Carribean Islands, Mount Kailash, Easter Island, are other examples of energy grid vortexes on major tectonic nodes.

As the waves of the Galactic center reach our planet and intensify, all pressure and stuck energies will have to be released which can result in increased tectonic activity. We can serve as acupuncture needles to help Gaia release the pressure without having to develop as much symptoms (earthquakes and volcano eruptions), by doing planetary lightwork by distance or locally.

Therefore it’s good for us to be aware of where major nodes are on the planet, and what is happening there. Working on a particular spot can have effects on a different part of the Earth and in turn on the whole system, just like with acupuncture in the human body.

As we work on spots we can visualize pillars of brilliant white Light coming from the central sun, through the vortexes, down to the core of the Earth, send violet flame, and other techniques.

  As the general consciousness and energy on the planet improves, the whole planetary activity will harmonize.


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