Scientists Baffled 3/15/16

Something Big Came OUT Of A Black Hole Recently!

This interesting video is well worth a listen I believe. In it we learn about a lot of activity in the region of Sagittarius A which is in the vicinity of the Galactic Central Sun:


Hope you enjoy!


PS: I decided – today the 28th March – that I would add a question here that Richard asked Cobra on the latest PFC interview posted here yesterday. I feel that this might be good to know about when you watch this video.

Richard – Cobra, what is the difference between the portals and black holes which link distant places to the same universe and the one’s which link places in different universes?

COBRA – Black hole is just a concept which is used by current science to describe a certain reality of hyper dimensional worm holes.  Those hyper dimensional worm holes connect two different points in space/time continuum and the distance between those two points is not an issue because higher dimension they are always connected.  And this is the principle based on which the worm hole operates, or those star-gates operate.

Therese Zumi


27th March 2016 at 1105 AM CET

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  1. That’s so nice of you guys to take apart my article, pictures, videos and all… But cant you at least give rantfeed.rocks the credit for your source?

    Brutal dudes.. just brutal

    • I am not sure who ‘you guys’ refers to here Ben? The video link that I provided in the article here came directly from James Gilliland with no other source given than the you-tube link. The video in the comments here was linked by one of our readers. We always try to give the source to material if we have it TZ PS: You may be referring to the pictures which I found on Google when I put the heading of the video into the search engine? I found the two pictures on different ‘places’. Sorry if I missed seeing your source on those pics. TZ

    • PS to Ben – This is the link of one of the pictures: http://metro.co.uk/2015/10/27/nasa-just-saw-a-huge-pulse-of-energy-coming-out-of-a-black-hole-5465747/
      This is the link to the other picture: http://www.ufointernationalproject.com/latest-news/something-caught-coming-out-of-a-black-hole/

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this video Of Nassim Haramien. For me this explains why people have been seeing two suns recently. Can you imagine if the Earth would have been on the other side of the sun when it shot out that massive flare to protect it’s self? Comet plus flare = don’t want to think about it. Does this mean are planet can now get on with the buisness of raising our consciousness without living in fear of some major disaster looming over are heads? Just want to thank all who were invovled starting with God, the Angels, The Spere Alliance, the galactic federation, and any other Alien nation invovled, and the sun for having such great reflexes (LOL).

    • Yes this video with Nassim was a great compliment here – thank you to Marian for that. I have just now Monday 28th added a Q and A from the recent PFC Cobra interview that may be of interest to those liking this post. Richard the truth of the matter is that without the ongoing support of the Galactic Confederation we would simply not be here on this planet now. They are monitoring everything going on and preventing all kinds of disasters so there is absolutley nothing to fear. If you recall the near crashing of a comet in Russia about two years ago, that was prevented by three Pleiadian ships that disintegrated the comet as it came into our atmosphere. There was an amazing video taken by someone in a car that clearly showed this event. It was on my page Galactic Family on Veritas Galactic Sweden. It has of course been taken down by the cabal and available versions have been tampered with. This happens with all of the best footage. The tears that I cried when I saw this video before they tampered with it came from a sense of understanding the love that our Galactic Family have for us. Warm wishes TZ

  3. All I can quess is that this is anti gravity technology way beyond my comprehension. Also .49 seconds into video did anyone notice the large black sphere to the left of the black hole, what is that?

  4. Nassim Haramein explains about a comet near the sun twice as large as Jupiter. Related to predictions and the more or less hype-frenzy in the virtual world, about planet X



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