Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

Michael Persinger on No More Secrets
Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

This is a brilliant video to watch if you would like to understand more about how easily peoples consciousness can be affected. You also learn a little about the CIA remote viewing experts and how they are trained. As there is right now a growing awareness of how the cabal has been using certain people to channel information that would confuse and create discredit for true sources of information be they direct or channeled, this video may help people to understand how information can be transmitted. Michael Persinger also explains here how a disturbance in the Earths magnetic field can prevent the transfer of information between people. This is a quote from James Gilliland when he posted this video recently:
” Research is saying all you have to do to disconnect the people is to agitate the magnetic fields. Otherwise everyone is connected and communicating. This might be why WI FI, cell towers, alternating current and HAARP are all being used.”

I would like to add that while you listen to this video you should also reflect upon the astounding evidence provided in this 40-minute lecture for the amazing effect that our Sunday night liberation/Event meditation has had so far on the awakening process of mankind. This information here makes it clear that the more people who are simultaneously meditating upon / visualizing a removal of darkness and a day of liberation for everyone on this planet the quicker it will take place.

PS: This first video which James posted has Italian sub-titles and is 40 mins long.

This seems to be the original video in English without sub-titles and almost one hour long:
Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

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19/01/2016 at 1202 PM CET

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