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A Plea from Cobra Regarding Importance of Meditation

The one thing that you and I can do at this time to reduce the tense situations wherever they might be on this planet is to meditate. If we want harmony around us then the utmost way to spread that harmony is by doing whatever we can to find that harmony within ourselves and then that will radiate outwards wherever we are and affect a growing calmness.
Besides the weekly Event Meditation Cobra suggests that we also continue with the meditations for Europe. These were Cobra’s final words from the interview** with Rob Potter from Jan 26th.

COBRA – Yes I have a few messages that I’d like to share but the first one is for people to continue with the weekly event meditations, the second one is for those who feel so guided to continue with meditations of Europe. They are still needed. It’s possible to find instructions for those meditations on the right side of my blog. I have a lot of intel that I will reveal when the time is right. I don’t know when this will be certainly when conditions are met, until people will have to be patient because there are many things I cannot say yet. I’m hoping that conditions will improve soon enough but I cannot guarantee when this will happen.

Original link to the first meditation for Europe information from September 2015

I wrote the following article here on Jan 12th and in that you will find direct links to the Event Meditation in many languages as also to the audio versions that have been created;

Please Help Create a Calm Transition at the Time of The Event

** New Cobra Q and A with Rob Potter – January 26, 2016
Both Interview and transcript available

Therese Zumi


6th February 2016 at 1415 PM CET

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  1. Just so you know… as a PS that many may realize: Think of your state of being. And “meditating that the event will happen” is just putting your power out into the future and saying you are embodying more of the vibration of “waiting for” (even if it is impatiently). Be the change within, and endeavor to find the non-dual, sacred unity with greater integration of the dark and light within you. Stop warring, pointing fingers, and buying into the duality game if you wish… it is a valid and very real outcome. A very real journey or “train track” earth to take your consciousness down. But by all means, this will come from transcendence, as we raise in frequency. Not “Waiting for” ~ no matter how much love goes into the ‘waiting.’ ; )

    Take back your power and own what it truly means to be the creator that you are. (And that starts not by reading these words and feeling the intellect of them directly/literally, because that’s not what they’re saying at all.. ;D)

    Blessings and may the awakening happen more and more within you each day, as you set your focus within the deepening realms of the heart and the sacred self…


  2. Beloved Cobra and Therese Zumi,

    I have to bring in that in my experience meditation is not the one thing we can do, that we háve to do. Only meditating that The Event will happen is by far not enough. Especially now each of us is invited to take The Next Leap, the leap way beyond ‘only meditation’. Especially now we have to leave the grid of illusion and the period of Becoming Whole by letting ourselves fall into the next space: the space of our infinite Divine Selves.
    In this Ascension period we are not here to only safely meditate – in groups – within chambers. We do are here TO GO INTO THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR DIVINE SELVES and to truly Live this Love and Light we are. To go out into the world on our own two feet, let our Light shine brightly and powerfully and create from within our Divine Tasks. When each of us free-willingly takes this responsibility upon ourselves, we start experiencing that we – Love and Light – ARE the strongest of the strongest. It is from this needed Divine – Fire – Power that we do can and will create The Event and our New World together. That we can make it truly happen and experience that WE ARE ONE.

    Love and Light,
    The Netherlands
    [email protected]

    • Absolutly Sara – you are absolutley right here – could not have said this better myself! Thank you for sharing these thoughts here Therese Z


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