We should continually remember who we truly are. We are each of us at our core – in the very core of our heart – true LIGHT Beings formed from LOVE. We are LOVE – we are transforming the entire world with our Love. Wherever you go now know who you are – know the power that inherently lives within you to change things for the better. It is this LOVE that is now changing everything – bringing everything out into the LIGHT of day. Nothing can stop this movement towards total truth and total disclosure now – NOTHING.

To take part more actively in this transformation that each of us and this entire planet is going through remember the unbelievable power of a SMILE. Look into people eyes and smile. Nod your head and or say “Hi – Hello” – this simple act of LOVE can truly change someone else’s entire sense of loneliness and reduce fear that they might be feeling.

Therese Zumi
02/02/2016 at 1041 AM CET

1 thought on “WE ARE LOVE”

  1. It is a great joy and feeling when you greet a stranger to say hi or hello even a big smile on my daily walk with my dogs and they return the gesture I say more of it love and peace to all.

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