This is written in response to comments I received tonight concerning “meditation haters”.

People misunderstand the purpose of the meditations all the time.  Some of the most absurd arguments I have heard are that mass organized meditations are “dark & satanic” in origin, and that we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones running this planet.

For starters, the above is something Cobra has never stated – that we are to “love and forgive the dark ones”?  He has stated forgiveness for all of those being forced to live under this electromagnetic dome of pain and anguish, because many of us have been programmed or even forced to hurt others simply to survive on this planet.  But there is a big difference between loving and forgiving other humans as opposed to forgiving the Cabal and their masters.  He has never stated anything to suggest we are to send love and forgiveness to the dark ones.

Below is a visceral “micro” analogy as to how I believe the meditations work energetically:

If someone is beating you into submission, it is probably NOT wise for you to do the do the Ho’oponopono exercise.

At that moment you need one thing above all else:  you need the beating to stop, or else you will die.  Ideally, this can be accomplished with little physical violence on your part…because any physical violence on your part amplifies the violent energy within the situation.  It will likely only invite more violence back at yourself.  Furthermore, you may simply need to conserve your physical strength in order to survive.  The point is to survive – isn’t it?

But…if returning blows is all that will work, do what you must to get the violence to stop, but most importantly minimize the total damage within that particular situation.

If the person beating you is doing so because of erroneous thinking (continuing the VERY extreme scenario, let’s say they thought you killed a friend of theirs), then what must be done is to calm down the situation to a point where everything can be discussed rationally.  Maybe you did kill that friend, but it was done in self-defense or even to protect another person who was being harmed.  This knowledge is absolutely vital and would need to be shared and understood by all. Only once that process of sharing information has been completed would it make sense to try and assess an appropriate set of responses to the beating which just occurred.

The reason I posed such a extreme and visceral scenario was because what is going on all over our planet is extreme and visceral.  While it may appear I’m promoting violent solutions, what I’m really trying to say is that the goal is to minimize violence and the resulting damage thereof. Violence should only be a last resort; the more we evolve as individuals and a species, the greater number of non-violent solutions will become available for resolving conflict.

Organized mass meditations are a stepping stone for our species; they represent the next stage into disarmament – using the collective intention of our hearts and minds as the ultimate defensive weapon.  This is how we end war permanently on our planet – not “An eye for an eye”, but rather completely disabling another’s capability to forcibly remove an eye against our will.

I am saddened every day by all the killing, by all the empty political posturing, by all the sheer number of people living in constant fear of when they’ll lose their sources of income or housing…or access to food and medicine.  Every day the madness continues – people are suffering all the time, yet the best response in the minds of many in the blogosphere is to whine about the folly of organized meditations?  Really?!!?!?!

In my mind, what the meditations are doing is for a collection of people to simply declare our intention on a cosmic scale to simply “get the violent madness to stop”.  Because what is going on regarding Earth these days – it is simply violent madness.

Many, many peace movements have tried to get violence on the planet to stop; to end all wars, to end poverty (in and of itself highly correlated with violence), to end environmental destruction, to stop all physical or sexual abuse of women and children, to simply get the never-ending spiral of madness on our planet to stop.

If any of you have noticed – it’s still ongoing despite the many efforts of the past.  Maybe the media is skewing the information to make it seem more terrifying, but there are still plenty of horrors around the world which are occurring on a daily basis.

In all of my adult years, I’ve only seen one thing that seems to work repetitively under all sort of circumstances, and it is something I would have laughed at in my youthful cynicism.  For whatever reason, mass meditations and visualizations regarding peaceful intention seem to consistently work to resolve conflicts and violence.  The more well-coordinated and synchronized, the better.

While there is not an overwhelming amount of existing research into this phenomena, there is enough which people can find online with relative ease.  If one of you reading this encounters such a skeptic, do a bit of research and see what you can provide to counter that skeptic. Admittedly, I’m only going to do so myself with additional comments and/or links to relevant articles.  I want to find some really solid ones before posting just anything.

I used to be someone who doubted the power of meditation and visualization.  Now, I see how it really works in the greater scheme of reality.  Any idea which becomes “real” usually will only come into being after a certain amount of thinking and visualization occurs – usually on the part of many people simultaneously.  No invention, no idea, no breakthrough has ever occurred solely in the mind of one person – there are always others who do not get the credit historically, and this injustice seems to deliberately skew our thinking to view humanity as a collection of distinctly separate individual minds rather than a collective mind with myriad individual perspectives.

Anything good which occurs in this world usually is the result of many minds and hearts focusing on a particular idea over a period of time (evil ideas, on the other hand, seem to originate within a small number of minds…hmmm).  The greater the focus and intention, the more quickly the idea becomes reality.  This is why the mass organized meditations are so important – the world has gone completely and utterly mad.

