Original article from Cobra’s blog: “Fall of the Chimera”, published on July 7, 2014.


Fall of the Chimera

Time has come to release more intel about the Chimera group. Parts of this intel may seem unbelievable for some people, but truth is stranger than fiction.

This group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity. Then they constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there.


Their main strongholds at that time were under Africa, China and Tibet. They had no direct contact with the surface civilization until the early 20th century. That timeframe has seen interesting occult developments.

First, in 1917 the Light forces have formed the Thule society in Germany. Very soon it was infiltrated by the Archon-controlled Rothschild agent named Adolf Schicklgruber (Hitler) and became an instrument of the dark and it further morphed into the Vril society which was developing secret German space program:


When the Chimera group saw this, they realized that the surface human population has reached sufficient technological development to reach for the stars and pierce the Veil. To suppress that, they have made their first contact with the surface population through Karl Haushofer on his travels to Tibet. After that contact was made, Chimera-controlled Haushofer was the main occult force behind the Nazi Germany:


After the Nazis have lost WW2, they have been imported into the United States through Operation Paperclip, where they formed the backbone of the military-industrial complex, continued to develop their secret space program and started to build deep underground military bases, financed with Yamashita gold. The Chimera group was behind the scenes, carefully watching the moves of the US military-industrial complex and making sure that the quarantine status of the planet was maintained and kept intact. The growing nuclear arsenal of the Negative Military was a great concern for the Galactic Confederation forces and they made an experiment to minimize the yield of the thermonuclear bomb at the Castle Koon nuclear test in 1954:


After the Confederation has successfully decreased the yield of the bomb by almost 90%, the military-industrial complex became afraid and united their forces against the perceived threat from the »tall whites« . This was exactly as Chimera wanted, because now they had Negative Military united worldwide, working on the common goal of maintaining the quarantine. Very strict secrecy protocols were established and no leaks about »deep events« which could disrupt the quarantine status were tolerated. This is the reason why you can find no real proof about the existence of ET civilizations anywhere and most »evidence« is fabricated by CIA to further confuse the issue. This is also the reason why you can not find any deep intel on internet but just endless recycling of well-known facts instead. You might already have noticed that almost all intel about UFOs and deep underground military bases is decades old.

You can find the only mention of the Chimera group in a James Casbolt’s interview. He is one of the very few people with access to deep intel who went public. Although not everything in here is correct, it is worth reading:


The Chimera group worships the Black Sun, which is their symbol for the Galactic Central Sun. Their leader is still in a possession of a single piece of the Black Stone, which is a lump of heavy top/antitop quark condensate. It was brought to Earth from Rigel in 1996. The Black Stone is the center of the primary cosmic anomaly of darkness and is far more dangerous than the strangelet bomb, as top quarks are much heavier than strange quarks:


Leaders of the Chimera group are the guardians of the electromagnetic null zone.

The Chimera group had their own network of underground bases until they were recently cleared out by the Resistance. These bases were connected with a high speed train system. To clarify the situation, until recently there were three underground train systems: the one connecting deep underground military bases of the Negative Military, the one connecting the Chimera bases and the one connecting the Resistance bases. The Resistance train system was the one I have seen back in 1977. The existence of the underground train system of the Negative Military has been leaked to the surface population through this RAND document:


Now only the underground train system of the Resistance is fully operational. The Chimera group is mostly contained in the uppermost underground sections of the surface military bases, closer than 100 feet (30 meters) to the surface. Their main current strongholds, through which they control the surface of the planet, are:

  • Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, Italy
  • Aviano NATO base, Italy
  • A certain classified location, Central Europe
  • Another classified location, Central Europe
  • Ramstein NATO base, Germany
  • Fairford RAF base, UK
  • Montauk, NY
  • Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
  • Sandia / Los Alamos, NM
  • White Sands / Area 6413, UT
  • Nellis AFB / Area 51, NV
  • Edwards AFB, CA

Each of those locations has their own strangelet bomb on its territory. Those strangelet bombs are quite dangerous and they are the main reason why the Positive Military is not yet making their move for the Event:



A location near Montauk entry/exit point is Cold Spring Harbor, a genetics laboratory where the Chimera produces top Cabal members clones, according to some unconfirmed sources:



Galactic Confederation forces are constantly monitoring the facility and will terminate the cloning program when the situation will be ready for that:


The Chimera group has hijacked the global financial system from the hands of the central bankers in the last decade through the PROMIS software and through high speed trading programs. The Resistance and the Organization (its forerunner) were aware of those programs for quite some time and were able to siphon off about 70 trillion dollars away from the black funds of the Cabal. That money will be given back to humanity after the Reset through the collateral accounts.


The Chimera group must not be confused with the breakaway civilization. The breakaway civilization originated in Nazi occult space program and evolved into a military-industrial complex with many black projects, whereas the Chimera group is the driving force behind the breakaway civilization, manipulating it to help maintaining the quarantine status of planet Earth. The demarcation line between the Chimera group and the breakaway civilization is called the phase boundary, of which nothing more can be said publicly, and the Event / the Compression Breakthrough can also be called the phase transition.

The Light forces have developed a protocol for the defeat of the Chimera group and the protocol is being carried out.

The Victory of the Light is near.

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  1. thank you Cobra. I am very curious as to whether there is soft disclosure in the video game series ‘Resistance’….

    In these games, the invading alien race is called the Chimera and they initially invade from underground. The race is an insectoid/reptilian hybrid and the story is based around an alternate timeline where the Chimera took over Russia in the early 20th century.

    Did this timeline happen??
    Is there any truth to the way the ‘Chimera’ are depicted or is it a coincidence of language?

    • That’s very interesting. It might truly be soft disclosure/predictive programming/conditioning. Maybe all 3. Remember, the video game industry is also highly controlled these days – Cobra mentioned once it is controlled in the same way the music and movie industries are controlled (to condition and send subliminal messages). In the case of Resistance (heard of it, never played it), it looks to be they’ve mixed hints of truth with their usual conditioning methods.. (The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending, Contagion..etc). Russia was definitely infiltrated with the murder of the last Tsar and theft of gold to the U.S, giving headway to WW1 and it coincides with Cobra saying the Chimera started showing themselves around this time. He also mentioned a long time ago about a negative insect-like race, and then of course there’s the draco and hybrids.. So definitely truth is mixed here. But imo, it also looks like an attack on ETs in general. It might actually be referencing the Chimera/Draco fleet, but trying to displace the negative connotation to *all* ETs in the event that humanity ever be exposed to the positive ones, so we’d reject them (Chimera are underground, but so are the Resistance, and I find it curious they would blatantly use such name for the title..)
      “They” have this thing where they have to warn us (albeit in vague cryptic ways) via their media/entertainment etc what they plan to do, and if humanity sits idly by (which of course is the result because they are only ideas presented as ”fiction” in a video game or movie..) then it’s considered by them as us giving our consent to be maimed, poisoned, stolen from etc because we ”chose” to allow it. Since free will is a divine universal gift, it sets off the Source and the Galactic Confederation to intervene when it’s being so blatantly raped without shame (which is the case, despite that ‘they’ argue we ”want” this suffering and that what they do is fine because it’s *their* free will too.) Through this, they argue they’re abiding universal law of respecting free will. However, it’s gotten to a point that Source and GC have declared enough is enough because their perverse manipulation of free will ultimately harms the entire planet.
      So next time you come across a ‘story’ that sounds familiar, read between the lines.. they might actually be leaking their ideas/plans irl and brainwashing you to it. A huge example is this Covid thing right now and watching Contagion which released in 2009 is a no-brainer, classic predictive program alluding to it.


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