Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rob Potter, I’m broadcasting from here on the island of Maui. I have a very, very special edition of the Victory of light radio show. I’m interviewing Corey Goode, one of the top whistle-blowers’ in the world at this time, really coming out with some amazing information.

For those of you who know me, I work closely with Cobra in the past and I have also workedwww.prepareforchange.net in creating some information about the coming changes. Corey Goode, for those of you who know, is bringing out a lot of information in his life in the SSP.

I’m not going to go into too much into the history. I have an idea here that this is going to be an advanced interview for people who have already been following Corey’s information. For those who have not watched all the GaiamTV.comepisodes I strongly recommend you do so.

They contain a lot of information. You can go to Corey’s website, we’ll be talking about that in a second. I’m going to bring out information here, try to set the playing field and give us a clearer understanding of what’s going on out there.

I’ve already spoken to Corey. We’re going to bring up some suppositions an test the limits and see if we can get some understanding on, you know, what we call the glass pads and the SSP, the Alliance, the earth based Alliance and their views and their position here.

So we’re going to get into quite a few different things. Slightly political to get some clarity here. Then we’re going to go into some of this information. So much to go forward here today, so I’m going to try to keep my questions to a minimum but I will be setting the groundwork for some of this information. So without further a due, I’m going to introduce Corey Goode and just bring him on and we’re going to get started here.

Corey, it’s a wonderful pleasure. We’ve spoken several times in the last 7-8 months on the phone. It’s really an honor to get to know you and to finally have you on the show, so welcome to victory of light radio show. How are you doing?

Corey – I’m doing well, how about you?

Rob – Really good. Right away there maybe there’s some people who haven’t heard of your information. Why don’t you share some of your web sites where people can connect with you and of course Gaiamtv.com so if you can give some web sites so people can follow up with your information to help support our mission.

Corey – Sure. My main website is www.spherebeingalliance.com and that’s where can find a lot of my news updates, transcripts to all of the shows that David Wilcock and I have done on www.Gaiamtv.com which our show is Cosmic Disclosure. That’s on www.gaiamtv.com. If you want to sign up for a subscription, if you go to www.blueavians.com, that way David and I get some sort of credit for it.

We’re also starting up a new project which is www.thefulldisclosesureproject.org. I’m sorry; I thought you were about to say something.

Rob – No I was on mute. I just want to move forward to the interview here. Folks, I’m going to give a very brief history here. Corey Goode was a part of a unique talented group of children that was researched and chosen by the government to become what is known as an intuitive empath and he became part of a Secret Space Program.

This program which really absolutely reads like the most outrageous crazy sci-fi television show. This is so out there that the average person can look at this material and just roll their eyes and just call this a bunch of junk and a bunch of made up stuff and dis-information and a lot of stuff that people cannot just wrap their heads around it.

I’ve been having experiences since 1970’s and spent a long time and I’ve been expecting this type of disclosure and information to come out. I spoken many years ago about when the SSP military guys come out it’s going to make the average contactee look like a choirboy and that’s what’s happening here.

We’re getting tremendous amounts of information in regards to the history of the current earth civilizations development and technology and alignments that follows. Corey has gone into outer space, worked for 20 years, come back and then actually then physically regressed to a youth again and lived many years with these memories and eventually has been able to come out and share this information with the public.

There’s a unique situation in that, we could call them the good guys of the American or the World’s based, mostly American SSP, probably the most advanced SSP that we know of, have decided to come out. They have broken some of their control mechanisms and I guess we could call it programming and have decided to come out against their masters in the international space conglomerate and to reveal information.

So the main players in the white hats of the SSP have their own ideas. They’re kind of militarily oriented and they have their own liaison, a gentleman named Gonzales. You can read about what the blue the Blue Sphere Beings say. Specifically that they wanted Corey Goode to represent them and this was kind of an “upset the apple cart” so to speak.

The good guys in the SPP kind of have a hostile or contentious relationship in regards to him. They don’t trust Corey and that’s one of the things we’re going to talk bout here. Corey, when I look at you being chosen here, it seems almost like the perfect choice because you were not involved with the SSP (at the time).

So there’s no necessary alliances there, you’re not treated really well by them and it seems as though you’re a more of an impartial observer and this is allowing the general public to get a direct, let’s call it “a birds eye view” on this situation.

I think it was made pretty clear, you know when you were scheduled to go with the Draco’s and it was revealed all the things they wanted to do with you in one of those meetings it was good that you did not go.

If you look at it, as I was looking at it then it became clear even if they did something to you Corey, god forbid. But you’re protected and they didn’t.

