TZ here; My God dear friends if this post does not help you to understand just how far the liberation process has come then I don’t know what kind of info you might need to be convinced!!? This is such an amazing great update from Cobra. We who have known about his work as the RM messenger these past four years will have felt / intuited much of the truth surrounding events at this time i.e. the madness now in Belgium and today again in Baghdad, showing clearly that ‘they’ are in panic mode. Also re the dangers of Turkey’s role, the movement of the cabal towards Antarctica ( recent B Fulford update ), we will already have intuited some or a lot of what C is telling us here today.


If anyone has any doubt at this point as to whether or not this planet will be completely liberated from dark forces – if anyone has any doubt as to whether we shall have The Event take place and FULL disclosure, then I urge you to read this latest ‘situation update’ post and check out the links provided and do so as many times as it takes until you KNOW that it is indeed very soon GAME OVER for the cabal on Gaia.


I have to say that I am feeling amazingly optimistic now about our situation after this latest update from Cobra; The best news has to be that the strangelet bombs are gone! – and that “now the Light forces are focusing on removal of plasma toplet bombs, successfully using the same approach.”


This picture at the top is an illustration of Ēostre, the Goddess who was celebrated at Easter with feasts in her honour. We were all hoping that maybe the biggest gift of all – the arrival of The Event would take place around Easter in 2014 when we first saw this picture. Then we hoped the same in 2015. Now I have completely let go of desiring to have a date on this liberation process. All of the events that we now see occurring on the world stage are providing clear signs that the end of all of the madness is on the way big time on this planet. Now we know that the cabal have had a 3rd option escape planned. Indeed, it would be very strange if they didn’t! We know that if they try to go too far (warning in Cobra’s post about Erdogan knowing about the Belgian attacks beforehand and other scenarios might be under development) that WE WILL STOP THEIR PLANS with our decisive meditation for the opposite when and if necessary. If it comes to that then I would like to think that every reader on this blog will be devotedly taking part in any suggested meditation by Cobra.

ONE WOMAN UTILISING GODDESS ENERGY CAN STOP A WAR: So just figure what we can do at this point with goddesses and gods all over the place taking part in meditations!! They have no hope. Their only option is to try any way they can to escape. They have known ‘power’ for so long that just sitting back and waiting to be arrested is not something they would willingly agree to as long as they could still have some kind of option to ‘get away’ somehow.


We can be tempted to ‘pity them’ for their sad sad weaknesses but this act of pitying only lends more power to them. What we need is an utter determination to stand up for truth and not allow any half measures of truth of ANY kind. I would urge you to use discernment at all times with everything that you read. I have learned from experience that when ‘niggling’ thoughts of ‘why do they express themselves like that?’, or you feel deep down within that ‘something just doesn’t feel right here’ then TRUST THAT FEELING. I have a little motto that says “When in doubt leave it out”.

Warm Easter wishes to all of our wonderful readers on PFC.


Therese Zumi


26th March 2016 at 1415 PM CET








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  1. Interesting, Theresa you talk about having let go of any dates for the Event I have been digging for the Truth the last 5 years and have been going up and down in moods considering the incoming info and disinfo…last smy mood swings are completely gone…no more doubt…the Event will happen …i feel it….

  2. Incredible article, Therese! Having followed Cobra for the four years, I find his last update exhilarating!
    So much in this article resonates and I hope it does with all who read it! Amazing things are happening like they never have before and it is extremely exciting! Thank you Therese and Cobra! Never have I written the following with such determination and confidence! Victory of the Light !!! Brandon <3


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