The ability to control another person’s mind, and by extension their body and consciousness, has long been desired and used by nefarious groups. The past 10,000 years of human history has been influenced by an agenda coordinated and maintained from generation to generation within secret societies, dynastic families, and criminal syndicates, using mind control.

The Cabal or Criminal Syndicate Groups

This agenda has been described by former insiders turned whistleblowers as the Dark NWO, promulgated by none other than the so-called Illuminati or Cabal. To be sure, this criminal syndicate network is far from illuminated, as the term Illuminati implies. Instead, they are a loose organization of psychopathic individuals competing with each other for power over others.

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For the purposes of this discussion, we will refer to this subset of human society as the Cabal, but a more precise term for them would be Dark Occultists, those who promote ignorance in humanity for personal gain.

The common bond which unites these syndicates can be described by the age-old adage: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But who is the enemy to these groups? It is life itself, creation, harmony and all those who yearn for it. For all intents and purposes, the enemy of the Cabal is truth, freedom and goodness. Therefore, humanity and our pursuit of prosperity, personal empowerment and cooperation are the enemies of Dark Occultists.

The Cabal’s agenda is manifold, again diversified by hosts of smaller groups making up their ranks. But in the main, they want to reduce human population by 90%, completely enslave the remainder in a technocratic form of total control and promote transhumanism or the end of organic life and the eventual merging with AI and machines.

To anyone with an iota of common sense, this is an insane agenda. No one in their right mind would willingly participate in such madness—and this is why mind control was originally developed. In other words, someone must have their mind broken or manipulated, so they become puppets of the Cabal

The Cabal Need for Mind Control

In order to ensure the Cabal’s plans are maintained throughout the centuries, a method of forcing new members and initiates into compliance was required. Even though being raised in a Cabal environment could lead one to carry on the family work, the tendency of morality to assert itself was a problem, even for family members of the Cabal.

As we just described, anyone with a modicum of morality and compassion would never willingly participate in these plans and most people, even people raised in the Cabal, mustn’t want to either.This in and of itself is an incredibly encouraging point to consider. It suggests that there is a bias towards positivity and morality in the Universe because the Cabal has to go to incredible lengths to ensure their members comply with the agenda. Again because no one in right mind would agree to such a thing. Therefore, a technique to force one into acting out the plans of the Family—as they allegedly refer to themselves—was developed.

The Psychological Basis of Mind Control

The psychological foundation for all mind control is the forcing of one person’s will onto another. To suppress a person’s conscious mind, manipulation or coercion is used so that the unconscious mind can be controlled by another. This can be accomplished by battling directly with the conscious mind, using trauma-based mind control, or indirectly using subtle conditioning and/or subliminal suggestion.

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The conscious mind is where we make sense of our experience, the tool we use to organize sensory data into meanings. The product of this process is a belief, idea or perspective that settles into the unconscious mind as a fully formed program. Stimuli encountered later that correlates to the memory, triggers the program into action and influences the conscious mind as an impulse, instinct or desire.

Have you ever found yourself reaching for a snack after a meal, even though you are not hungry?Addictive tendencies and impulses are examples of programs in the subconscious that become active and influence the conscious mind.

Consider that if you always eat snacks in front of the TV, this creates a program in the unconscious that is then activated by the subconscious when stimulated—the experience of sitting down in front of the TV provides correlative stimuli. This environment triggers the program and you feel a desire to snack on food even though you are not hungry. We normally refer to these things as habits, which is one in the same with mental programming.

For example our first impressions of people or things will often form a bias that compels us to reinforce the initial choice or viewpoint. If we don’t like a certain kind of food after our first exposure to it, then in the future our initial bias will likely be reinforced. Eventually, this bias can become so automatic it feels like instinct—like we’ve always thought this or that way—but in reality it always was a program within the unconscious mind.

The good news is we have the power to choose differently, even while being influenced by programming.

The mind itself is programmable, with the conscious mind having the greatest power to alter or create new programs. But when the conscious mind checks out, when we pull back from experience due to trauma and enter a trance state, we leave ourselves open to suggestion. This is a binary dynamic, meaning it is either on or off—either we’re involved in what we are doing or not. We are either consciously programming our mind via focused attention and cognition, or we are being subliminally programmed due to our lack of focus. A mind notprogrammed internally becomes programmed by the outside world, or is controlled by another person’s consciousness.

This simple truth is the foundation for methods of mind control.

Soft Mind Control

Softer forms of mind control employ subliminal messages or subtle suggestion, which are based on distracting the conscious mind so that the subconscious can be manipulated. These subtle methods usually are self imposed, such as social indoctrination or peer pressure.

In the main, soft mind control is a form of suggestion that is experienced as an impulse, which can either be ignored or acted on. But when we act on these impulses, we form new programs or habits that are in harmony with the suggestion, we literally become willing participants in making our minds more easily controlled. The more unconscious we are of these impulses, they more easily we feel driven to automatically act on them.

Therefore, anytime the conscious mind cannot cognize experience into cohesive knowledge, the subconscious mind is altered (programmed) via lack of awareness. What we fail to make conscious in our lives controls us from the subconscious as a program or impulse.