The reality is someone else could take your place. You are not a policy maker only a witness delivering information like an ambassador. I’m sure there’s another intuitive empath, like a back-up plan that could do this.

You were really like a camera and I think they realized that now and there’s anything they want to do they can replace the camera and there’s no agenda here. So in that way it makes no sense to hurt you.

I’d like you to, if you could, I’d like to start off with a thanks and gratitude from the world for you coming forward with this information. I’d like you to talk about your first meeting with the Blue Sphere Alliance and if you could tell me if they had more personal interaction with you than when you first talked. If you could talk about the first meeting and their mission statement for you as it was explained to you.

Corey – My first meeting were definitely all more of a person nature. Of a personal spiritual nature and a personal nature . . . information that I still want to keep personal but also was starting to prepare me for things that were coming down the pipe. So I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but it was personal stuff, things that I needed to do to grow, things that I wasn’t doing at the time because I was stubborn, I wasn’t getting on a high vibratory diet, I wasn’t spending as much time in meditation as I should and you know, they were trying to get me in a more high vibratory state. In the beginning I was resistant I guess, maybe on a subconscious level. I wasn’t just saying Oh, OK; I’ll just do that then. It always took something occurring, some sort of catalyst like I finally got on the high vibratory diet at our last shoot at Gaiamtv.com when I had food poisoning so bad at the beginning of the shoot. We shot, I think 10 episodes was all we were able to shoot that week because I was just deadly ill and after that my body would just totally reject meat or . . . all I eat is fruit and vegetables and I’m constantly eating, but that’s all I eat. So I somewhat refused to go on this high vibratory diet and you know, things occurred to steer me that way any way.

Rob – Very good. You’re preparing the vessel for the work to connect your, I guess we call it your higher self your I AM presence or what you call the resonance center to receive this information and to be prepared to assimilate this higher vibration. I was talking about identification and information, I was wondering if they told you anything about your past lives and did you get an overview of the situation and the political situation going on with the mission or has that been kind of kept from you.

Corey – I’ve been asked a couple times if I wanted to know who I was, who I am and who I will be, whatever that means. I assume that means past lives and I know that, but something has told me that I don’t need to know that and that has been my response that I don’t need to know that right now. What was the 2nd part of your question?

Rob – I understand that. You don’t need to know that as part of your past, I meant in relationship to them. The other thing I was wondering about, did you speak about philosophy and vetting them for what is their belief and their agenda and what is the information that they wish to convey through you to the world.

Corey – These are not conversations like I’m having with you right now. These are very . . . it’s taken a while for me to learn the way they communicate is so cryptic. They’re so big about not violating free will and given they provide information and when I tell, when I tell David, you know, when I would communicate with David Wilcock after a briefing, he said that’s how they communicate things in the law of one.

I have no reason why, I have no idea why, but it’s a bit frustrating, you know. It’s just the way these higher density beings are. I mean we try to overlay our 3rd, 4th density way of thinking on top of them and that’s just not going to fly. These beings are in a totally different wavelength literally and they’re basically talking down or coming down to communicate with us.

This non-verbal communication does not occur in linear form like a sentence or a conversation would. The communication occurs in images and smells and tastes and all the different sensory input types that you would think of.

Rob – Right. So it’s a full kind of telepathic communication where you get a lot of information and there’s a lot at this point in time the details are kind of open ended for you. I do have a question because a lot of the contactees and this includes even the scientific contactees have a different positive feeling from them .

Those who I’m working with say in the super confederation alliance of 40 worlds their interactions seem to indicate a very kind of a spiritual inner orientation. You have brought out in your interviews but it hasn’t been really like at the forefront and I think that’s because obviously you don’t want to get people wrapped up in religion and polarization and you simply want this information to come out.

Still we are there is I guess we could call it the law of one or a spiritual orientation . What I would postulate when it comes to God and I’m going to the Wendell Stevens book with the Iargan group that kind of look like an ape,(the come from the vegan system) they postulate that there are basic axioms for understanding God.

People question is it god or is it evolution? I would say that god created evolution. When I say god I do not mean an anthropomorphic being sitting on a throne with a beard I’m talking about divine intelligence that knows the beginning form the end and has a plan for souls and certain laws of the universe. We can call it the law of one or whatever.

Their axioms are this: “That something cannot come from nothing, so we are something; therefore we came from something! That something could be called the creator or god “

The alternative paradoxical axiom is that that source that is created us had to come from something” So there’s really no empirical logical dualistic mind way of saying that there is a God. There is also no way to say there is not a God or creator.

