By Katherine Frisk on January 18, 2016

Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Droughts And Floods

by Katherine Frisk

Arab-Spring-2How many of you remember 2011-2012 with any clarity? “Shock and awe!”I am still trying to make sense of it. Everything was in chaos. The “Arab Springs”in Libya, Egypt and Syria were heady stuff, until it all came out that this was social engineering and there is a name for it, “A Color Revolution.”

It comes as a package with variations on the theme, depending on which country is about to be hit next. Umbrellas were cool in Hong Kong. I think they are running out of ideas.

Color Revolutions aside, we also had the Occupy Wall street movement. I became suspicious of this when Soros started Avaaz, and a screen in Zucchotti Park was even put up where supporters around the world who had signed any and all petitions could be seen as the ratings numbers clicked over. Yo NSA! How many names you got on your “no fly” list from that one? Or are those people now color coded for FEMA Camps?

I had to question if this was genuine from the beginning and the movement had later been infiltrated, or whether it was engineered in the first place to add to the global chaos and contribute to many distractions so that people would not realize what was really going on.

Then there were the “shootings”across the USA, which still have not abated. Most turned out to be “false flag” events with crisis actors. I had a very good friend in the USA, code name Hashley Hartknife, this name came about because he was banned from Facebook for telling the truth, so he created another alias. He woke me up to a lot of things and has since passed on. (Peace boet!)

Hartknife did photo analysis of all these shootings in fine detail. His family had written him off as nutjob, and atboston bombing first I thought so too, but he finally proved his case and convinced me. BatmanBoston Bombing and Sandy Hook. These days I kinda yawn and move onto other news when I see these things. By comparison with the bloodshed in Syria and Ukraine in the last two years, it is, quite frankly, not worth my time or my energy. The whole world knows it is propaganda in order to abolish the second amendment and force people to hand in their guns.

Then we had the “trumpets,” remember those? The end of the world is here and the trumpets are sounding across the globe! Oh my giddy aunt, and I fell for it all, hook line and sinker. Along with the reptiles, UFOs …an all… that… Ja-azzzzzzz!

Are there aliens? I am sure that there are. Are there UFOs? I am sure that there are, but I doubt if they come in the package that has been presented to us and I choose to remain sceptical.

With regard to the trumpets, they only sounded across North America and parts of Europe as I recall. NADA in the east, nada in Africa and nada in South America. Seems that “God”was quite choosy as to where he blew these trumpets.

Then I came across a you tube video. It has since “disappeared”and I have never been able to find it again. But here is a thought worth considering. The maker of this video followed all the trumpet sounds and pin pointed them on a map. Then he identified them as also being in the locations of Nuclear Power stations. It is well-known that these power stations are now old, many have not been upgraded, are leaking high levels of radiation and their backwashing facilities are dubious to say the least especially when flooding occurs. These trumpets sounded very metallic. Was he right or was he wrong? I have no idea, but it is worth considering and shelving the possibility that the “trumpets”were a possible cover up for something more insidious. It might turn out to be relevant at some other point in time.

Fukushima TsunamiThen we had 3/11, Fukushima and the many earthquakes around the Pacific rim. Christchurch being one I remember well. Later on we had the weather disasters in the Philippines. Funny thing that, the Philippines voted NOT to have a US military base in their country and then afterwards they got one. Sort of similar to Haiti who did not want to hand over their gold mining resources but then got an earthquake and now all they will be left with is dust. Same as Sumatra. The northern part was going to break away from the southern part and nationalize their oil resources and free themselves from Exxon Mobile. They were the worst hit in the tsunami of 2004. To quote from Wikipedia:

Aceh has substantial natural resources, including oil and natural gas; some estimates put Aceh gas reserves as being the largest in the world. Aceh was the closest point of land to the epicenter of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, which devastated much of the western coast of the province. Approximately 170,000 Indonesians were killed or went missing in the disaster. The disaster helped precipitate the peace agreement between the government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM).

I was first alerted to geoengineering in an article that appeared on Veterans Today by Harold Saive:

Govt. Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology –  Documents from 1966 reveal the mission of the military and federal agencies to modify the climate

Also see: 

Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare 

The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use

Then I watched “Angels Don’t play this HAARP.” Much of this technology that was once part of the military industrial complex has since been privatized and bought out by corporations. Keep that in mind.