C.G. Jung
“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”― C.G. Jung

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This is one of the reasons why educational systems employ memorization techniques (performance-based education), because it befuddles the conscious mind and prevents cohesive understanding from taking place. This consequently forces the mind into a trance state due to mild trauma—because not understanding something is confusing. When we can’t perform as well as our peers, we feel inadequate and disempowered (mild self-imposed trauma causing dissociation)—a form of socially promulgated and self-enforced mind control.

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Furthermore, anything we cannot make sense of or understand holistically (cognize), causes intense emotional states, which can lead to dissociation and leaves us vulnerable to suggestion. This is one of the reasons why academic institutions develop sophisticated and overly complex schools of thought or methods of understanding. The syntax of these thought-forms or mental structures suppresses holistic knowledge generation, replacing it with memorized facts that cannot be intrinsically understood—again, causing dissociation.

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Institutionalization as a result of exposure to the educational system is arguably one of the most destructive forms of soft trauma-based mind control on the planet. Performance-based education—centered on memorization techniques—causes an individual to enter into trance states that lead to the formation of self-destructive programs. All of which makes one more vulnerable to suggestion from others due to dissociation—willingly choosing to pull our consciousness out of what we are experiencing.

Politicians, the media, advertisers and the educational system employ subtle conditioning techniques to alter the unconscious via the subconscious, which then causes the individual towillingly act in harmony with their programming. Once indoctrinated, a person will buy a product as advertised, accept the beliefs offered by the media, and reject any information that did not come from trusted sources—they will be under mind control. Yet the host personality is maintained, albeit manipulated via deception.

Trauma-Based Mind Control

But trauma-based mind control goes a step further. Instead of subtly manipulating the subconscious while maintaining the personality as a whole, trauma-based techniques are focused on completely breaking down the original personality so it can be replaced by a series of altars.

These methods battle against the conscious mind and for it to dissociate by any means necessary, instead of trying to bypass or manipulate it using subtle techniques. The benefit of this method is that the trainer or handler can build many different personalities after the host has been shattered, ensuring that deviation from a strict set of instructions is almost impossible. In other words, the victim becomes a perfect mind control slave, but this requires an incredible amount of energy and dedication on the part of the handler.

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In the below-linked book by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler,The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, they painstakingly detail one of the most disturbing techniques ever devised. It involves the use of intense trauma, brought about by many different methods to force an individual to dissociate from their consciousness. Once done, the personality splits into several parts, called alters, which can then be programmed by a handler to perform any number of tasks. They could be programmed to be a sex slave, an assassin or simply bent into acting as a loyal member of the Cabal. It is this latter purpose that Cabal members use against their own family.

This method of mind control is like a form of hypnosis, except instead of the subject willingly choosing to enter a trance state (or unwittingly doing so by way of softer techniques) they are forced to dissociate using methods specifically designed to cause intense pain, anxiety, and trauma. For example, electroshock is often used to cause extreme pain, drugs that cause intense hallucinations are employed, and/or people are brutally tortured in front of the victim—all designed to force dissociation or a trance state.

The goal of trauma-based mind control is to so completely ravage the victim’s sense of equanimity that they dissociate or become completely docile—a type of learned helplessness which gives up the subconscious mind to the programmer or handler. Animal life forms all seem to have this learned helplessness or dissociation as a result of trauma response.

As a disturbing example, during circumcision, the child is given no anesthetic at all and is completely immobilized during the procedure. In many cases, the child stops crying shortly after the procedure begins, dissociating from the extreme pain of the experience, and acting completely docile. This effect is so prevalent that the medical establishment concludes that newborn children cannot experience physical pain, and as a such are never given anesthetics for the procedure. This could arguably be one example of trauma-based mind control techniques employed on mass in society.

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The victim’s willingness to be present within their own body recedes and this allows a handler to program the subconscious mind, producing potentially many different personalities, each with their own set of instructions. Layers of alters are used to store programs and information so that they can only be accessed or triggered by the handler or other agents in the Cabal or syndicate. But they can also be programmed with triggers such as normal objects placed in a specific contextual location, which activates the programming.

Apparently even discarnate beings (known as entity attachments today or “demons or devils” in antiquity) can be invoked and are attached to the victim for various purposes. One use of these entities is to cause intense anxiety or confusion when attempting to access the original consciousness. In this sense, the contemporary form of trauma-based mind control is a blend of ancient magical rites, occult traditions, and scientific knowledge. As evidence for this,exorcisms are being conducted every year at increasing rates, suggesting that dissociation via soft or hard mind control can leave one open to influence by dark entities.

Triggering Altered States

Within trauma-based methods, brutal acts of violence or things that cause trauma (such asdisgusting experiences) are forced onto the victim, causing them to dissociate. This experience is then tied to  the alter (split personality) that acts as a gatekeeper for the original personality, memories or information the handler needs to keep hidden. If the victim accidentally accesses information or is triggered by another person without the proper protocol, a memory of the traumatic event will be recalled causing a break. This forces the victim to seek out their handler or regress into an altered state so as to not divulge any secrets.