Yet if you choose there is no god it’s kind of like it’s just a materialistic random universe the leaves it quite cold and the benevolent ET assure us this is not the case. They are emphatic that there is a reason and a purpose and that the power of love is the binding force of the universe.

In fact the nature of all creation and the what they would call, you could call the divine intelligence, source or creator. I don’t want to pop anyone’s religious bubble and relations here. Can you talk about your understanding of this or have they mentioned to you anything about the creator or the positive side like looking at the glass as half full ? That through faith, as opposed to demanding rational explanations for everything.

Corey – Well most of what’s been communicated to me is basically their beliefs; most of their beliefs go back to something about an oneness. That there is an intelligent resonant field and this intelligent resonant field this resonant field creates a geometric pattern that is the basis of matter that creates matter and then this matter is intelligently manipulated within the different fields and torsion fields that have consciousness that’s a part of this resonance consciousness is in a resonant field and that they call, that we all call the created source, that David Wilcock called the Source Field in his book. There are many names for it.

Rob – Right. All names would belong to this. Anything that we can use with our mind would limit the infinite mind of this source field. I’m not uncomfortable with the word creator. I have another question for you. We have spoken previously privately, and you spoke in part of your implant removal process was to invoke the name of Jesus Christ and when you had spoken about this to Ra’ Tear you stated that he bowed and acknowledged you and I’m wondering, was this. . . did you get a sense like this was, “yea, whatever dude bow” or was it kind of like yes, we acknowledge that source of information.

Corey – They acknowledged that source of power.

Rob – OK thank you. Have they talked about implants ?

Corey – These were, you said implants and I guess that could be terminology but these were entity attachments.

Rob – Right OK. Yea, entity attachments. I was going to talk about that a little bit in the future. I wanted to talk a little about the term breakaway first. According to one of my friends that passed over, Dr. Frank Strange who was working with a gentleman named Commander Valiant Thor. He claims to have gone to Venus with him as well as to some inner earth positive civilizations. He had mentioned that some of the Mayan civilizations like the ones some of the ones that healed you did move the Pleiades.

So my question is about the word break-away as it kind of sounds like a competition and someone moving it in a power sense. It seemed to me from the explanation that was given to me for this group was that they had reached a level of community and . .

Corey – Bifurcated is more accurate. Bifurcation. They just split away.

Rob – At that point when they broke away the world there wasnt much communication to other parts of the world. So they where not alone world order kind of thing they just basically bifurcated. They decided their predilection was to move beyond the inner earth and go elsewhere.

So there are other groups, you would agree that are not necessarily along the lines and agenda of the SSP international conglomerate that are separate from us but are not necessarily hostel to us or breaking away in that sense.

Corey – That are part of our current era?

Rob – Well . . That brings us to another questions, but let me just say the question would be; you would agree that there are other, in the history of our earth there have been groups of people from these surface that have basically either moved to the inner earth or off the planet.

Corey – Yes, absolutely. Our recent break-away civilization thing that has occurred, it is not a phenomena that has occurred for the first time on this planet. There have been other civilizations that developed to a certain point and then of course the priesthood who guarded the knowledge and the science and were also the science class, you know guarded this information and kept it and them and the elites just like us and our elites kept that information and segmented themselves away from the general population.

Rob – OK. One of the things that I’ve heard about from what I understand from inner earth is that there is a positive Agarthan network that you haven’t mentioned in any of your talks. Would you go into that a little bit? We talked about things called the Ra’s. We talked about Ra ‘Tear.   From the Atlantean civilization at the time they were forseeing cataclysms coming through the mis-use of technology.

I guess the basic battles going on between these farmer groups were destabilizing the earths tectonic plates and that some of the spiritual centers of earth groups around the planet chose to go inside the earth.

Thus they created an Agarthan network and they were called the Ra’s. Beneath Giza is Ra, beneath the Himalayans is Ra-Ma, There’s one beneath the Bermuda Triangle called Ra-Yolo, There’s another one called Poisided in Brazil. Beneath Shasta is Ra-Mu. There are many other ones I imagine.

Corey – Where does this information come from?

Rob – This information comes from what is known as the Great White Brother/Sisterhood. This is one of the things I was kind of curious about to address because some of your experiences with the inner earth groups the Omegans and the groups you have met with seems that they are not very far evolved. They have a beautiful technological civilization there but there’s still fear. 18 Million years that group is in their projecting themselves and making telepathic communications out of fear to rule the surface population?

Corey – No, they’re connecting with people to give them benevolent information but they’re using subterfuge as . . . to protect their location as any group would do for protecting your home base and your assets and all of that.