This is simply the fastest way for us to get this done – to manifest PEACE quickly and efficiently. Many minds and hearts with one focus: the EVENT is what we need to create a better world. We need to know the truth about what is going on in the world; if we don’t, we’ll never collectively learn from our mistakes and heal.  We need the fighting to stop; it’s about time many nations and religious/ethnic groups took a step back and asked “Why are we fighting?  Isn’t there a better way for us to solve this?”  We also need to look at how resources are being allocated globally, and ask “What’s causing this?  Can’t we do a better job of making sure that unnecessary suffering due to poverty is minimized or even ended permanently?”

I know this article is not a perfect argument, but it has been on my mind for weeks.  I ask skeptics to name other avenues available around the world where people can ‘vote’ across cultures, time-zones, and varying socioeconomic status.  A mass organized meditation is one of those avenues, and we should do everything possible to participate as well as get others to participate.  To do so is to support the free will of sovereign citizens everywhere.

To me, this is our collective plea to yell “STOP!!!”  Someone needs to step in and break up the fight.  If this means an outside force is necessary to intervene, so be it!  I don’t wish to be ruled by any outside civilizations; my hope is that any beings at that level of evolution…if they waited until I asked to get involved, then they would also respect my sovereignty enough to not try and enslave me if I request that NOT be done.

That last paragraph is specifically meant for those who act like any sort of outside intervention means we’re inviting outside forces to interfere and “rule” us.  Well…I have news for you.  We already are under the influence of draconian rulers, and we simply may need a forceful nudge from beyond Earth to get out from under the boot of those self-appointed rulers.  I personally do not view “asking for help” as a sign of weakness.  I also do not feel that asking for help is synonymous with submission to a new set of rulers.  That is not help but rather taking advantage of someone already victimized.

In reading the alternative media, I know that a large population of awakened individuals already exists on Earth – people who know that something very nasty is occurring out-of-sight.  We don’t know the whole of it, and this lack of knowledge is hampering our ability to overcome it.  This is why we need the process of Disclosure to occur…not just a tiny bit to pacify those clamoring for the truth, but ALL OF IT without whitewashing (or redaction).  If we don’t get it, we’ll never be able to figure out the causes of our suffering and change course.

What is discussed in the weekly mediation (link below)…

 …these are some very serious and weighty subjects.  We’re dealing with the biggest lies in human history being revealed on a scale never before attempted.  This will not be easy; the whole process will be hard work, but the payoff will be visible almost immediately.  No more war, global humanitarian efforts, economic stimulus as never before witnessed – all of this will start very quickly and on a very grand scale.

But to get to this point, we will need a massive breakthrough regarding global consciousness and awareness.  There is a lot of energy and attention being devoted to the idea of stopping this awakening from happening, and this focus must be countered by those of us who declare our intention to make this reality.  If a large enough number of us do this every week, we will set this planet free forever.  I do truly believe that, because a large enough number exercising our collective free will sends a message that MUST be respected across the universe.

At some point, a mandate of intention such as this will be enforced by beings of sufficient power and consciousness.  Most of us believe in the idea of a reality where free will is respected and enforced at a level far greater than what we as humans can currently fathom.  To many, this idea is “God” or “Source”, but it can be described in other ways quite easily as well.  As the saying goes, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”  If we truly believe there is a higher power(s) which can help us on this planet, then we can and must ask that higher power for assistance at this time.

We simply wish for the violence, madness, and suffering to stop.  This is how we can vote – in a way that is respected and granted by Creation itself.

Please participate.  We don’t need cynics, we need people who will take it upon themselves to create the world we all deserve – one where free will is respected and people can live the lives they choose without fear.

We have the power!  Let’s use it!

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  1. I have participated in several mass meditations over the last few years. I’m also part of a small group of friends who meditate every evening to send healing to specific people who need a little extra support with whatever challenge they face, be it mental or physical illness, relationship problems, material lack, whatever it is that causes them to suffer.
    I know that meditation is a powerful way to reconnect with our inner innate ability to live a life of abundance on all levels. I experience this every day. Sure, I still have challenges yet my attitude towards them has changed, I see them for what they are, challenges that can be met, not insurmountable problems. As a species we face enormous challenges. And we must meet them with courage and intention. Together.
    Remember, only Love can conquer Fear.

  2. I agree… really boils down to common sense. ….yes, we do need the whole truth this time, without, things will never change.

  3. People will believe what they want to believe and the cynics aren’t at a level yet to understand and are probably set in their beliefs no matter what anyone says. There will always be complainers and cynics no matter what. Don’t let it get to you. There are more good people in the world than bad and I truly believe that. I’m excited about the future because more and more people are realizing the power we have. Thanks for all you do.

    • I just want people to be enthusiastic about these weekly meditations. There is substantial evidence that they work, but it is never quite conclusive in any one study to really ‘sell’ people that doing this can change the world positively.

      People just need to stop whining about it and give it a legitimate try – put effort into it. It is not that hard to get 144,000 people globally if there is a concerted effort by participants to regularly ‘attend’ and even to get the occasional person to join in. We would surely get to critical-mass within months – maybe even weeks!


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