Billions in Change Solution: Free Electric – The Solution

We all want the truth. We all want transparency. We all desire to see change and a world that works for / provides for everyone and free energy is a vital part of that new world. These can be confusing days. What can we believe in? Who can we trust entirely? Regarding the posting of the article ‘Keshe Investigation by the People’ here on PFC some days ago I would like to add one comment on that article here that I feel is important to acknowledge considering that so many true seekers of change and truth have devoted a lot of time and energy into studies in this area: “The information gathered had no real positive or educational material,** upon the 100s of workshops and 10000s of hours this family (Keshe) has taught and spoke and brought people together for one peace, one people”

Divide and conquer is one of the cabal’s favorite pastimes. Causing a rift in a lightworker community is always extremely pleasing to them. Our role here at Prepare for Change is in providing knowledge on many different levels that can lead the way forward for as many as possible to understand the enormity of the transition that lies ahead of us here on Gaia. We wish to provide a forum for a large group of people to come together that have the same goals in mind, namely full disclosure, peace on earth, prosperity for all and spiritual awareness of our divinity and our Oneness with one another and our Galactic Family.

There is much evidence to be found on this website about amazing new developments in all kinds of areas pertaining to the new freedom we will experience when the cabal members are arrested and we no longer have to live in this slave matrix. Part of that role involves the importance of transparency and providing evidence of any inconsistencies that we might discover about people whose work we are backing and or supporting in some way.

There are many dedicated researchers working devotedly on innovative projects in the area of so called ‘free energy’. Many of them have decades of dedicated research behind them. So there is already free energy technology available which can benefit the world and which already works completely. Here is one such example:

Billions in Change Solution: Free Electric – The Solution

This amazing man has some other solutions to problems too that are worth checking out: Visit the website:

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  1. Hey Therese – Really enjoy your work! There is another article Dated yesterday 3/6/16 from Gordon Duff, VT senior editor – Found here : http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/03/06/vt-science-free-energy-scams-cults-and-the-new-world-order/
    Worth the read – about more than just Keshe –


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