Rob – Yea, I can kind of see that and on another level I was kind of thinking there would be more of positive open interaction and I think that’s what . . .

Corey – That’s what they’re lobbying for and the reason there hasn’t been that is that back to the close to the time of Mohammad there was a major treaty signed among all these groups and it had to do with open contact walking among humanity and It had to do with letting us develop on our own with only . . . with them skirting the rules with mild and manipulating from the back-ground through proxy, human proxy agents mostly. So this is one of the things that the Anchar Alliance have requested to have meeting with the Super Federation to see if this treaty can be re-visited.

Rob – Is this treaty between the inner earth groups of the Agarthan network.

Corey – All the groups in this solar system abide by this treaty, even the Draco. There was open warfare in our skies above our planet up until even our current historical era between all these groups, until this treaty was signed.

Rob – OK. I guess that leads me to another question here. So they’ve all had this treaty that I call the Quarantine and it’s based on to keep things so there’s not battles in the skies but there still are.

Corey – Not only that but not allowing them to be seen and walk among us. To allow us to develop our society without direct physical interaction and manipulation by them even though, as always, it seems in all these cosmic treaties and rules there is little ways in the back ground for the benevolence and others to circumvent parts of the treaties.

Rob – Obviously there’s certainly evidence , the bad guys are circumventing this clearly. One of the gentlemen that I sent you a link to named Bob Reynaude has a website called the Terrakor Files www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/#Home

Terrakor Files this is a good group of ET’s not in the Federation but from what is called the Alliance. I’d like to share with you one of the things that they have stated that since earth this is a Confederation world and as such we do not have any military confederation type protection for ourselves.

They said that they had discovered that in the 1800’s a group called the Omegans came to earth and infiltrated us and are using subterfuge in violation of those agreements and are infiltrating us. The Omegans have done this on many different worlds in the past. www.berkshire.net/~brenaud/HTML/Omegans.htm

Through the political and the military process and they keep the people at each other’s throats. To counter this threat the Alliance has also infiltrated the earth through a technology which they talk about which is basically how they work amongst us. They can have their life form body from another world.

They step into a portal and they disappear and they show up on earth in a human physical body that is adjusted to our gravity. that his kind of like holograph relationship to the soul that can exist in our environment, so they are definitely involved as sleeper agents in all aspects of society and religion and society and media and science and military and political and things of this nature. Do you have any information about the positive groups working to stem this . . . these other groups who are seeking a parasitical nature with us.

Corey – Could you be a little bit more specific about which negative groups. You gave a lot of details there with these people you gave me links to.

There’s lots of different parasitic relationships going on the etheric level and on, even on the physical level you have relationships every day that people have in their lives are parasitic relationships.

Rob – Right I’m talking more specifically in an intention work that is coming here to infiltrate this planet, use it’s resources and subjugate the people through the NWO kind of technology here. I’m talking about the reptilians, the Grays and some of these human groups even which I would say are like, some people call them the Omegans are the Kalrans.

These groups don’t generally like to work together but according to this gentlemen some of them are forced to work together like “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” so to speak. He talks about these different groups that are actually, we would call them down here the forces of light. It seems that the Ra’Tear is viewing the same thing kind of like there’s been a lot of interference here and they’re here to kind of clear the playing field, is that correct.

Corey – Yes, they stated that their main purpose has been to basically interact with the humanities’ co-creative consciousness, mass consciousness in a symbiotic way. Work with directly with that mass consciousness to help it with it’s help it to determine it’s path and future outcome and that’s the high level area of what they’ve been doing. The low level area of what they’ve been doing is more on the level of, you know, speaking to me or to these other or speaking, communicating to these other beings. Because when they first, when their presence was first made know all of these beings were trying to hail them or get in contact with them but they were not being acknowledged.

Rob – Obviously they’re not being acknowledged. I’ve heard reports that some of these ships were here since the ’70’s. I have another kind of question . . .

Corey – I wouldn’t doubt, (and they’re not ships) I wouldn’t doubt these sphere’s have been here since, probably for many many decades before that if not longer.

Rob – Yes, and a lot of our information here is based on our physical plane experience and so I have another question for you. How far up in dimensions have, if you know, is the Cabal or the NWO SSP program been able to go. I know some of the technology allows them to travel on the astral plane where time doesn’t exist, beam ship portal technologies. I’m kind of curious.

Corey – They’re able to travel to other realities or dimensions. There’s one reality that they’ve traveled back and forth in-between now. Most of the travel that I’m aware of has to do with travel within our solar system and the information I have of travel outside of our solar system with souls and through portals.

