The Panama Papers are not what they appear to be.

Meanwhile, the Ascension Mysteries has rocketed to #1 in all three of its Amazon categories, and is currently at #464 out of all books!

If you were still “on the fence” about whether this Cabal vs. Alliance war was even real, the Panama Papers should help change your mind.

UPDATED TWICE Same Night! Why? Because everybody cool is doing it!



As we will discuss in a minute, the unexpected success of The Ascension Mysteries is an excellent move towards Full Disclosure.

The Cabal, New World Order, or whatever you want to call it, is freaking out about full disclosure — because it will mean a complete loss of control for them.

The number one most profitable industry on earth is pharmaceuticals, with at least 11 main categories.

Second to that is oil. Third is telecommunications.

The Cabal has thoroughly locked up the pharmaceuticals and energy industries. Full disclosure will quickly remove the profitability of both.

Technology will be released that eliminates the need for “fossil fuels” and almost all forms of traditional medicine.

There will still be plenty of thriving industries, but there will also be an opportunity for many newcomers to get involved and have a fair shake.

Ultimately, full disclosure also means the lack of need for a money supply altogether — since we can “print” anything we desire with materializers.




Immediately after I finished the book and made the announcement here, the world was gripped by the biggest scandal since Snowden’s NSA disclosures.

Here is this morning’s headline from The Huffington Post:




The main article Huffington Post was linking to was from the German site Suddeutche Zeitung.

It used an appropriately dramatic reference from Game of Thrones: “A Storm is Coming.”

The article very specifically targeted Iceland in its main heading, including its flag and cabinet members in the photo.

Iceland is also named and attacked in the text immediately below the image:




In case you can’t see the text, it reads, “A quarter of Iceland’s cabinet members held offshore companies — even the current prime minister.

“Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson is suspected of having been influenced by personal interests in his fight against the banking crisis.”

Three-word name. Just like when someone shoots the President. And so many consonants in that last name!

I can’t even pronounce it. Not good. This Gunn-Lovin’-Sson-of-a-Whatever must be bad news.

This leak almost instantaneously led to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland, Gunnlaugsson:




Wait a minute… isn’t this the same Prime Minister who oversaw the jailing of 29 bankers under his administration?

As in, one of our greatest heroes on earth in the battle to defeat the mega-banks?



Yep. The same guy.

Interesting, isn’t it?



Here is an article from only three months ago about the 29 bankers Gunnlaugsson helped to imprison:

1/5: Iceland Has Jailed 29 Bankers. Why Can’t the UK and US Do the Same?

Just before Christmas, the former CEO of Iceland’s Glitnir bank and two other senior bankers were sentenced to jail terms of up to five years for market manipulation and breach of fiduciary duties.

This brings the total number of senior Icelandic bankers so far sentenced for crimes in the run-up to the 2008 banking crash to 29.

By contrast not a single senior banking executive in the US or the UK has been jailed for their role in the financial crisis.

Whilst banks – such as the five found to be rigging the Libor rate – have been hit with substantial fines, the individual bankers behind the fraud, market rigging and irresponsible lending that led to the economic meltdown have all avoided time behind bars.



The obvious question is whether the Prime Minister of Iceland was responsible for going after the bankers or was just another “one of them.”

Read what the Guardian had to say about this on October 6, 2013, after Gunnlaugsson was elected:


10/6/13: Iceland’s New PM Takes On the Bankers

A new mood of proud nationalism is emerging in economically resurgent Iceland after an out-of-control banking system sank the country into financial meltdown exactly five years ago.

Riding this wave of confidence is 38-year-old prime minister, Sigmundur Davíd Gunnlaugsson, elected in April on populist promises of mortgage relief for every homeowner.

Gunnlaugsson earned his spurs in years of outspoken campaigning against the foreign creditors who still haunt Iceland, particularly the British and the Dutch governments, which intervened after the collapse of Landsbanki – the bank behind Icesave – on 7 October 2008….

While many other politicians in Iceland had urged a policy of appeasing the enraged British and Dutch governments, Gunnlaugsson had insisted they should go hang.

“Icelanders, as descendants of the Vikings, are highly individualistic and have difficulty putting up with authorities, let alone oppression,” he said in one of his first speeches as prime minister on Iceland’s Independence Day in June this year.



Gunnlaugsson was the most effective enemy of the Cabal in the visible media world — and he just went down in flames. One day. Boom. Gone.

The problem is that the world of finance and politics is so dirty that no one gets out clean. Everyone is compromised, no matter how heroic they may be.

Corruption is so deeply woven into the system that you are simply never going to find anyone, Alliance or otherwise, who doesn’t have problems.

A single, uninformed “yes” in the course of a day with 250 decisions to be made could ruin an entire administration.

