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Below is a post from Natural News about the large number of senior executives from US government alphabet agencies who have left their jobs through retirement and moved with their families to remote and secure locations. The story posits that they are doing this because a catastrophe is coming. It is…for them. The coming of the Republic and the end of the Fiat Dollar  will signal the disclosure of their crimes and ill gotten wealth, mass arrests will cleanse the Capital of the united States of America, restoring the beauty that has been dirtied by corruption and fraud.


Former newspaper journalist and bestselling conspiracy author Jim Marrs told radio talk show host Dave Hodges in December that some 400-500 top bank executives had left their positions and had gone into seclusion.

Marrs said at the time that the elite had fallback positions from a chaotic society: seed vaults to which only they had access.

“Marrs was clearly alluding to the fact that some very bad events are coming and the global elite are aware of it and are moving to meet the threat,” Hodges wrote on his radio show website.

Hodges went on to say his sources tell him that the same thing is occurring with people who have recently retired from a number of federal agencies including the CIA, DHS, NSA and FEMA.

“This fact is indisputable,” Hodges wrote. “I have firsthand knowledge of four ex-Fed officials and their families who have relocated to safety enclaves when doing so was very disruptive to their respective [families’] lives.” He said that “increasingly,” it appears as though major events are coming — life- and history-changing events that have these folks seeking “to remove themselves from harm’s way.”

Top DHS positions vacant; morale low

Hodges further stated:

When government officials, from the various alphabet soup agencies, retire en masse, it is not necessarily a noteworthy event. However, when the same officials retire en masse and then relocate to form their own survivalist enclaves, then this is something that we should all sit up and take notice of, especially when we are seeing the same behavior on the part of Wall Street executives.

Only, it is a newsworthy event; no less than The Washington Post reported recently that several top positions at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are currently vacant, and morale is extremely poor.

“The Department’s Web site shows 40 percent of positions on the DHS’s leadership list are filled by ‘acting’ officials or are vacant — including the top four slots,” the Post reported.

In a separate story, the Post also reported in August 2013 that a wave of retirements from the federal workforce were taking place — a phenomenon that the paper blamed largely on age (many of those retiring were 60 or older). But the report also said that a number of very skilled workers were leaving federal service — and the more skilled tend to be better paid (and, hence, better able to feather a distant nest).


As for Hodges, he says he has recently been having conversations with a pair of insiders, as well as the relative of another insider, “who tell similar stories of a coming series of apocalyptic events.”

He also wrote that it is “a matter of official agency policy” that some of the current DHS and CIA officials and their families will be given safe haven in various locations in Colorado, in turbulent times (Colorado is home to several vital military bases — one Army and five Air Force bases, all near the vicinity of Colorado Springs; the area is also home to Cheyenne Mountain, home of the North American Aerospace Command, or NORAD, the nation’s early-warning center, and NORTHCOM, or Northern Command, the Army command in charge of homeland security and response).

“Most people in the know are aware of the underground facilities which lie below the Denver International Airport which has an underground connected railway to the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD/Fort Carson/Peterson Air Force Base underground facilities,” Hodges wrote. “The structures are part of the Continuity of Government program developed by the United States government in the early days of the Cold War. However these facilities are increasingly becoming the planned refuge for many of the global elite residing within the United States when all hell breaks loose.”

Read Hodges’ entire report here.


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  1. The ones who have fled, may be the better ones. At least they understand what they have done and appreciate how wrong it was. A bigger problem is those who believe they are doing the right thing and commit criminal acts agains others because they don’t feel that others have the right to choose, to be fully informed and participate in the solutions to our shared problems.

    The dilemma for the positive forces is to hold those responsible for negative actions accountable and have them change to a positive expression.

    This is a problem because many of these people are in power structures that taught them that the Earth is dying from excessive population (a lie), and so they have participated in heinous policies that have damage billions of people deliberately. They see damage but blame the wrong sources, rather than seeing the real culprits they accept the story line that the innocent are actually at fault by their very existence.

    At PFC we have approached this as a issue of consciousness, feeling that the rise in global frequencies will open all eyes to the truth.

    Meantime the Cabal uses its stolen money to propagandize the population with negative ideas about other people, the future, the role of love and our ability to change.

    The best cure for this to become clear channels for the expression of the Creator’s frequency of love and devote time each day to allowing its propagation through us.

  2. I think I’m going to pinch myself, I can’t wait to see this happen. I am so excited for I can’t wait to see humanity free again

  3. Perhaps this isn’t as bad as it seems, from my perspective these sewer lizards are running from the forces of change, which will unveil their participation in wilful crimes against humanity. However there will be nowhere to hide, not this time, the purge is going to be complete.

  4. I remember some spiritual source from, say, two years back, which stated that Gaia will be scorched with flames, incredible heat and terrible storms for those who refuse to change. Or maybe they fled because they thought blabber-mouth Donald Trump may be elected. Or was he the one that caused all the flames and storms.

  5. Yes they know something big is about to take place, but they also know that they have been committing act’s of treason and they could be held accountable with a new administration.

    I watched a video today that said the resistance alliance along with the secret space program decided Against Full Disclosure and called Full Disclosure irresponsible. They decided to go forward only with soft disclosure, now that’s irresponsible! I was very sad to hear that decision. It’s a shame that the resistance alliance along with the secret space program do not have the Courage to go forward with Full Disclosure!

    • Here’s a little peek of the upcoming interview – due out Wednesday or Thursday.

      Rob – OK. Ben Fulford and Corey Goode are saying that partial disclosure is what may be happening vs full disclosure that we really need. Could you ask Cobra to expand on the situation and how we can get the full disclosure on track.

      COBRA – OK. I am not aware that that Benjamin Fulford was stating that partial disclosure is in the game. I know that Corey Goode was saying those things but this is not an option The plan of the light forces has not changed. The only option is full and complete disclosure and the light forces will continue pressing with their plans until that happens. There might be factions of the cabal or some other interest groups that would like to push for partial disclosure or spin it or twist it but this is simply not acceptable and this will not happen.


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