Rob – Oh. So we don’t know exactly which dimensions. It’s not really known or deciphered at this point.

Corey – Well. . That’s really hard, Dimensions like if you’re looking at crystals or diamonds, there are different facets. Those are different realities timelines, and dimensions densities are not the same thing. So you know there’s a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of confusion out there.

People talking about going to, you know going to another dimensions or another density and these other density beings their consciousness and their molecules, they’re vibrating, their frequency is vibrating at a a higher frequency than ours and they’re higher vibratory beings.

I’ve physically touched and interacted with them and they have the ability as they get higher and higher frequency to just change their self to complete energy and fore-go for a lack of a better word or teleport wherever they like. They just change frequency of their consciousness to the frequency of the location they want to be and they shift to that location.

Rob – Right, these are some of the higher beings. I wanted to go into that in a couple seconds but I wanted to confirm what you talked about. Beam ships have cameras above and below the bottom of the ship and as you said, they have these star, the star pathways are mapped out and so at certain times when there’s less star systems in-between they can go much quicker and they can just project where they are and where they want to be and they just jump and they’re there.

Corey – They really don’t use cameras, they use remove imagery that there is nothing that we have.

Rob – Obviously it’s an interactive technology that maps astral pathways and the numbers are always mapped into this super consciousness things. Here’s another thing I wanted to ask you is I personally have had initiation experiences in regards to leaving my body when I was very young and having experiences with positive benevolent forces and in my experiences.

I recognized that I am an luminous being. I was actually able to look down and to see that I was, I guess you could call it the soul or the light body that was. The physical body was encased in it and I looked down below my navel and I saw that I had these filaments that would reach out and touch the world. A famous author, Carlos Castaneda who studied under Don Juan said this is called the Will.

There are supposedly various points on the body that correspond to physical organs like the spleen would be the dreaming. We have what is called the Tonal and the Nagual which also correspond to different points of the body, the center of feelings is at the tip of the breastbone. The reason is in the head. I actually experienced that on my luminous body there’s a position called death and it was to my left as it was stated in the books.

I actually could reach out and touch it. It was kind of a yellowish field and when I touched it and acknowledged it; it kind of filled me with a higher light vibratory energy. I was wondering in the SSP or any of your contact with the Sphere Being Alliance, did you have any experiences of this nature of understanding the luminous self and how it is different than the physical body and what that type of information and knowledge you might share with us.

Corey – Well yea. When we were going through the Milab programs we were constantly being put through programs, put through processes where we were having out of body experiences and through the remote viewing and remote influencing training we were, you know doing the visualizations and the experiments to where we were leaving our bodies and looking at our light bodies and then expanding our light bodies and that kind of a thing.

Rob – Can you describe the light body. For me it looked like someone had bundled up some hair, there were luminous filaments, almost hairy like a spider’s legs and they were within my body and it was a very kind of like a separate reality type of thing.

Corey – Yea, it was a giant . . . With us we were told to picture it this way so I guess it was some sort of front loaded into my way of perceiving it, but it appears as a bright energy field with different color and size orbs floating around and we would then float around inside the light body and visit orbs and visit the orbs for information and the orbs were a conduit were said to be a conduit to our higher selves or a symbol of a conduit to our higher self. A lot of what occurs with people is that we’re in communion subconsciously with our higher selves all the time and our higher selves is very very much connected into the root of source and we’re being fed and given a lot of information that way. And a lot of people have a real high connection a real close connection to their higher self and our higher self and our conscious self will, our conscious self will take information from our higher self and present it to us in different ways. So sometimes we’ll perceive some mystical or spiritual experiences and it is a mystical and a spiritual experience between you and your higher self-receiving some very advanced information, but we perceive it as something else because consciously from our belief systems, or from our experiences we’re front loading the experience. That’s not all cases, that are some cases.

Rob – Very good. It seems to be filtering through the programming. I want to offer for you that we are, as David Wilcock says, a toroid, this fractal of light is when one looks at the top seen as a toroid. When you look at the front of the toroid it is like we are a human light or magnet. The electro magnetic flow from the anode to the cathode or from the brain and to the base of the spine we look like a butterfly.

One of the Shaman’s explanations is that where from our resonance center that we are projecting an assemblage point on our luminous self that we perceive things from and in some of the ancient mythology and technology that I guess from our. . Part of our problem is that we have these programs and belief systems that allow us to only experience the omniverse from one assemblage point and one perspective .