The most high-ranking politician affected by the Panama Papers, according to popular site, just so happens to be Vladimir Putin:



How very, very convenient.

A billion dollars sounds like a ton of money to most people — and it is — but the world of politics routinely deals in much higher numbers.

Furthermore, although the use of Panama as a tax shelter is unsavory, it is not illegal.

For many years now we have been tracking how Putin is the top politician coordinating the efforts of the Alliance.

Putin has undoubtedly needed to use a variety of strategies to prevent the Cabal from destroying the funds he is using to take them down.

Let’s not forget that Putin was bombing the heck out of ISIS after they mass-murdered innocents in Paris. 

Turkey, a US ally, shot his plane down and killed the pilot.

No one in the mainstream media said a word in support of Putin. It didn’t fit with their script of demonizing him as the ultimate evil.



So who is behind the shoot-down of Gunnlaugsson, the banker-jailing Prime Minister of Iceland, and the targeting of Putin?

Our volunteer army of internet journalists has already unraveled and flushed the “false flag” operation known as thePanama Toilet Papers.

Who printed this roll of papers to help wipe up their mess? You’ll never guess. This excerpt from “Off-Guardian” summarizes it nicely:


4/4: Panama Papers Paid For By The Cabal

The cooperative of intelligence-backed hacks who “broke” this “story” all hail from The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

[This is] a “special project” (their website tells us) of the not-at-all-Orwellian-sounding “Center for Public Integrity”.

…Let’s just take a stroll down the About page of the Center for Public Integrity, and find out where they get their money from:


  • The Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Foundation – they don’t have a website, but their President does. He’s a “philanthropist and entrepeneur”. In case you’re wondering…yes, that is “Goldman” as in “Goldman Sachs”.
  • The Ford Foundation – yes, as in Henry Ford. Business magnate and Nazi collaborator.
  • Open Society Foundation – we’ve tangled with these fine folks before. The OSF are an NGO set up by billionaire George Soros. Because billionaires love justice and freedom.
  • The Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Rockefeller Family Fund – how exactly these two things differ I’m not sure, however they do both exist, and they both give money to the CfPI, because the Rockefellers are all about that integrity.
  • The Carnegie Corporation of New York – As in Andrew Carnegie, the billionaire. As in the Carnegie Endowment for American Hegemony…sorry, I mean International Peace.



Even more revealing is the complete lack of US companies — at least in this first round of leaks.

Others from the US may follow in this process, but they will likely be mid-level executives who are being thrown under the bus by the Cabal.

This tweet from Adam H. Johnson says it all:





As Zero Hedge just wrote, international laws have prevented U.S. entities from using Panama as a tax haven since 2010:


4/4: U.S. Entities Cannot Use Panama as a Tax Shelter

As the shock from the initial revelation of leaked Mossack Fonseca files fades away, one recurring question has emerged: why were there no American clients of the firm named (at least not yet)?

After all, leaders in Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia and many other nations are already facing questions about their use of the Panamanian law firm, and yet nothing about the US?

As Eoin Higgins points out, the 2010 United States—Panama Trade Promotion Agreement included a taxation clause that effectively shut down any chance of the rich in the US using Panama as a shelter….

According to Higgins, “if Panama had ever been an attractive destination for American offshore storage of funds, this agreement shut the door on that possibility.”



Believe me, it is frustrating to be one of the only media outlets reporting on the insider war between the Alliance and the Cabal.

Veterans Today is doing a bang-up job of it, as is Benjamin Fulford. Corey Goode is a recent addition to the team and has released a great deal as well.

We know from multiple insiders, not just Corey’s people, that the Alliance is very real — and they have a massive series of “data dumps” ready to go.

The data dumps are extremely extensive. They go far beyond the “non-terrestrial officers,” “fleet-to-fleet transfers” and edited UFO images discovered by Gary McKinnon.

It is a full breakthrough into knowledge of the Secret Space Program.

How do you clean up the mess from the data dumps? Why, the Panama Papers — of course!

I think I’m having a little too much fun with this.



94-year-old William Tompkins is a last-minute “game changer” in this epic battle for Full Disclosure.



Tompkins has finally broken the silence and validated many aspects of Corey Goode’s testimony.

This includes firsthand confirmation that the US Navy discovered the Nazis had cut a deal with reptilian extraterrestrials.

This also includes information that saucer technology was already under development even before World War I.




Tompkins was just interviewed today for Gaia, and I will be interviewing him in the near future — and comparing notes — as well.

This is a major step forward in the disclosure process. Tompkins is also finalizing production on his second book that will reveal even more details than the first.

I have been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to see his book yet, but it is clearly filled with astonishing confirmations of what many other insiders have said.

Apparently Tompinks has been quite blown away by what Corey Goode has released, since he has personal knowledge of the truth it contains.

