Luke Owen ~ Image Title ~ ‘As One’ ~
Luke Owen ~ Image Title ~ ‘As One’ ~

We mainly believe that we are all from ONE Source and that each of us as divine beings create our own lives each moment each day with every decision we make. In other words, we are each of us co-creators of our united future reality on this planet. Where do we start? We should inevitably start ‘at home’ so to speak. With each forward movement in our daily lives where we ‘consciously’ choose a step to take that is consistent with the whole of who we are and where we find ourselves, whether it be going to the shop to get some food, calling a friend, exercising or whatever, we need to bring ALL of who we are into that action. If something does not feel ‘right’ to do at a particular moment in time we are inclined to do whatever that is less focused, less aware, even haphazardly and less heartfelt. We all do this on occasion because we feel that we ‘have’ to do something rather than desire to or want to. That’s part of life for everyone.

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However, Yeshua is asking us to put our heart and soul and love into everything that we do so that our lives are not just full of mere distractions. I might need to buy some food and consider it a chore but why not see it as a way to love myself more choosing food that will nourish and sustain me and also bring me some joy and comfort. Life is meant to be focused more on joy and this means bringing that joy to ourselves whatever way we can. These seem to be such simple things but every single movement we make towards creating greater harmony in our own lives moves the entire planet forward.

Relationships and The Event

We create our relationships with others every single time that we meet or connect with another. Let every single meeting that we have with another be a meeting where there is more truth, more love, more connection from the heart. This is huge! This is how we are going to create The Event quicker. Many of us have had less than harmonious relationships with others around us and maybe allowed these ‘locked’ situations to continue. There is always a way forward in truth. There is always a way to create more harmony in any relationship no matter how small that step might be. Sometimes all it takes is one small effort to recreate communication to actually bring about a catharsis in a blocked situation.

We Ourselves Can Hold Back Change and Liberation

We have tolerated disharmony on this planet for eons. We should now make every effort we can to not tolerate disharmony in our own lives any longer because when we do so we are also blocking change and liberation for the whole. Sometimes this can lead to the ending of a relationship. When there is no longer a way to communicate in truth with another, when we find that a relationship entails a continued compromise as to who we are, when all efforts made at communication of our truth seem to lead nowhere, then we must take the responsibility of holding onto the truth of who we are. If we continually compromise our true being and ‘bow’ to the will of another everyone loses.


Building true and worthy relationships can take a lifetime of effort, great love, some compromise and a willingness to step back from our beliefs and allow another to be who they are. No matter how different our take might be in a relationship regarding the truth of this reality/matrix we can / must listen to and respect the viewpoint of our friend / another. We Lightworkers most likely need those opposite viewpoints on reality to remain in touch with the majority mainstream view at present.

Yeshua has pointed out that He has no desire that we should stop living or become hermits on this journey towards enlightenment and liberation but He does want to encourage us to “bring all of who we are into everything that we do”. He suggests that we should be fully present – not distracted – and consciously here and now in everything that we do.

Making a change in our lives – moving forward into something new – can feel a bit scary at times. If we just take things one step at a time, a slow but continual movement forward, using a bit of extra caution, we find ourselves moving towards renewed growth and the confidence arises to do even better moving steadily onward and upward towards our goal.

Remember every step forward towards more love and harmony in your life spreads the positive harmonic energy further. Instead of thinking for example that “all of my relationships will be so much more loving and harmonious after The Event occurs” we can instead be ready to enjoy those relationships even more at that time by building them in that direction now.


Therese Zumi

23rd March 2016 at 1040  AM CET



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  1. It’s my experience that by letting go of certain forms of relationships, on a physical planetary level, we find the freedom to move on and grow, stepping into new territory. It can be utter anguish and in shivers of not knowing, as if in midair between two steps, but in time it pays off and all that came to pass will dissolve and become healed, in that all encompassing new found love. Which is a love free from personal attachments, a love that requires a warrior stance.

  2. There is no end to relationships, only change in relationships. We are all related all the time. Your article is well done.

  3. Corey wrote: Sphere Being Alliance Grass roots talks and projects are starting up all over… :-)Experience Full Disclosure Now ~ Playshop =

  4. Thank you very much for a beatiful article. I agree wholeheartedly with bringing all of who I am in all my actions, words and being, in stillness and in noises of the world… out there. No outer circumstance is of influence on that state. Most of the time I’m in a fluid state of entering that focus and leaving it a bit, for short periods of time, for I’m learning to cycle with training wheels. Now and than I go “Whoopie….look, no hands!” risking a fall 😉


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