Corey – A lens. Yea. It becomes a lens and we see everything through that lens. New information comes out and we pull out our accumulated experiences and belief systems out of our pocket and dust it off and shine it up on our shirt real quick and we hold that up to the new information which some would call incoming light and that light is refracted through that lens of our belief system.

Rob – Right. And they said that a man of knowledge who follows the path with heart must be more fluid in his understanding where reason is not a despotic guard that should be a broad minded guardian to more higher dimensional be able to see the multi-dimensional information that’s coming in from different levels.

Corey – Yes, and that and self doubt. Wisdom and self doubt go hand in hand because once you feel like you’ve got everything locked up you’ve closed yourself off to any further growing. A wise person may think that we may sit there and think we have things all figured out but we’re wise enough to listen to other information but keep our reality bubbles permeable to new information, but then again we’re running it through our filter of our experiences and belief system.

Rob – I wanted to talk about that filter of the lower personality vehicle which is the physical body and to state that some of these hostile groups like the Draco’s who have an advanced awareness of this light body that they have as I understand there are, if you have ever heard of the engram or there are 9 points where you’re the giver, the nower the leader etc etc.

There are names for the type of personality and according to these light beings that we have these fixations, which are our filters, and beliefs that we’ve held that have become very rigid and there are 9 of them. In ancient Hindu mythology is Kali this girl holding a skull and she’s got 9 skulls and her knife.

It looks like a deadly evil thing but it really is a good thing as it represents the cutting of the attachments to these viewpoints to allow us to hear more from our resonate center. There are these fixations which skew our view into a narrow bandwidth of perception.

So I’m wondering it seems like the SSP and all these guys, everything they’re doing is geared along the lines of the black monks for control and power and that all of the things that you’ve described for the most part have been this historical break away civilization with the Nazi’s which is just fascinating. I don’t doubt a bit of it . . .

Corey – What’s interesting about that is this a new whistle blower that’s coming forward, William Tompkins, he was writing his books selected by ET’s and he released it in Dec 2015. He’s about 94 years old now. He worked for the Navy. He had NO idea of the information that I was releasing. A person passed, right after he published this book, a person passed my information that I’d given through him through Dr. Salla’s book Insider’s reveal and ET alliances and he contacted Dr. Sala and was shocked. He said he’s a part of the Navy sanctioned disclosure project and that he’s going to be the first person to put a lot of this information out. He’s pretty shocked. I got his book. It just arrived. I haven’t got a chance to even look at it. A lot of people’ve been talking to him and much of the information correlates. I was told whistle blowers are going to start coming forward, which was about 7 months ago, and then I heard crickets and nobody come forward and I was getting nervous. Theres another person being vetted that came forth and 2 more in the wings that are being prepped to come forward that are whistleblowers. It looks like some exciting times ahead of us.

Rob – Yes. It’s wonderful time. Michael Salla talked about that to me before, of course. We have this long history of ancient Aliens and you don’t have to worry. I think there’s going to be a lot more people coming out. (I’m not worried).

One of the thrusts for this interview is kind of lay groundwork and a foundation for the orientation of these different groups. When you think about, OK we have the earth-based Alliance, the good guys and the SSP. I’m really concerned with their ethics and morals.

As you mentioned they bombed their way out of things. They’re contentious towards you. You’re at the lunar operations command and they won’t offer you healings. We have people down here on the earth obviously that need healing. Some have awakened up and feel guilty about things they did under mind-control and they are concerned about blowbacks and reactions. It’s a human condition.

Corey – You haven’t even touched the earth alliance. They’re just as damaged as a group as you’ve just mentioned. These are considered the good guys right now out there fighting on our behalf while we’re sitting here not doing a whole lot.

Rob – Right that’s part of I believe our mission my mission is to wake people up so that we can empower ourselves. There are tremendous amounts of secret agents and guys who are working against this NWO (Oh yea) who have had tremendous loss of life and are very frustrated and have to live in absolute secrecy and I’m sure some of them are hidden in underground bases and things of this nature.

I wanted to ask you, maybe you could, and one of the things I’m looking for is this. . Somehow this plan of unity. It seems to fractured with the surface population orienting towards this spiritual, not necessarily pie in the sky but this non-violent view of transformation and change. Do you believe it’s possible that the spiritual vibrations and the Galactic federation of 40 planets in conjunction with the benevolent inner earth groups if they’re aligned properly at the right time can overcome this Artificial Intelligence (A) I matrix

Corey – Well yes. There’s a plan that AI matrix is going to come down. There is a plan that it’s all a part of . . . and I can’t go into it. It’s a . . .and some people can probably extrapolate, it’s a situation that will happen solar system wide and after that we will be having a need to be working on a a whole new type of technology anyway, so it would be a perfect time to usher in the new technologies.