This is an exciting story that is developing fast. I will need to add in some material about Tompkins to The Ascension Mysteries at the last minute once I know more.

I have one final window to add a half-page here and there when I get the final editing pass later this month. I will have only 48 hours to make small changes.



With all this new validation coming forward, it seems that some sort of major breakthrough could soon occur.

You can “do the homework” yourself and see how these various dots connect. Once The Ascension Mysteries comes out, it will connect many more.

In the meantime, we know that the data dumps are very real, very extensive and very damaging to everyone — Alliance and otherwise.

No one has a totally clean reputation in the world of politics. You can pass off on a decision without any idea of what you were really signing.

Furthermore, when you are dealing with a ruthless villain that uses murder without a second thought to reach its goals, some deception is required to fight back.

This is just another aspect of how the game is played. Business as usual.



We heard that the Cabal showed Alliance members some damning things in the data dumps that would hurt them.

They pressured Alliance members to accept a “partial disclosure” in exchange for not having this information outed.

Since then, all parties involved have concluded that “partial disclosure” is impossible to achieve in today’s world.

Too many people know too much. Too many questions will lead to other questions, and will break open the entire discussion.



As I said in our last article, the Cabal very recently struck a deal that allowed them to avoid financial collapse of their mega-banks.

The full details remain classified, but the gist of it is that they accepted a disclosure process in exchange for a smoother exit ramp for everyone.

The problem with these people is they have the classic personality traits of the sociopath — and that means they can’t help but betray their own word.

The “Panama Papers” are a very obvious attempt for them to slam the Alliance with at least some of the damaging intel in the full disclosure data dumps.

This seems like a chaotic and ridiculous move, as it effectively nullifies the deal they just signed to avoid the collapse of their own institutions.



Furthermore, since Putin is an aikido master, you’d better believe this is going to swing around and kick the Cabal in the ass.

Therefore, we are probably just now seeing the very beginning of a bare-knuckle “Disclosure War” that could get really violent, really fast.

We thought the Cabal was going to avoid the collapse of their institutions, but that may well have changed in the aftermath of this very brazen move.

They must clearly believe they are going all the way down, and want to try to take everyone else out along with them in a blaze of glory.

I will have more to say on all of this but I desperately need to finalize the images for the book tonight so I don’t stay up until dawn as I did on Friday.

UPDATE: One example I forgot to mention that is already visible is the “leaking” of the personal data of 50 million Turks.

Turkey was the country that shot down Putin’s plane, and this data may actually led to Turkey’s exposure and downfall as a Cabal proxy army.

The hack appears to have come out of Iceland. The US immediately blamed China. Because why not?



Now what follows is the article I originally started writing before I really got into investigating the Panama Papers, and put all of that content first.

The book has done very well, thanks to your support — and that is good for everyone, considering the intel it contains.



As I said in our last post, The Ascension Mysteries is “Full Disclosure in a Book.” I have never written anything this ambitious or far-reaching before.

The Secret Space Program and our cosmic history is presented in a very thorough fashion, drawing on as many different insider resources as possible.

If this book succeeds, it gets us much closer to the goal of the Star Trek / Stargate / Jetsons-type future we’ve all secretly been longing for.

The publisher sent me a note of congratulations today about what has happened on Amazon just since our last post went up.

The time on the email was 2:22 pm. Here is the current listing when you look up The Ascension Mysteries on Amazon:



In case the numbers and letters are hard to see, there is a banner on the right that says “#1 Best Seller in Unexplained Mysteries.”



You can also see from the price that pre-ordering saves you almost eight dollars and brings it to just over 20 bucks.

I don’t know how long this deal lasts, but it is there now. If you don’t use Amazon, Barnes and Noble has a comparable deal at 25% off.

Even when I was a desperately broke college student in the early 1990s, doing the research you will read in the book, I routinely spent more than this.

I honestly can’t recall ever spending less than 30 bucks on a hardcover, and they still sit proudly on my shelves to this day, ready for action.



As an added synchronicity bonus, 144 items pop up as relevant searches when you enter in “The Ascension Mysteries” on Amazon.

That number sure seems familiar….



After I clicked on the link and landed on the destination page, this is what I saw:



Once again we see the “ribbon” for #1 Best Seller in Unexplained Mysteries.

I made sure to take pictures of all of this so the metrics can be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.

The “paid trolls” invariably try to make it sound as if no one is interested in what we are doing.

Clearly this is not the case. You have definitely cast your vote for full disclosure, and those numbers cannot lie.



How do we know the book hit #1 in all three topic categories it is listed in on Amazon?

Scroll further down on the destination page and take a look at the Product Details:



We are currently sitting at #1 in Unexplained Mysteries, UFOs, and Ancient & Controversial Knowledge.

