As We Shift – Mandela and the Now Makers


Let’s talk about who we are.  What’s occurring lately is a landscape of extremes.  This is one being rapidly painted and re-painted over and over by those controllers invested in keeping the status quo.  That’s the last time they will be mentioned.  This moment, right now, is about letting all of that go.  We are on sacred ground, where miracles occur.  We are Now Makers.

Recently, what’s happened is a sort of side-tracking moment.  Consumed with self, there’s been a pre-occupation with things that are, in truth, defined by actions, not worry.  We are here to create.

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Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Authority


Therese Zumi here; I am reposting this channeled information from Archangel Gabrielle/Gabriel which I feel is a perfect complement to the series of three articles that I wrote last year and recently reposted here ‘Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead ‘. The qualities that Archangel Gabriel describes here are absolutely a phenomenal guidance to anyone who would wish to develop spiritually and “claim divine authority over their own lives”. I agree entirely with Steve’s introductory words regarding this amazing list of qualities that a person with ‘True Authority’ needs to develop, to be suitable as a leader / role model of whatever kind here on beautiful Gaia now as ‘Compression Breakthrough’ looms closer to us with each passing hour.

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Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead: Part Three:


Strong and Gentle Leaders Will Lead the Way Forward

In this third part of the discussion about the necessity now for people to accept their very often latent hidden ability to show the way forward, the necessity now for the amazing people who have been so to speak ‘waiting in the shadows’ to come forward and take their rightful roles in all walks and areas of life, I decided that Jesus Sananda or Yeshua needs to be heard at this time on this subject. As He was the guest recently {April 30th} on ‘An Hour with An Angel’ it was easy to find some very recent advice from Yeshua on this subject and the very associated subject of the ascension process that many on this planet are now experiencing.

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Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead – Part 2


Yes this article has been written and compiled for you whether or not you consider yourself to be a leader. The basis of this article is a discussion that Steve Beckow of Golden Age of Gaia has had recently with Archangel Michael. For those that might be unfamiliar with the idea that you can have a discussion with an Archangel I will add that the channel for Archangel Michael is Linda Dillon who was chosen to be the channel for the Council of Love approximately 3-4 (5) years ago. I can vouch for the quality of this channelled material. Why? Well simply because of the many occasions that I have found myself overwhelmed with the sensation of Love and also crying helplessly when I have listened to these conversations over the past three years. You ‘know’ you simply know what is high quality channelling or not by the level of emotional heartfelt truth that the channelling conveys. Anyone who has taken the time to check out the quality of Linda Dillon’s work over the past few years will agree I am sure as to the purity, sincerity, love, dedication, integrity, beauty and joy that permeate her work.

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Leadership Required Now and Up Ahead


Therese Zumi here; It’s wonderful to have mentors to look up to, someone who can inspire and lead the way lovingly. Anyone who reads my words will know that I hold Cobra in great respect and those who have known me a bit longer will be aware of the influence that Archangel Michael has on me and the great love I have for Him. We have been through many phases in the past few year’s phases of growth as Lightworkers of one kind or another. The Mothers Tsunami wave of Love is now hitting us for the third time and we continue to grow in Her Love. We have learned the importance of cooperation, of unity, of supporting each other as we move ahead towards a new world of freedom and beauty and unconditional love never before experienced on this planet. Now in this third wave we are being made aware of the need for responsibility.

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What It Would Take


TZ here: I am reposting this ‘conversation’ by Steve Beckow about what will be needed on the other side of the bridge after The Event. Steve questions whether it might be too early for this conversation? I feel that it’s absolutely not too early, on the contrary we need to be ready for change every way we can now. Every time Steve speaks about the ‘Reval’ I simply translate that to The Event. Besides information here from Archangel Michael and others about what is required from the new leaders in every area on Nova Gaia we also learn how three different people were removed from an organization that Steve was involved with and Archangel Michael explains why. I wonder how any so called Lightworker can even imagine that they can be dishonest in any way and not be found out. No-Way!

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Ignore alien order…

You may not have noticed, but humans are messy. You might not have noticed, being a human yourself (forgive my presumption at assuming species identity on the part of the reader), and thus so engrossed in your humanity, that the wider view may be escaping your notice, if so, have a look around; you’ll soon see, humans are sloppy. They are careless, slapdash, slipshod, and disorganized.

Humans are fifth order beings, which means that they all express differences in their faces, bodies and behavior, unlike the fourth order beings such as insects in which the species template dominates, and crushes individual expression at the gene level. All insects, within their species, resemble each other to a very high degree, whereas humanity has such a diversity of individual genetic expression that the idea is ingrained into our language, i.e. ” what planet (species) is he from?”. The spread in human expression is so vast, visitors to planet earth can be forgiven the conclusion that there are several species of hominids roaming Terra being slipshod, lazy, overlooking details, and scattered.

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Leadership in the Age of Oneness


I’m writing this article as an imagination exercise to facilitate what I envision will be the inevitable rise of a new global network of Leaders from different cultures and contexts, connected through Oneness and with a common approach to tackle the fast unravelling transition.

Moving on from the Prepare for Change Leadership model which spells out loud and clearly that we want LEADERS not followers we should start, right now, crossing to the other side of “The Wall”, the invisible line, the change in perspective which means to be “on the other side”.

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Prepare for Change 432Hz English & Chinese Version 準備轉變432Hz中英文版

The Prepare For Change Newsletter is Here! December 8, 2014


Leadership Post 12/8/2014 Newsletter: A Plea For Help And Unity Part I – We Need Your Help

I was hoping to focus my newsletter post for this week solely on the upcoming IS:IS Pt 2 Portal Activation, but as it turns out I have to start this in a different manner.  We need donation money – badly.  Over the past months, several problems have started with the website which have only increased in severity and frequency.  Our translation plug-in for WordPress “Transposh” has apparently never worked quite as well as we had hoped.  I’ve received several emails regarding this over the year, but only recently learned the extent of the problems it was causing

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