Rob – Yes I understand they’ve done this on many worlds before. That these hostile groups that are kind of conjoined with this AI type of technology are usually choose worlds that are not under confederation or alliance umbrella and they take over these worlds. They’ve had a lot of practice with what they’re doing to us here.

Corey – They don’t care who’s in control.

Rob – Right, but they take whoever’s in control and they manipulate the situation behind the scenes, would you agree with that.

Corey – Yes. They manipulate things covertly until they get a certain . . . to a certain place operationally and they become very overt and take over. Yes this AI presence permeates everywhere and it’s an issue that all groups have to deal with and only very few groups have totally eradicated the problem from their area at all by finding a way to completely dampen their signal all together from coming in to their region of space.

Rob – Yes, I think this is one reason for the quarantine and one reason that I was told by the benevolents that they are very concerned. In the text of the link that I sent you by the Terrakor Files, by Bob Reynaude you can read the history he’s revealing some of this information back in ’88.

They have extreme . . .All the benevolent groups are very concerned about this AI. They quarantine people who are on missions to earth and do this technology and do this psychological testing repeatedly and again to determine if this person has some sort of AI, which can infect them.

Corey – When did this come out?

Rob – This came out in 1988 (WOW) and he said one of they’re, he’s been underground. He spoke and give information to Gabriel Green. He was receiving radio signals in the late ’50’s. He actually fallen in love with one of these beings and has been to their world. It’s a very interesting bit of information. Some of the information he was receiving, some of the negative forces came on an earth-based hill and projected false based information that he didn’t discover for years.

So it’s a very cat and mouse game between these guys. He mentioned that the good guys have a transponder net around the planet where they can teleport and beam out an operative in moments. It’s not complete in city areas it’s more difficult. They’re agents are here constantly working.

He also revealed what they do on any worlds, they infiltrate, they get within the governments, and then they attack the world and then claim it’s the confederation. They do minor infrastructure damage, with a lot of loss of life and then they say ‘look earth people, why don’t you sign an alliance we’ll protect you from the confederation.” Whatever the plan it is they agree with these guys and they sign up and they don’t realize they made a pact with the devil, kind of like what we’ve done.

Corey – You see with all these different narratives floating around we can see why this community, we are chasing our tails right now looking. There’s more information than ever and more important information than ever out they’re for us right now but there’s just so much information and so much information that is just slightly different or some information that conflicts here and there. For the average person out there that’s in this community it is confusing as heck enough. Now imagine the sleeping masses out there approaching them with the information and trying to get some of this information disseminated to them and they’ve been socially conditioned with the giggle response to anything, if they hear a word non-terrestrial or UFO.   As humanity we’ve got a lot to overcome in this disclosure process and as a community that lens I was talking about the we use as a filter about what is true and what is not true and what were going to allow into this reality bubble of ours to let it expand or not. We’ve got to not throw away that filter that we’ve created over time but what we need to do is put it in our pocket and say ‘you know what, none of us have the truth the full truth’. We have bits and pieces of it. When it comes, when we get full disclosure, I don’t care who you are, Cobra, me, and anyone out there that are out there giving information they’re giving information as they experienced it. When we get full disclosure every single one of us will be set back on our heels and we’re going to have to adjust to a new reality.   But we’re going to be far more prepared than all the sleeping masses out there. As the star seeds, as the people who are more consciously prepared we’re going to have to deal with the new reality that occurs and then we’re going to have to lead out there and help all of these people that are going to be shocked and they’ll have a hard time with the full disclosure narratives. As David said, there are going to be people that aren’t going to want to get out of bed and want to take Xanax and curl up with their pillow and lay in the dark and you’re going to have to make them get out of bed and take a bath and eat. There’s going to be little bit of that. They say hat we can’t handle disclosure but Laura Eisenhower said something, ‘we’ve been handling all their false flag wars and their disease and all the stuff they’ve been doing we can handle disclosure.’ It will be rough but we can handle it.

Rob – I absolutely agree with you there. We can handle the truth. It’s just a ploy by them to hide their crimes and continue their selfish behavior. It’s reprehensible and they’re criminals and they need to be arrested. I’d like to announce Cobra and unity and we need to come together. We all have parts of the truth. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can confirm now that Corey will be doing a joint Cobra interview sometime later.