At the time I really did not understand how totally criminal the world has become. And five years later I am still shocked by the childishness, selfishness, greed, irresponsibility and pure stupidity of what has and is still going on around the world. In my misguided perception, I thought that we had all grown up now. But apparently not!

Instead we have been sold other jazzy concepts. “Climate Change” and “Global Warming.”Yeah right! What I want to know is who exactly is responsible for “Climate Change,””Global Warming” and environmental disasters? Because as far as I am concerned the buck stops there, not in the pockets of taxpayers worldwide. Those who have created this mess we are now in, including the polluters like BP and the Gulf oil spill, need to be brought to book. Now about those Nuclear Power stations across the USA for example…

Then we had the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015. I took every opportunity on every single article I could find on this conference to add my two cents worth and I still continue in the pursuit of my little mission that I have taken upon myself.

Standard comment from yours truly:

We cannot discuss Climate Change and Global warming until a full, transparent and open international investigation is done into geoengineering, weather modification and weather warfare and the damage it has already done to the earth.

Notable at the conference was the “enlightened group” known as the Lucis Trust. Short for Lucifer Trust. ( Thanks for this one Flesh.)  What did I find? They have successfully discredited themselves. They are totally on the “Climate Change”and “Global Warming” bandwagon, and not a whisper about geoengineering, weather modification and weather warfare. Who pays their bills? The Travistock Institute? Or the CFR? Same goes for his royal highness, the king and owner of the planet, Christ’s representative on earth… drum roll. The Pope. Or should we rather say, the Black Nobility of Europe, the P2 Lodge, the Jesuits and the Mafia for whom the Vatican is a front for pedophile gangsdrug trading and money laundering? All tax free mind you.

There is only one person referred to as Satan in the Bible and the pope is sitting in his chair. Look it up! Like the Sadducees he apparently has the keys to the kingdom and like the Sadducees, he neither enters himself nor lets anyone else enter. The word Lucifer in Isaiah is an insert and a Protestant play on words referring to Rome. It is the Latin word for the planet Venus. Same name as the Lucis Trust. It was never used in the original Isaiah as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls which pre-dates textual manipulation over the last 2,000 years. But I digress…

The slippery reptiles, for lack of a better word, have found another two loopholes to this one. And I do strongly suspecttpp that the reason for all the earthquakes, floods and droughts around the world has in fact been arm twisting in order to get these countries to sign the TTP and TTIP agreements.

Consider that if those corporations who now “own the weather,”as Rothschild bragged not so long ago, are central to the TPP and the TTIP agreements, and they can engineer the weather in such a manner that nations now have to cough up for the privilege of rain, snow and wind, and if in so doing, these nations attempt to pass laws that protect their citizens from any and all damage that such practices may or may not cause, or even ban it altogether, consider the following with regard to the TPP and the TTIP and add it into the equation:

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Will Governments Agree to Pass Massive Powers to Transnational Capital?

The charge by John Hilary, head of War on Want, and many others is that ‘TTIP elevates transnational capital to a legal status equivalent to that of the nation state’

Two powerful international legal mechanisms are already seen as damaging public health and one, ICSID, appears predominantly to oppress small and relatively poor countries:

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) is an instrument of public international law, that grants an investor the right to use dispute settlement proceedings against a foreign government

and the World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, ICSID.

Disputes between government and corporations are dealt with in secret in front of a tribunal. Over 500 known caseshave now been filed against over 95 countries:

Philip Morris sued the Australian government over its plain packaging rules.

The Swedish corporation Battenfall sued the German government over its decision to phase out nuclear power

a French firm is suing the government of Egypt over its increase in minimum wage.

The government of Uruguay amended its legislation on health warnings on cigarette packets and ban on the sale of “light” brands, after Philip Morris filed for ICSID arbitration, claiming the restrictions hurt its business.

ICSID appears to act predominantly on behalf of corporations against small, poorer countries.

Chemtrails are not a conspiracy theoryOh but it gets better! Now that many are actually becoming aware of geoengineering, weather modification and weather warfare, get a load of this:

Leading Climate Scientists Say Paris Conference Failed, Call For Geoengineering.

So now, basically, they are going to come in as the “saviours” to the disasters that they have caused in the first place! And you are going to pay for it!

Call me jaded. But I am getting sick and tired of this crap!

This is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is not a mystery, it is not a fantasy. It is just a bunch of criminal, ruthless thugs, the same as they were over a century ago when they established the Federal Reserve Bank. Except this time they have got bigger toys and a better Hollywood script to go with it.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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