The Republic is Returning

The Corporate Government has abused its trust to such an extent that it must be replaced. For most US residents it will be a total shock to realize that everything they have been taught and believe about the US Government is wrong. On this site we have been preparing for the day to come when it will no longer be possible for its criminal activity and intent to be ignored.

We have always stated that it will come without warning, because it has to be that way. With such a powerful group of people involved in the ongoing and outrageous efforts to destroy the US citizenry and take over the world, it would be impossible to have it happen on a public schedule.  Please read the letter by Judge Anna von Reitz to better understand what has happened to bring this situation upon us all.

The New World Order is indeed a criminal conspiracy, although those who have pursued it would never describe it that way. They would insist that it is their right to do these things, because they have a Divine Right to make these decisions and carry them through. Even it it means murdering millions of people and destroying the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of million more. They have professed the right, even the responsibility, to reduce the population of the planet to only 500 million. They have envisaged an orgy of death and the destruction of billions of people using every means at their disposal. War, famine and pestilence brought on by weather control with aerosol spraying and atmospheric heating, which allows them to plot mass poisoning and death by horrific storms, while using sea bottom nuclear devices to create tidal waves and earthquakes that kill and displace millions more.

It takes a determined researcher to plumb the depths of such deceit and malignant intent, but today there are many thousands of such people working around the clock to awaken the populations to the need, indeed, the emergency,  to take action to prevent such wholesale destruction of life and property.

This site has many articles about this rampant corruption and how it came to be. You can read about this all in the future, for now must be preoccupied with doing what must be done. I have posted this video with these caveats because I must.

I cannot certify that what is said is true, but it is entirely plausible and to be expected. A transition that can be accepted must be done within the framework of the Constitution. Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House and next in line should both the President and Vice-President resign.

The Governmental Services Corporation known as the United States Government has exceeded it authority to such an extent that there is no way to save it. It will be replaced. It has committed fraud and plunged deeply into debt, then its owners tried to pass the debt to those it was supposed to be serving. It is a complex story filled with sorry efforts to ruin a whole nation to fulfill an obligation that was really a breach of trust one-hundred fifty years old.  There is no time limit on fraud.

The video referred to above  was determined to be a hoax, as we expected, but the fact is that the continued exposure of criminality has gained traction with the public, forcing the criminals to produce these types of hoaxes only serves to show how concerned they are about their situation. They can spoof their own failure for only so long before it is real.

Ultimately the the laughs will be at their expense. Then the joy will be genuine.

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    • Anna Von Reitz is pretty savvy about the legal structure of the US, but is not on the same page as PFC. I have added her posts for the purpose of presenting the complexities of the USg corporation and the organic unite State of America. It has been filled with deceit since it began and the more it is researched to more convinced we become that the ideals presented as “America” were a set-up from the outset.

      A wrench was thrown into the works at the Constitutional Conventions when the idea that all men were sovereigns was added. Having that idea embedded into the Constitution made it anathema to the European nobility who had imagined that it would be an economic state free from the constraints of King and Queens, but not their enemy. What the royal families wanted was an idealized economy rather than a form of idealized citizenship or government.

      I think Von Rietz does a nice job of exploring the details of the legal structure we are dealing with, but her grasp of the rest of the issues we refer to as the Event is primitive and constrained by her lack of awareness of the new physics and the secret space program, she does not grasp these ideas nearly as well or perhaps not at all.

      The secret space program the Full Disclosure will totally disrupt the idea and role of the Nation States, which will suddenly become anachronistic leftovers of the feudal states they originated from in the nineteenth century. They will still be useful for the people on the surface, but realizations about the ancient sub terrestrial civilizations as well as those which are extraterrestrial will make nations seem like a foolish notion created to convince children to do as they are told.

      The recognition of our genetic unity will come swift and hard to all of the planets humans as they face the reality of so many other beings in our space.

  1. They are following constitutional law on chain of command until we go thru the transition since there are two governments to combine into one effective unit. People need retraining, groups need to be eliminated or put to positive efforts. It is a transition where chaos needs to be avoided.

  2. Thankfully this was identified as a fraud. I did not watch the video but, was utterly repulsed by the idea of P.Ryan becoming president, Coming from the “Cesspool of Corruption” as a friend once called the State of WI. (Absolutely correctly said), it is my feeling, that man, should be one of the very first, arrested in The Event. No, Paul Ryan, it is my feeling, should have no future, in the post Event US government. He and his Tea Party buddies are respinsible for brainwashing a huge segment of the American voting populace into believing policies which further the agenda & goals of the cabal, and therefore, a criminal, a co-conspirator, in committing crimes against humanity. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

  3. This may be a matter of “testing” how Ryan is perceived as a part of ongoing negotiations. I do not believe this has occurred but may be “on the table” as things currently stand.

  4. We now know it was disinfo. It had a good basis in probabilities, and many were willing to suspend their disbelief until a little time had passed. Still I want to share this because people were talking about it. I have now removed it from the site because it is now clearly a fraud meant to raise and then each the hopes of so many. The intro pointed out that it was an uncertainty, but that it introduced the idea of replacing the existing Corporate USG. that is an important discussion to have.

  5. Sorry .. I don’t feel that this video have the right energy .. am not feeling it. Probably another disinfo … etc. don’t know .. no need to explain .. they do what they do … they’ve probably spent their lifetime doing this … no sense in listening to this ‘nonsense. Namaste

  6. I’m not even from the US. But I don’t belive this, president Ryan? Is he the man who will lead that nation through the transition. Sounds like some disinfo to me.


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