I have one more thing I’d like to address here and I have a question for you. I’ve watched your interviews very carefully. You’ve talked about AI infecting a computer and it lies dormant in the planet. It seems as though this AI, which exists in the Internet, would infect everyone and you kind of make it seems like you don’t get infected and it’s harder to get. It seems like every single person on the planet is infected to me. Some of Cobra’s information is about the scalar plasma field technology of how this AI acts in a parasitic relationship to the luminous body that you talked about.

So can you clarify for me, you kind of made it sound like you go on board and they can see that you are not infected. (Yes) How can anyone know if they’re infected if you don’t have this technology? How cannot everyone not be infected now with the way the Internet and smart phones and everyone is touching their technology. Obviously they’re infecting everyone or does the infection come and go.

Corey – Exactly. Everyone is potentially compromised but it kind of is in a state of totally traveling around. It’s very dynamic. Now if you happen to be a person that can evaluate you and know your operational use to it then it’s not going to waste time on you. Does that make sense?

Rob – Yea, the programs. You’re eating weaponized food you’re sucking in the chem-trails, you’re smoking cigarettes, and you’re in the system big time folks.

Corey – Yes and the signal does lock in with your bio-neural field. The biology of your body, your neurological system puts off an electro dynamic field and within that field is where this signal hosts itself and there is equipment not available to us that can . . . it reads your field and through that field they can also read all of your vitals and even your brain waves and they read the field and look for any crossover brain. Something in the brain waves and something in the field to see if there’s any cross over or to see if it’s normal. If you show up as being positive, then you have to go through a process and I don’t know the full process but I do know it involves a moderate shock, an electrical shock to clear your bio neural field.

Rob – Interesting. This is very much in alignment with Cobra. And I want to ask you one more question on this before we end this show. Folks we’re going to do part 2 here right away and you’ll be getting that next week. Cobra has mentioned and I totally agree with this that this AI is not like the Borg ‘resistance is futile’.

We do have our super soul resonance field to connect into that can overcome this so it’s a very difficult process on this world. I want to confirm with you that this AI reacts so quickly it seems like it is its own intelligence, but it’s actually a technology and it’s run by someone on the program and it’s an auto program, but it’s still a program and it can be crashed and it will be crashed. Is that your understanding?

Corey – Well, No. It is a life form that we do not understand but it is a life form. There are a lot of different life forms out there that if they were to be given to you you would right now not classify them as a life form. You would classify them as something else. They are not exactly an actual program or a code. This is an intelligent signal. This intelligent signal is most comfortable and able to do more while it inhabits in electronics in technology. It is not a program. Now the nanites are programmed, some of them are programmed and some of them are nanites are drones for the AI signal, which is being broadcast.

Rob – OK. Absolutely. That’s interesting. It’s going to be interesting when Cobra and you discuss this information; this one in particular I think is a unique one. It’s sounding like terminator and star-wars and it gets really scary. When you think about and look at all this negativity out there to lend a little light heartedness to the end of this conversation.

I kind of think back to David Spade and Saturday night Live ‘who’s in charge” the church lady goes, Satan. I’m kind of curious, maybe we’ll get into this the next interview if there is a specific group that are doing this service to self the numbers of them vs. the benevolents. I want to address in the next interview a little bit about the Super confederation of the positive guys that are non violent that are the hippy dippy that do come from Love and are trying to heal the situation in a non violent way and their position and their numbers vs the other guys.

Ladies and gentlemen. It’s been fascinating. Corey I want to thank you so much for this first interview. We’ve barely scratched the surface. I have lots more questions. Thank you so much for coming on here today. We’ll see you again next week.

Corey – Thank you.

Rob – Alright folks, anther update: I do have a Mt. Shasta Summer Conference going on in with Louis Martens in Mt. Shasta. When this comes out I’d like you to check that out.

The conference at the end of July is with Louis is also conected with Michael Salla and he is in contact with some of the Benevolent’s civilizations from South America and Bolivia.

We’ll also be sharing in Shasta some of the viewpoints with the positive physical people from the planet Venus. More of a spiritual nature exploration kind of like a boot camp training. Like Corey Goode’s SSP advanced learning.

We will focus more aligned towards spiritual lines in developing our luminous selves and the pituitary and pineal glad to prepare ourselves for direct contact with these higher vibrational beings. Its pretty good folks. Corey Goode is now a Vegan changing this life style. God bless you all and thank you so much Corey.

Corey – Thank you.

Rob – Thank you Corey Goode

Source: http://thepromiserevealed.com/rob-potter-and-vol-with-corey-goode-and-the-blue-avians-part-1-04-07-2016/

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