Furthermore, you can see that we are all the way up to #464 out of all books ever written, listed and sold on Amazon — at least right for now.

I will have to check, but I believe this is as strong as any performance we’ve had on any of our books — if not stronger.



If you watched our latest Cosmic Disclosure episode on Government Troll Data Centers, you know one of Corey’s jobs was setting these up all over the country.

This and all other episodes are available to watch and download on a full-access basis for 30 days at 99 cents if you are a first-time subscriber.

[Yep, trolls, I just did it. BOOM! How do you like me now?]

Each technician sits in front of a matrix of six different screens, each loaded with a different battle zone — like we have here.

They may create over 30 different alternate personalities to attack comments sections on sites just like this one.

Here is a reconstruction of what it looks like based on Corey’s firsthand testimony of setting these up:



If you sneak up behind this guy and give him bunny ears, I honestly would not be offended.

Just in case anything we have been discussing here could even possibly be true, it should be a no-brainer that we have a tremendous problem with these guys.



In 2001, I was in contact with a major video game designer who wrote and sold huge books on how to program games like a professional.

Once you added it all up, he only made 25 cents a copy off the sale of books that were going for 30 bucks.

The book market is so flat that you can hit a NYT best-seller for only a few thousand copies or less, depending upon when you release it.

So anyone who thinks these rankings add up to “big bucks,” has no idea what they are talking about — paid trolls or otherwise.

In today’s world, you write books because you love it and you want the information out — not because you expect to get rich from doing it.

It is truly sad that the Cabal has completely wiped out the survivability of the arts in general — music, journalism, writing, acting, painting, sculpture, you name it.

Furthermore, in case I ever do actually make significant profits, I will turn them around and use them for the good of humanity — as I have always done.



I want to thank you for stepping up, spending the 20 bucks and making this happen, because it truly can make a difference.

The amount of “full disclosure” in this one book will literally make it like an Ascension experience for its readers.

I am very excited to see what happens when open-minded “newbies” dive in and get the full dose of knowledge this book contains.

I spent my entire life going through many profound cycles of awakening to get the intel that is now distilled down into this one volume.

Furthermore, as I wrote in “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!,” the amount of personal suffering I have gone through to get all this data is almost unimaginable.



If you haven’t jumped in and secured your discount yet, now is a great time to do it. Getting those numbers up shows Full Disclosure will not be stopped.

I never expected to hit a triple #1, but that’s what you’ve done here — so I thank you!

Together we can make Full Disclosure a reality.

Despite tonight’s insane deadline, I obviously needed to lock in some statements about the Panama Papers before the next big news story appears.

The Papers are on fire and we can expect all sorts of twists and turns in the near future as they swirl down the vortex of public apathy.

Maybe I need to work on my metaphors. It’s late and I’m tired.

We may already be in a very different world by the time the book comes out — which would be great for the “I told ya so points” alone.




Barnes and Noble:


Books a Million:




Maybe you get tired of me writing about numerical synchronicity when I post, but it just keeps on happening every time!

I just popped in to make an update about the Turkish data dump that occurred today, out of Iceland — and how it proves this war is already accelerating.

Turkey is one of the main homes for the Cabal’s proxy army, ISIS — so this definitely fits the pattern of a “disclosure war.”

Right after I made the update, the previous article that announced the book and shot it to #1 in three categories was at 37776 hits:



At some point in the future I will be doing all of this behind the scenes, so I want to make it count by acknowledging my efforts in the present!



Wow. Check this out. Someone on my official Facebook page pointed out another juicy detail about the Disclosure War we are now seeing suddenly escalating.

A fire broke out in the IRS headquarters building yesterday, right after the Panama Papers were rolled out to take a good swipe at the data dumps.

It “just so happens” that this fire has forced them to shut down the IRS for the rest of the week.

Oh… you know, the air handlers got dirty. Something like that.


Uh. OK. Well, you see, there’s just too much (ahem) nasty stuff in there and our guys will need about a week to clean it all out of the building.

But hey fool — don’t think this means you ain’t throwin’ down on the fit-eenth! Don’t front.



The winner of the best guess as to “What Damning Evidence Are They Sanitizing Out of the IRS Building This Week” will be glorified with a public fist-bump right here.

Release the Kraken!



After posting the above and looking at the front page, the hit counter for the last article was at 38,000, showing another three-digit repeating pattern:



Then I clicked on the article to see if it would still be there. Another pattern then appeared between the Facebook Likes at 3082 and the hit counter at 38,002!



Somehow we’re all doing this as a collective consciousness. My seemingly spontaneous actions are, in fact, highly cailbrated, often down to the second.

This is indirect but nonetheless provocative evidence that there is a higher intelligence orchestrating the entire disclosure process.


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