As beings within the Galactic Confederation have evolved spiritually and made their alignment and union with the Ascended Masters, they have discovered an inner codex that regulates all inter-relationships between beings of Light and their relation towards the Dark Forces and occupied planets. This codex is called the Galactic Codex and represents the legal basis for all actions of the Confederation in this and other galaxies. This Codex is not a rigid set of external laws but a systematized code of inner ethics of all souls of Light that all beings of Light accept with their free will because it reflects their inner truth

This Codex is the actual legal basis for the Event and Divine Intervention to happen on Planet Earth. Please read it here :

And if you agree to its implementation throughout Planet Earth and the Solar System please sign this petition here :

When our free will is clearly anchored and declared it generates an energy field that supports its manifestation.

Victory of the Light !


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  1. Ok……..Here is what I and many others are seeing. Ben Fulford has commented on how President Obama is cooperating by getting rid of Certain high ranking military people (bad guys). But………Alex Jones has commented on how Obama was getting rid of all the Constitutional loving High ranking Military people who won’t do what Obama orders him to do (Start WWlll). One of these High ranking Generals was said to have been fired because he refused to set off a Nuke in America. I believe Karen Hudes discussed this in one of her videos. Now most people believe that the World Banking system was controlled by a hand full of Globalist people who has gotten the world in the mess that it’s in with all the fiat-currency. It seemed that the World Banking system did not work because the legal system did not support the good intensions. Today we see decisions by the Supreme Court being ignored by Obama and certainly the Constitution. I don’t know how Karen Hudes thinks the legal system is magically going to start working when it’s never been there for the benefit of the people. Ben Fulford also discusses how the Pope is cooperating. But it seems he is supporting the world domination of a One Word Gov. The One World Gov. Idea is not doing so well this is why we have Brexit. Ben Fulford is suppose to be rubbing shoulders with the White Dragon people who has made Gold available to set up a Currency backed by gold. Karen Hudes got upset about this as seen in one of her videos thinking that Gen Dunford has high jacked the gold. You have stated in your own Video that (the Dagon Families are based in the Philippines and are not connected too , nor claim to be influenced by the Chinese government.) From what I have heard……is that the Gold that was to be used by the World Banking system had in part been moved to the Philippines for safe keeping. Is this true? Is the Dragon family leasing out the Gold expecting a return in interest for the Gold that was set aside for the People? I don’t really know? Everything I see and hear about the Global reset is in conflict with what others thing I have heard. It almost seems like there is a fight going on over the truth behind the Global reset…a fight going on of who get to do the Global reset. If there is a world wide arrest of the bad guys then I want to support this for being something positive. But as I see it if the ETs want to assist in this event they better do it soon or there may not be anyone left to rescue. NATO is pushing really hard for WWlll. I think that Putin has shown extraordinary restraint so far. I don’t think this extraordinary restraint will last forever…

  2. Many years ago I met a lady by the name of Violet Gilbert. She claimed to have received 18 months of instruction and training by ETs. This is when I first learned of the 12 dimensions of Consciousness and how we are to move into the 4th and 5th. I learned about this way back in the mid 60s. I’ve had to many experiences not to believe that this is going to happen. Your Galactic Codex sounds great and somehow seems to resonate with me. However I was never told about this, so I was a bit cautious. I’m on board now so I thought I should just let you know.

  3. All of this petition stuff makes the Galactic Codex sound like it not being taken seriously or that maybe it doesn’t exist at all. Put yourself in our perspective when we are trying to sift through what is fact from fiction. How do think all this looks. If we were to petition people in Government to obey the Constitution then someone is not doing their job and Constitution is not being taken seriously.

  4. I can understand why thousands of people would sign a petition for something like GMO labeling, then present the petition to representatives of Government to create Laws. Why is the Galactic Codex being petitioned? Why does it need to be petitioned if it already exists? What is the purpose behind the petition? The likeness of this is to have a petition to enforce the Constitution to the U.S. If one must petition for the enforcement of something that already exist, then something about all this does not make sense.

  5. Section I/4: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to all information. If the Codex is taken seriously why is there any debate about partial disclosure? Shouldn’t we have the right to full disclosure?

  6. I signed the petition on 3 May 2016. Question: Why was there a “sponsored” add for Hillary Clinton? It seems way out of place here! How does she know about this particular petition? Is she behind all this? Is it just a charade?

  7. Pee. Do you understand the reason for Pee’s being?

    You display lack of trust, and yes this is just, given your own level of understanding, but trust is within, and that is where Understanding comes from. The core of your being. That essence. That eternal bond.

    It holds all experience into being. Your heart essence. This is how you honestly measure if any form is true. Explanations are outside interpretations, subjective to the mind. Your heart of course can sense when interpretations bond with reason. This is why you use your heart, instead of relying on form such as information.

    You may still choose to remain with this mental attitude, but you only hold out on yourself, essentially. We ask that you honestly become aware of your reason, so that you may further assist collective self in it’s intended expansion.

    Everything you require to understand the experience before you is already within. Your environment offers patterns. These are signs. Since everything has reason. These patterns bond. Trust yourself to understand so you may truly help yourself, then you can greatly assist collective self, which is essential to harmonizing your being in this construct, which you may call life, but existence itself can be called life. Life is experience.

    Thank you for your words as everything deserves to be questioned, so honest reason can be aquired. I ask that you help yourself in making clearer decisions on any unfamiliar matter by developing your own senses, so you no longer require form to understand. So that you may lead your own path and assist existence in it’s expansion.

    Either way. Enjoy the experience. Appreciate it.

  8. When my free will is clearly anchored…. well, to be honest, for that I have a need of far more detailed explanation and source of where this comes from. We can be told 1001 Night tales to postpone something that ensures our sovereignty and be led astray in that way. I’m just trying to keep a sense of humour here. I need to, in order to endure the serious nature of this article here, Colaborama. After reading that blogpost of Cobra, I began to read the comments and in one of them was a reference to the same article, the same content, published 6 years before 2012. It makes me wonder and ponder.


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