An example of triggering an altered state could be an interview with Britney Spears and Diane Sawyer several years ago. Notice how Spears reacts when recalling something in her memory due to Sawyers line of questioning.

Spears seems to be recalling a memory, looking to her left, and then something triggers her olfactory sense; at which point she covers her nose as if smelling something disgusting. She is clearly very distressed by what just happened. This appears to be an example of a gateway alter triggering a traumatic memory to compel the conscious mind not to investigate further. Spears was so distraught by what was recalled, she asked Sawyer to stop the interview.

The triggering of altered-states also occurs in soft mind control methods by activating latent programs. Television is an exceptional technology for this purpose. Within minutes of sitting down in front of TV programming, the mind shifts from beta waves to alpha waves, a state of consciousness for deep relaxation or day dreaming. In other words, a trance-like state is produced wherein the conscious mind becomes largely inactive, leaving the subconscious mind open to influences.

But TV is not the only way to trigger a trance-like state of consciousness. Music, certain kinds of images and color combinations (such as the color blue,) and life experience in general, can cause dissociation and reduced cognitive function. Odds are, there is an ocean of unacknowledged subconscious programs beneath the surface of the conscious mind’s awareness. But if one seeks to make conscious that which is not, great things can be done.

Cabal’s Use of Trauma-Based Mind Control on Their Own Members

Mark Passio and Jay Parker are two former insiders with the Dark Occult. Passio was a handpicked Priest of Levayan Satanism who personally witnessed high-ranking figures in society discussing their nefarious agenda. Parker was raised in a generational rank-and-file satanic family, who was personally subjected to the trauma-based mind control used in the Cabal. Both Passio and Parker are now revealing their experiences in an effort to alert others to the nefarious nature of these groups.

Parker says that within these generational Cabal families, every member is subjected to trauma-based mind control techniques immediately after birth. His personal story is a tale of sexual abuse, rape, murder, and trauma, all at the hands of his own parents, family members and friends, who claimed to be members of the Cult of the Black Sun.

Parker is not alone in his testimony; another insider Svali, claims to have been a programmer and trainer in a former Illuminati family. Her testimony confirms what others have suggested, that being born into these families means either being forced into the agenda or suffer the pain of death. And there are still dozens more who claim to have been victims of generational satanic ritual abuse.

ConclusionsDespite the sobering nature of this information, it can be incredibly empowering to understand.The Cabal have long kept knowledge hidden from humanity, and arguably the most important knowledge is that of our own consciousness. They have employed a form of ancient psychology to manipulate the masses, including their own family members, into an insane vision for the future, the NWO agenda.

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But as we discussed above, no one in their right mind would ever participate in these plans, and to go even further, no one in theirright mind can be manipulated by mind control. By this I mean, a properly disciplined and mastered consciousness (what could be called a state of enlightenment) makes one immune to all forms of mind control, including trauma-based methods.

This is because an enlightened consciousness seeks to integrate, comprehend and understand all experience holistically, even so-called negative or traumatic experiences. But since most of the human population lack self-mastery (not enlightened), we’re laboring under some form of mental influence or mind control at almost all times.

In fact, the person who we think we are, our sense of self, was programmed during the first 6 years of life because the conscious mind was not yet active. During these early years, we form much of the behavioral patterns or subconscious programs that make up 95% of all our future habits and impulses. And since most people never develop the ability to self-program, let alone become enlightened, who we think we are is only a pale reflection of who we are actually meant to be.

This is one of the most empowering truths about the information presented herein. All mind control is founded on suppressing the conscious mind or circumventing free will; therefore, the more strength of will we have combined with holistic knowledge, the more immune we become to mind control. And once we finally start self-programming or gaining self-mastery, all the counter-productive habits and impulses we identify with fades away, leaving a profoundly empowered and capable personality in its place.

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The more we know thyself, the self-mastery and actualization we attain, the more strength we have to overcome suggestion and mind control, which simultaneously imparts psi or enhanced mental abilities.

Ultimately even the most intense forms of mind control can be undone with the power of the conscious mind, as all impulses can be reprogrammed.

The following is a detailed explanation of trauma-based mind control also known as Monarch Programming, intimately associated with MKULTRA.

Warning: The information presented below is graphic and highly descriptive. Consider setting aside the work as needed when it becomes too much to process. Also, remember that once initial reactions have run their course, the conscious mind can focus back on the information in order to comprehend it holistically. This is essential to transcending any negativity weassociated with the book and material presented therein.

PS – In early 2012, COBRA shared this book on his website The Portal. At the time, I was already an avid student of true psychology and was beginning to research mind control. I had already formed an understanding of how the conscious mind influences the unconscious via the subconscious, yet I was unsure of how these dynamics worked.

I was profoundly moved by reading this book, and although I had to stop at times to process the intense information, it continues to provide me insight into consciousness on a regular basis.

In my view, this further underscores the notion that there is no truly negative information out there, only what we make via our ignorance. And in studying the material below, I gained knowledge that allowed me to transcend any fear of mind control, including black magic and occult rituals.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and given that fear causes dissociation, facing our fears can be one of the most freeing acts we can ever do.

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