6 thoughts on “The Bank of Rothschild”

  1. I forgot to mention: contrast this caution with the keenness to blame England – it’s always ‘England’, never ‘Britain’, when dishing the dirt – for all the ills of the world. This gets Americans of the hook and lets them align themswelves with the Orish, whom they worship like eager children, as freedom fighting sons of the soil and martyrs…. or would be except that an Oirishman barely out of short trousers will head for the country he pretends to despise above all others even as he slaughters his new hosts to the world as wicked oppressors, thus proving English dislike of the Irish to be entirely well founded.

  2. Ireland lets the Murderous USA use Shannon airport to refuel and transit for war and prisoner’s movement the Irish government is part of the problem.

    • remember…it’s NOT about countries …it’s about individual BAD people and how they manipulate people into hate and anger….
      We’ve been manipulated by those BAD people into showering very negative emotions on something
      “Murderous Americans”

      I can feel your hate and anger in the post…it’s quite palpable and almost all of us have fallen for it

    • Funny how cautious Americans get about apportioning blame when their relations with Ireland come under scrutiny. The U.S. has NO extradition treaty with the Republic. Why would that be if not to ensure a free and unimpeded exchange of career criminals? Organised crime on ethnic lines is big business everywhere. Governments work with crime syndicates because they’re all committed to the same Hegelian plan of subversion.

      • agreed only if you change Americans for “Cabal”. The people/humans on this planet are divine/good at their core – it’s the Cabal that does the blame game and pits country against country.

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